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					                                      Press release

    OnMobile acquires Vox Mobili, a European company specializing in
    personal mobile data management software financed by Iris Capital,
         XAnge, Alven Capital, Innovacom and Société Générale

Mumbai, September 11, 2007: OnMobile, India’s leading and pioneering Telecom
Value Added Services (VAS) provider today announced that it has acquired 100% of the
France based Company named Vox Mobili.

With this acquisition, OnMobile will strengthen its VAS data products offerings and will
accelerate its leadership position within the global Telecom VAS industry. The
acquisition adds a number of impressive international customers to OnMobile’s customer
porfolio. The current list of Vox Mobili customers includes Orange, Cingular-AT&T,
France Telecom, T-Mobile, Wanadoo, Turkcell, etc. In addition, the acquisition will
augment OnMobile’s current domain and technology competence due to the depth and
breadth of Vox Mobili’s IP and cutting-edge proven data products.

Vox Mobili was founded in 2000 by 2 French entrepreneurs, Eric Viellevigne and Nicolas
Frattaroli and funded by European venture capital firms: Iris Capital (lead investor acting
through Part’Com and In-Com), XAnge, Alven Capital, Innovacom, Société Générale
Capital Partenaires and Société Générale Asset Management. The firm has around 45
employees and has operations in Europe, North America, Middle East, Australia, and
Eastern Europe. Vox Mobili’s core products center around synchronized address book
and advanced phone backup wherein cellphone users can backup all their personal data
including calendar and contacts onto a secure network-based server, and mobile
paparazzi wherein cellphone users can publish information, photographs and videos
directly from their phones to website and mobile sites.

Vox Mobili has over 21 platforms deployed worldwide, and has issued over 20 million
licenses for their products globally.

Arvind Rao, CEO & co-founder of OnMobile said, “We are excited about this transaction,
and joining hands with Vox Mobili to deliver a powerful suite of complementary VAS
products to the global telecom & internet industry. Their products, technology leadership
in their domain, innovation, leadership all complement what we have built at OnMobile,
and we are geared up to fully exploit the synergies between us. This will be a win-win-
win for all of us starting with our customers, and a great platform for OnMobile to serve
the European market.”

“Mobile Backup and Services around Personal Data are expected to experience
tremendous growth over the next years,” said Eric Vieillevigne, Managing Director and
co-founder of Vox Mobili. “We are very excited to expand our presence in this exciting
marketplace with OnMobile. We’re confident that the combined strengths, services
expertise, and talent of our companies will deliver a great experience for Users, Service
Providers and mobile operators.”

A definitive agreement has been signed between the two companies, and integration
planning will start shortly. Top management of both companies have reiterated their
commitment to seamlessly merge the companies and capture all product, go-to-market
and economic synergies.

About OnMobile

OnMobile, the pioneering telecom Value Added Services (VAS) leader is a spin out of
the Bangalore based Infosys Technologies (NASD: INFY) and was incorporated in 2000
to develop cutting-edge software VAS solutions for the global telecom industry.
OnMobile offers end-to-end, turnkey VAS solutions including platforms, software
applications, content and professional services to deploy and operate high-margin, high
revenue telecom Value Added Services. Customers include mobile and landline telecom
operators, media houses, M-Commerce merchants, corporates, and content providers.
Headquartered in Bangalore, India, OnMobile has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore,
Jakarta and Sydney. OnMobile has a team strength of over 800, and is expanding
rapidly both in India and overseas.

About Vox Mobili

Vox Mobili is a leading software solution provider enabling synchronization, access and
management of personal data, anytime, anywhere. By providing unique and customized
user experience, Vox Mobili products and solutions provide attractive end-user services
to the biggest Operator, ISP and hardware manufacturer, worldwide such as, Orange
Group, France Telecom, Turkcell, T-mobile US, Wanadoo. Vox Mobili is headquartered
in Paris, France and has a team strength of around 45 employees

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