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                                                     P romoti        November 2007
  Inside this Issue:                      Kodiak Chamber of Commerce holds Annual
                                          Recognition Dinner
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 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce holds
     Annual Recognition Dinner

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          President’s Message

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    New Member Spotlight: Gwyn’s
         Cookery & More
       Monk’s Rock Celebrates
          10th Birthday

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    Economic Development News

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 Career Guide at the Kodiak Job Center       Kodiak Chamber of Commerce President John Whiddon (left)
     focused on youth employment             administers the oath of office to new Chamber Board members
             Page 7                          (from left to right) Bob Brodie, Mike Terry, Dawn Acosta and
     New Member Spotlight: Party             Jack Johnson.
         Connections, LLC

             Page 8                         The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce held its Annual Recognition Dinner on
   November Business After Hours         October 6, 2007. Elections for the Board of Directors were held and the following
                Page 9                   new directors were elected:
 Kodiak College Upgrades to Microsoft
             Office 2007                        Bob Brodie Associated Island Brokers
                                                Dawn Acosta United States Postal Service
            Page 10                             Jack Johnson Best Western Kodiak Inn
    Employer Tip of the Month                   Tuck Bonney Alaska Pacific Seafood
 New Member Spotlight: Bases Loaded             Mike Terry Classic Cakes Bakery (re-elected)
                                            Each will serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors.
              Page 11
         PIKE Sponsors Page
                                            Every year the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce recognizes both Chamber
             Page 12                     members and others for their efforts in promoting the mission of the Chamber of
      New & Renewing Members             Commerce and for service to the community.
                                            The Business of the Year award is presented to a Chamber member who through
               Page 13                   their business practices helped to promote the goals and objectives of the Chamber of
    KNWR Visitor Center Opening          Commerce. The business undertook the promotion of a new product, service or
      Royall T’s Breaks Ground           program that promotes the economic well being of not only the business but the
       Scholarship Workshop
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 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                 1                                   Currents November 2007
  President’s Message

  John Whiddon                                                                                                is a publication of the
                                                                                                          Kodiak Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                    John Whiddon, President - Island Seafoods, Inc.,
                                                                                                    Mike Terry, Vice President - Classic Cakes Bakery
                                                                                                   Don Rush, Secretary/Treasurer - Providence Kodiak
    As many of you are already aware, 2007      clear direction that will result in a                              Island Medical Center
                                                                                                   Patricia Branson, Past President -Senior Citizens of
has been a year of considerable change and      membership oriented approach to all                       Kodiak, Kodiak Marketing & Consulting

positive growth for our Chamber. To name        Chamber activities.                                               Board Members:
                                                                                                          Dawn Acosta, U.S. Postal Service
a few of the milestones and                         The overall consensus from the group                 Tuck Bonney, Alaska Pacific Seafood
                                                                                                      Bob Brodie, Associated Island Brokers, Inc.
accomplishments: we have a completely           was that all Chamber activities must directly                  Greg Deal, Wells Fargo
                                                                                                      Dave King, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
new staff; there are several new Board          benefit and strengthen our membership and             Craig Johnson, Edward Jones Investments
                                                                                                        Jack Johnson, Best Western Kodiak Inn
members; we have achieved financial             our organization.                                  Andrew Teuber, Jr., Kodiak Area Native Association

stability as an organization; we are working        The Comfish committee has met several                        Board Representatives:
                                                                                                   Rick Gifford, Kodiak Island Borough Representative
on a change in direction with Comfish; and      times and determined that we can and                   Linda Freed, City of Kodiak Representative
                                                                                                            Darron Scott, KEA Representative
Kodiak was recently designated as a "Coast      should continue Comfish but with a                 Captain Mark S. Carmel, USCG ISC Representative
                                                                                                     Captain Andrew J. Berghorn, USCG Air Station
Guard City".                                    different format and focus. The focus will                            Representative
    To expand a little, we were fortunate to    change to a seafood industry forum and                              Chamber Staff:
                                                                                                            Debora King - Executive Director
bring Deb King on board in March as             seminar format. Next year should feature            Trevor Brown - Economic Development Specialist
                                                                                                     Pam Foreman - Community Relations Director
Executive Director and then Trevor Brown        the congressional debates as a highlight                Jessica Isaako - Secretary/Receptionist
                                                                                                            Sue Blaser- Accounting Assistant
returned as Economic Development                event. You will get updates as more details
Specialist shortly afterwards. Pam Foreman      become available.
moved over from her position at the KICVB           Our Chamber has worked very closely                        Chamber Activities:
                                                                                                             Business/Industry Support
to take the Community Relations Director        with the Coast Guard to promote the "Coast                       Chamber Support
                                                                                                          Community Relations & Development
position. With Sue and Jessica rounding out     Guard City" designation. We are developing                           Executive
the team, we have what is probably the          a plan to design and install signs at various                      New Business

strongest team of professionals in recent       places around Kodiak that states clearly that                   Publication Information:
                                                                                                          “Currents” is published monthly by the
memory running our chamber.                     Kodiak is a Coast Guard city.                                Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.

    With regard to our Board of Directors, at       Finally, through hard work and very                            Advertising Rates:
                                                                                                       1/16 Page $32.50          1/8 Page     $65
the last meeting, we welcomed Bob Brodie,       diligent management over the past couple of            1/4 Page     $80          ½ Page      $150
                                                                                                       3/4 Page     $200         Full Page $250
Tuck Bonney, Jack Johnson and Dawn              years, our Chamber has emerged from a            Inserts $125 alone, or $95 with purchase of a display ad
                                                                                                               (purchaser provides inserts.)
Acosta to the Board. The executive              rather precarious financial position to one of       All above stated rates, double for non-members.
                                                                                                    Advertise in 3 issues SAVE 10 PERCENT
committee consists of myself as president,      financial strength. For me this means that          Advertise in 6 issues SAVE 25 PERCENT
Mike Terry as vice-president and Don Rush       the Chamber staff can now focus their time
                                                                                                                     Subscription Rate:
as secretary/treasurer. I believe we have a     and attention on the business of Kodiak.               Member’s subscription cost is included in their
                                                                                                 membership investment. Non-members may subscribe to
solid group of business men and women           This ties in directly with the strategic                 a paper copy of “Currents” for $25 per year.
                                                                                                  Or it’s available 24/7 on the internet at www.kodiak.org
who bring a wealth of experience to the         planning group when we agreed that all            Please send membership, program, or publication
                                                                                                                questions and comments to:
board as we establish policy and provide        Chamber activities must directly benefit and
support to Deb and her staff as they fulfill    strengthen our membership and our
their roles at the chamber.                     organization. As President, my goal for this
    Dennis McMillan with the Foraker            year is to ensure the Board provides solid
Group facilitated a very productive strategic   leadership and that the Chamber is able to                             KODIAK
planning session two weeks ago. The board       fulfill its mission statement: "Provide                                CHAMBER
reached consensus on our overall strategic      development of a strong and diverse                                    OF COMMERCE
agenda and at the next meeting will develop     economy for the Kodiak region through
an operational plan that sets the course for    active leadership and membership                        100 East Marine Way, Suite 300
                                                                                                               Kodiak AK 99615
Deb and her staff for the next 12 months.       involvement."                                                    (907) 486-5557
The main objective in determining our                                                                         fax: (907) 486-7605
                                                                                                         E-mail: chamber@kodiak.org
strategic plan was to identify issues that      All the best,
were measurable and achievable so that the
board can see progress over time. I feel that   John Whiddon                                                          website:
we can now provide Deb and her team with        Island Seafoods

   Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                         2                                      Currents November 2007
New Member Spotlight:
Gwyn’s Cookery & More
   Opening this week, a brand, spanking new 20’ mobile catering kitchen called Gwyn’s Cookery & More. Owned
by Gwyn Lofberg, the Cookery will offer lunches on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and dinners on Tuesday and
Thursday each week. Lunch is served from 11am to 1:30pm and dinner from 4pm to 6:30pm. Gwyn’s Cookery &
More will offer a wide variety of “Americano” style meals including everything from super sandwiches to pasta and
   “At the Cookery, we believe change is good” says Gwyn. “What does that mean for you? It means lots of new
food selections every month for you to try.” The Cookery menus feature a wide variety of foods such as
sandwiches, salads, homemade bread & desserts, pasta dishes, chicken dishes and all the sides. Dishes such as
Halibut Florentine and Jack Halibut Melts will feature locally caught and processed seafood.
   The mobile kitchen will also feature Oven Ready Meals - a whole meal deal where the entree is either baked and
ready- to- eat or purchased chilled or frozen so you can bake it later. A great convenience for families that want
homemade meals without the fuss.
   Gwyn’s Cookery & More is also looking to help local small business owners like the charter boat operators and
B&B owners. Box lunches, snack packages and a variety of other food services will be available for business
charter captains who need to feed their hungry customers. The Cookery will deliver the meals to the Harbor by
7:30am each day. Gwyn has developed a specific menu that can be pre-ordered by a B&B guest and can be
delivered to the B&B for the guest to enjoy after a long day of fishing or hunting.
   The business will also offer catering services for events big and small, from business lunches to weddings.
   Gwyn, who has been cooking since the age of 8, was trained at the University of Johnson & Wales School of
Culinary Arts then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in dietetics. “It’s a good combination for me, classic
cooking technique with scientific knowledge of foods. I believe you’ll see the proof in the quality of the food
served at the Cookery!”
   Look for the Cookery & More next to Cost Savers on Mill Bay Road. You can reach Gwyn at 486-2204 or 942-
2204. Check out her website, complete with menus, at www.cookeryandmore.com.

  Monk’s Rock celebrates 10th Birthday
                                                                               Monk’s Rock Bookstore and Coffee
                                                                           House celebrated their 10th birthday last
                                                                           month by inviting Chamber members to a
                                                                           reception at their 202 E. Rezanof Drive
                                                                           location. Visitors munched on delicious
                                                                           sandwiches and baklava while being
                                                                           entertained by the St. Innocent’s Academy
                                                                           singers. Monk’s Rock will be happy to fax
                                                                           you're their menu and take lunch orders for
                                                                           your office over the phone. Call 486-0905
                                                                           for more information.

                                                                           Manager Marina Hoffman(left)
                                                                           and Heather Alexander of Monk’s
                                                                           Rock Bookstore and Coffee

 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                             3                                 Currents November 2007
 Economic Development News
                                                                                            By Trevor Brown
                                                                             Economic Development Specialist

The Kodiak Gold Card has arrived!
    Are you participating in the Gold Card Program yet?
If you would like to get a few more patrons through your
doors this year, sign up for the gold card program today.
Cost to your business? Absolutely nothing!
   Here's how it works: Members of the Chamber of
Commerce contact us to let us know that you want to
participate in the Gold Card program and what special
you will be offering. We list you as one of the
participating merchants in the Gold Card ad in
Wednesday's paper and Voila! You have customers
coming in the door to check out your specials.
Additionally, the Chamber sends an email out to Gold
Card owners, letting them know that week's specials.
   Cost to the merchant: ZERO!
   The Chamber is also advertising the Gold Card
program on both radio stations and on the web site
   The Kodiak Gold Cards are on sale for $20 at The
Kodiak Chamber of Commerce and several retailers
around town. Get yours today!

  What does it cost my business to participate?
Nothing, not one thin dime.
   What do I have to do? Determine what special you
want to offer Gold Card owners, call Trevor at 486-5557
with the information. We suggest that you make your             "Participating in this program really works.
specials run Wednesday through Tuesday to coincide with         Just last week I made two significant sales
the advertising in the paper.                                   that I would not have made without the Gold
                                                                Card program," says Dan Eubanks of Daniel's
    Why would anyone want to buy a Gold Card?                   Fine Jewelry. "The customers went away
There is a one-time cost of $20 to purchase the card,           happy and I sold two pieces of jewelry that
which is good through October 2008. There is the                might still be sitting on my shelf today if I
potential of saving hundreds of dollars over that time          didn't accept the Gold Card.”

 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                 4                          Currents November 2007
Career Guide at the Kodiak Job Center focused on Youth Employment
    A new position at the Kodiak Job Center, the Career             presentations to community groups, and youth are in the
Guide, is dedicated to developing and delivering Alaska high        works to help meet the employment needs and challenges of
demand industry information and career activities to youth in       the future. Information to help youth make informed
school and young adults to age 24. The goal is to create            decisions on career choices after high school will be shared,
interest and provide support in learning about the job market       along with what it means to be a good employee and skills
and different occupations within the State of Alaska and            needed to apply and interview for jobs.
outside.                                                                Collaboration is needed from employers, school district
    Activities such as career exploration and planning,             staff, community groups, parents, and youth, to assure that
resume building, work ethics and expectations, interviewing         our next generation will be ready for the adult world. The
skills, and work searches, is offered to all youth who are          Kodiak High School, in collaboration with the Job Center,
interested in preparing for their future. A Job Club is being       will be sponsoring a Career Fair, February 8/9, 2008. Along
planned for Kodiak High School students, presentations              with college information, input is being sort from
offered to classrooms & community groups, and one-on-one            apprenticeship programs, statewide employers, local
career development with youth is available at the Job Center.       employers, vocational technical programs, and high demand
The Career Guide will also be available to travel to any            industries.
community on Kodiak Island to provide these services to                 For more information regarding the Career Guide and the
Youth.                                                              services that can be provided, please contact Nicola Belisle
    Relationships with School District staff, community             at the Kodiak Job Center at 486-3105, x4.
service providers, and employers are being developed, and

   Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                   5                                  Currents November 2007
  Annual Recognition Dinner cont...

community as well. Mike Terry saw a need for a bakery in         Darlene is an active Rotarian and Soroptimist. She has
Kodiak that could sell baked goods to local coffee shops         volunteered with Teen Court for many years and is a
as well as to consumers. Mike wanted to find a way to            driving force behind Kodiak's Habitat for Humanity
serve some of the cultural groups in Kodiak with baked
goods and has developed products for both the Filipino
and Latino communities that are available daily. Classic
Cakes Bakery has developed and promoted locally baked
goods to consumers through their wholesale and retail

                                                                    Peter Malley (left), recipient of the Chamber of
                                                                    Commerce Cornerstone award, speaks to
                                                                    Chamber of Commerce members about the
                                                                    Wounded Warrior Project. John Eaton (right)
  Craig Johnson (left) presents the Chamber                         presented Malley with the award.
  Business of the Year award to Mike Terry of
  Classic Cakes Bakery.                                          organization. Darlene gives generously of her time and
                                                                 Kodiak is a better place because of her efforts.
                                                                     The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual in
efforts. Mike and his wife Kim Berry have had a positive         the Kodiak community, who through a project, action, or
impact on Kodiak's economy.                                      special concern for the community, took the time and
   The Volunteer of the Year is presented to a Chamber           energy to develop or pursue that project for the betterment
member in recognition of their dedication to improving the       of all Kodiak residents. In the undertaking of the project,
Kodiak community through their contagious spirit of              that individual became the CORNERSTONE of the
volunteerism. For many years Darlene Turner has been an          foundation that would lead to the successful completion of
                                                                 the endeavor. Just a year ago, Peter Malley was
                                                                 instrumental in bringing a group of four Wounded
                                                                 Warriors to Kodiak to fish. This summer that number
                                                                 grew to four different groups of 6 to 8 warriors each.
                                                                 Peter spearheaded the Kodiak volunteer effort getting
                                                                 rooms for the groups, finding boats and volunteers to take
                                                                 the groups fishing and setting the group up to participate
                                                                 in some of the wonderful things Kodiak has to offer.
                                                                 Peter's efforts to bring this group to Kodiak gave the
                                                                 community a chance to shine, truly in the spirit of the
                                                                 Cornerstone Award.
                                                                     The Member of the Year Award is presented to a
                                                                 Chamber member who through their actions, efforts and
  Jimmy Ng congratulates Darlene Turner,                         energy had an unfailing commitment to promoting the
  recipient of the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                    Chamber and its programs. The Chamber Member of the
  Volunteer of the Year award.                                   Year is always looking for ways to make the Kodiak
                                                                 Chamber of Commerce successful in all its endeavors.
                                                                 Jack Johnson of the Best Western Kodiak Inn was the first
active volunteer in the community. Not only does she
                                                                 member to step up to the plate and join as a Crown
serve on the Chamber Board of Directors, but she is also
                                                                 Sponsor in PIKE program when it was initiated in 2005.
an active member of the Crab Festival and PIKE
                                                                 Jack and the Kodiak Inn are active in many of the
committees. Perhaps even more important is her service
                                                                 Chamber activities including Crab Festival, ComFish and
to the community outside the Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                           Continued on page 7

  Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                 6                                   Currents November 2007
Annual Recognition Dinner cont...

                                                                  Coast Guard Appreciation. This summer, Jack provided
                                                                  rooms at the peak of the summer tourist season for the
                                                                  Wounded Warriors. His commitment to the community
                                                                  and to the Chamber of Commerce makes it easy to
                                                                  recognize Jack and the Best Western Kodiak Inn as the
                                                                  Member of the Year.

                                                                  Congratulations to the new
 Past President Pat Branson (right) presents the                  Board members and this year’s
 Chamber Member of the Year award to Jack
 Johnson, Best Western Kodiak Inn.
                                                                  award winners!

New Member Spotlight:
Party Connections, LLC
    Andrea Bisignani leads an interesting life. An active            Located at 2975 B Mill Bay, Party Connections is
duty member of the Coast Guard, currently serving on              upstairs from Skater’s Edge. Their phone number is
the cutter Spar, Andrea is also the owner of Party                942-0055.
Connections, LLC. She and her husband Anthony run
the business with enthusiastic help from their son, also
named Anthony. Planning a party? Looking for the
perfect decorations for your event big or small? Party
Connections, LLC has all sorts of supplies for event
    Andrea hopes to reach a couple of different markets
with her store. “When we first arrived here, we realized
there was a need for a store that offered things like party
decorations, wedding and party favors, kid’s crafts
supplies and such.” Andrea and Anthony opened the
store in May of 2007 to fill that niche. They offer
products from Hallmark, Noah’s Ark and Bella Bee as
well as others.
    Beginning December, Party Connections will have
monthly events for children.
    Whether you are a busy mom planning Junior’s
birthday party or you are a caterer looking for an extra          Owner Andrea Bisignani points out some of the
platter, Party Connections has a lot to offer. Business           special holiday items she has available in the
owners decorating for a store event can call Party                store.
Connections for some help too.

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                    7                                Currents November 2007
              The Best Western Kodiak Inn
               cordially invites all Chamber
                Members and their Guests
            to enjoy an evening of wine tasting
                           at their
                  Business After Hours
                    Date: Thursday, November 29, 2007
                           Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
                     Location: Best Western Kodiak Inn

             You must be 21 or older. Great door prizes and food.

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce            4                    Currents November 2007
        Kodiak College Upgrades to Microsoft Office 2007
                                     By Katie Walker, Kodiak College

         Due to community interest and a desire to be on the cutting edge, the Computer
      Information and Office Systems department at Kodiak College has upgraded to the latest
      greatest version of the Microsoft Office Suite: Office 2007.
         The first thing you'll notice about the new version is the redesigned user interface.
      Word's new "ribbon" is pictured above. The Ribbon is designed to be more intuitive with
      command tabs (similar to the former menu items but reorganized) that are placed in the
      order the user is likely to use them. Instead of a drop down list of commands, each tab
      shows a set of toolbar buttons when you click on it.

              Tip: The "Office button" has the same commands the old file

         Contextual commands (for working with tables, charts, etc.) appear only when the
      related object is selected (tricky for beginners who don't know you have to select an
      object before you can do anything with it!).
         Dialog launchers are the small arrow symbols in the lower-right corner of the
      command sets (e.g. See them above to the right of clipboard, font, etc.?). They provide
      more options.
         The new version of Office takes Galleries to the next level. For example, you'll have a
      gallery of Themes to choose the "look" (colors, fonts, etc.) of your Word document,
      Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint slide. Live Preview allows you to see what the styles
      will look like with your content before you commit!
         You can add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar (see it above the home and insert
      tabs?) by right clicking a command and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar. There is
      also a Mini Toolbar that includes commonly used formatting tools. It appears when you
      select text. Office 2007 is a great upgrade!

           HOT OFF THE PRESS! Kodiak College is offering a 1 credit course
        beginning Monday, November 12 and continuing every Monday and
        Wednesday (12:15 to 1:30 pm) through December 12. If you enroll in this
        class you will be eligible to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for
        only $59.95 (www.theultimatesteal.com). Stop by the campus to sign up for
        CIOS A194W Microsoft Office 2007 Tips and Tricks today to learn at
        lunch! Call Katie at 486-1212 to sign up today!

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                        9                              Currents November 2007
     Employer Tip of the Month
     Minors and 18 year olds no longer allowed to sell cigarettes
       Minors and 18-year-olds may no longer sell cigarettes as part of their job duties effective
     October 16, 2007.
       Anyone under age 19 with an approved Minor Work Permit from the Alaska Department of
     Labor and Workforce Development that includes selling cigarettes as a job duty will no longer
     be able to perform that function of his/ her job.
       For additional questions concerning this change, please contact Wage and Hour at (907)
     269-4909 or the:
       Kodiak Job Center
       309 Center Street
       Kodiak, Alaska 99615
       (907) 486-3105

 New Member Spotlight:
 Bases Loaded
                                                      Bases Loaded, located at 202 Center Avenue,         Suite
                                                   310 is sports fan’s dream. There are hats from all sorts of
                                                   sports teams, jerseys from NFL favorites, major league
                                                   baseball hats, NHL jerseys and more. Things you would
                                                   expect from a store named Bases Loaded. But Scott also
                                                   offers things you wouldn’t expect, like winter jackets, athletic
                                                   shoes, brand name hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts and jeans.
                                                            The family owned store is open 7 days a week - you
                                                   can almost always find Scott around. In addition to making
                                                   custom T-shirts, hoodies, bags and sweat pants, Scott also
                                                   does a variety of vinyl work. If you need lettering on your
                                                   boat, storefront or on a wooden sign, check with Scott -
                                                   chances are, he can make it for you. Bases Loaded also print
                                                   vinyl banners and window stickers.
                                                      If he doesn’t have the jersey or team gear you want in
                                                   stock today, he can order it for you. Give Scott a call at 486-
                                                   5100 or email him at basesloaded@alaska.net

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                       10                                   Currents November 2007
                             KODIAK CHAMBER of COMMERCE

                             P I K E
                             PARTNERS   IN   KODIAK’S ECONOMY


    Kodiak Island

                                                                Cathy Stevens
                                                                ACCOUNTING, INC.


Three Sisters:

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce               11                        Currents November 2007
                               Chamber Mission
  “Promote development of a strong and diverse economy for the Kodiak region through
                     active leadership and member involvement.”

                                New Members
                  William Applebee                          Red Rooster
           Frontier Business Systems, Inc.               Robert Allen Wagner

                              Renewing Members
  Kodiak Northern Sales          Aurora Borealis Radiology           Phone Directories
   Company of Alaska              Hans Tschersich, MD                 Company, Inc.
       Ben Polum
                                   Henry’s Great Alaskan        Art Moraski & Norman Bath
       Bases Loaded                    Restaurant                Old Harbor Native Corp.
        Scott Wight                 Raymond LeGrue                  Emil Christiansen, Sr.

    U.S. Postal Service             Nedrow Enterprises            Spenard Builders Supply
       Bill Kersch                    Wes Nedrow                       Kriss Larsen

    Kodiak Tax Service             Kodiak Marketing and           Threshold Services, Inc.
      Jerome Selby                      Consulting                     Matt Jamin
                                       Pat Branson
  Kodiak Island Housing                                               Consumer Direct
        Authority                            Dan Ogg                   Personal Care
     Mary Shuravloff                                                   Peggy Morris
                                 Katmai Wilderness Lodge
    The Polaris Group                     LLC                       The Old Powerhouse
      Eli Bjornoy                  Tom Walters & Mike                   Restaurant
                                        O’Connor                      Tomio Demura
     The Treasury
     Rhonda Maker                Western Alaska Land Title         Little School of Dance
   The Treasury Home                     Company                        Molly Brodie
     Rhonda Maker                      Tim Hurley
                                                                  True World Foods- Alaska
John’s Heating Service, Inc.            King’s Diner                   Jean Franquelin
       John Butler &                    Eleanor King
      Karen Lafollette

 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                    12                      Currents November 2007
                                  Renewing Members
              M/V Lazy Bay LLC                                              Jamin Schmitt St. John
              Tony & Tiffane Lara                                               Alan Schmitt

                    US Travel                                                 J.R. Arneson DDS
                   Penny Lampl                                                   Jim Arneson

                                           Opening November 17, 2007
                                          Join the community celebration!
                                           Time: 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.
                                    Call Tina at 942-0322 for more information

                                                                    Creating a Winning
                                                                   Scholarship Application
                                                                       With guest speaker

                                                                      Norm Wooten
                                                                         When: November 28, 2007
                                                                   Where: Room 106, Benny Benson Building
Breaking ground: Royall T’s will be moving to a new
location in the spring - Salmonberry Plaza, located on Mill                   Kodiak College
Bay Road between Island Espresso and Edward Jones.
The plaza building, owned by Royall, will house Royall                        Time: 7:15 p.m.
T’s and three other businesses.

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce                                    13                       Currents November 2007