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					                        BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                             MADISON COUNTY, FLORIDA

                                  COURTHOUSE ANNEX

                        MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING

                             WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 2006


The Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Florida met this day in Regular
Session with the following members present: Ricky Henderson (District 1), Ronnie Moore
(District 3), and Alfred Martin (District 4). Also present were County Manager Joe Miranti and
County Clerk Tim Sanders.

      The Chairman, Honorable Ricky Henderson, called the meeting to order and Emergency
Management Director Jim Stanley opened with prayer and pledge to the flag.

       Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board
voted unanimously (3-0) to approve the agenda as amended: at the request of Mr. Miranti add: to
New Business item No. 3, Preliminary Plat approval of LOGAN POND PLANTATIONS &
ESTATES; item No. 4, North Central Florida Regional Planning Council (NCFRPC) Response
Notification for Suwannee River Economic Council, Inc. grant application; to Unfinished
Business item No. 4, Historical Review Board; item No. 5, Draft of Interlocal Agreement
Creating the North Central Florida Rural Transportation Planning Organization. Mr. Miranti also
added that the cheek amount for New Business item No. 1 should be $750,000, rather than the
published $700,000. Mr. Sanders asked that the Resolution attached to the Rural Infrastructure
Grant be moved from Consent Agenda item No. 1 to New Business item No. 5.

      The minutes of the Regular Meeting held on March 1, 2005 were presented for review.
Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Moore, the Board voted
unanimously to approve said minutes as presented.

       Under “Petitions from the Public” Mr. Tom Guadagno, a resident on Delphinium Road,
asked the Board to reconsider their decision to pave the road. Chairman Henderson volunteered
to meet with Mr. Guadagno to further discuss the matter.

        Madison County Health Department Administrator Kim Barnhill presented agendas and
registration forms to the Board for the upcoming DESIGNING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES:
RAISING HEALTHY KIDS program on April 3td in Monticello sponsored by the Madison
County and Jefferson County Health Departments.

       Mrs. Marianne Green thanked the Board for instructing the Planning and Zoning Board to
Board of County Commissioners
March 15, 2006
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review Chapter 4 of the County Land Use Regulations regarding the Historical Review Board.
She also expressed concern over the impact of a proposed subdivision on the public schools in
the county, and also on the need to preserve public use areas in developments.

        Madison County Chamber of Commerce President Paula Arnold, who is also a member
of the Planning and Zoning Board, first explained the Land Development Regulations regarding
the 5% set aside rule in subdivision developments for recreation and public use areas. She also
updated the Board on the annual Four Freedoms Festival activities planned for April 18th through
the 22nd.

       Upon a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Moore, the Board
voted unanimously to approve the Consent Agenda (note: item #1 moved to New Business; 2.
Law Enforcement Block Grant; 3. Re-appointment of Medical Examiner, District 2, Dr. David
Stewart; 4. GSG Agreement; 5. Budget Amendment Request, Road and Bridge).

       Mr. Ron Smoak presented the Board with the following names to serve on an
Agricultural Center Committee tasked with bringing proposals back to the Board on
improvements and future uses of the agricultural center building: Mr. Ron Smoak, Dr. John
Lewis, Mr. Ed Sapp, Mr. Gary Glee, Mrs. Alacia Cone, Mrs. Barbara Greiner, Mr. Will
Rutherford, and Commissioner Ricky Henderson. Commissioner Moore asked that a
representative from the Extension Office also be included on the committee. A motion was made
by Commissioner Martin and seconded by Commissioner Moore to approve said committee as
amended. Motion carried 3-0.

        Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Juan Botino referred to and reviewed with
report submitted to the Board in their meeting packets. Mr. Botino stated that he is working with
the Americus, Georgia Fire and Rescue to correct the interference problem within a couple of
weeks. If not corrected by Americus, he will contact the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) Watch Officer to correct the problem. Mr. Botino also asked the Board to let our
legislative delegation know how important the continuation of the 911 wireless fee is to Madison
County and 911 services.

        Discussion followed on the Board’s request to the Planning and Zoning Board to review
and make recommendations on said Historical Review Board. It was noted that the Planning and
Zoning Board was unclear of their role and suggested that a committee be established to review
this element in the Comprehensive Plan with Mr. Stephen Pike, who agreed to serve on the
committee on behalf of P & Z. The Board by consensus agreed for each commissioner to select a
representative to serve on a committee with Mr. Pike to review the Historical Review Board’s
function and make recommendations back to the Planning and Zoning Board.

     The County Manager referred to a draft of and asked the Board to review an
Board of County Commissioners
March 15, 2006
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Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Madison, Suwannee, Taylor
and Union.

       Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board
voted unanimously to approve a COUNTY RESOLUTION/PROCLAMATION that would
designate the second week of March 2006 as “Extension Living Well Week”.

        Mr. Fain Poppell, representing LBJ of Madison LLC and local developers Mr. and Mrs.
James Coleburn and Mr. Buddy Witmer, presented for approval the Preliminary Plat of LOPER
subdivision located in sections 8, 17 and 18, township 1 north, range 9 east. Mr. Poppell
explained that the development would be in three phases and extend from U.S. Highway 90 to
County Road 146. He added that the Planning and Zoning Board (P & Z) recommended approval
of the Preliminary Plat along with a variance on cul-de-sac lengths to avoid the construction of
streets through wetlands. He also reported that P & Z recommended the Board allow 18 acres
(5% of total development acreage) for open space, rather than acceptance of the cash value by
the Board for the 18 acre set aside. Mr. Poppell stated that a wetlands expert would delineate the
wetland boundaries for Suwannee River Water Management District review. Discussion
followed on the Development Review Committee’s examination of the proposed development.
Further action was postponed to obtain the minutes of said committee meeting.

        At 9:55 A.M. the Chairman directed the Board’s attention to a Public Hearing scheduled
for 9:30 A.M. to consider vacating, abandoning, discontinuing and closing NW Reindeer Lane, a
road in sections 16 and 17, township 1 north, range 7 east connecting between US 221 and
County Road 140. Chairman Henderson opened the meeting to the public for comments. Those
expressing opposition to the road closure were Ms. Cindy Hutto on behalf of her mother, Mr.
Buddy Bryant, Mr. George Martin, and Ms. Nadine Proctor. Mr. Gerald Martin stated that he
requested the road closed to turn traffic away from said road that runs through his property. The
Chairman closed the Public Hearing and returned discussion back to the Board. Public Works
Director Jerry McClune reported the road was a County Road and maintained on an “as needed”
basis. A motion was made by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Martin, to deny
the request to close said road. Motion carried 3-0.

       Mr. Ralph Cellon of Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. presented a check in the amount
of $135.41 as a final distribution of the 2002 Bond Issue to fund the Housing Finance Authority
of Bay County Florida, of which Madison County was a member.

       Upon the presentation by Mr. Miranti of the MINUTES FROM THE DEVELOPMENT
REVIEW MEETING HELD FEBRUARY28, 2006, discussion returned to the LOPER POND
PLANTATION & ESTATES Preliminary Plat. Mr. McClune stated he was not aware of said
Preliminary Plat on the agenda and therefore not prepared to address it, but he did express a
concern that streets did not connect development phases and U. S. Highway 90 and County Road
Board of County Commissioners
March 15, 2006
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146. Commissioner Martin asked to re-agenda the item in order to have all the information
regarding the development available to the Board. Chairman Henderson directed the County
Manager to re-agenda approval of said Preliminary Plat as requested. Discussion continued. Mr.
Witmer stated that a street connecting all phases of the development would create a cut-through
or short-cut from CR. 146 to US 90 and also cross a wetland area. Mr. Coleburn also expressed a
concern that a connecting street would move traffic from Pickle Lane through the residential
subdivision. Mr. McClune stated that he was uneasy about the subdivision having only one
entrance and exit. Mr. Miranti added that a single access would create law enforcement and
public safety problems. A motion was made by Commissioner Moore and seconded by
Commissioner Martin to table the matter. Motion carried 3-0.

      The County Manager reported the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council
(NCFRPC) has asked the Board for comments in response to a proposed Suwannee River
Economic Council, Inc. grant application for a Housing Preservation Program Assisting Very
Low Income, Rural Owner-Occupied Homeowners in Madison and surrounding counties.

        Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board
voted unanimously to approve A RESOLUTION OF THE COUNTY OF MADISON,
GRANT         FOR       CONSTRUCTION          OF  INTERSTATE        10      INTERCHANGE
INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS awarded Madison County by the Executive Office of
the Governor, Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development to assist in the construction
of infrastructure to the I-10/SR 53 Interchange.

        Mr. McClune referenced Bid Number FY 2006-01 opened March 7~” from Capital Truck
in Tallahassee for a 2007 Model Heavy Duty Mack Truck chassis (or equivalent) for the Road
and Bridge Department hi the amount of $95,920.00, and also, Bid Number FY 2006-02 opened
the same day from Capital Truck for a 2007 Model Heavy Duty Truck chassis (or equivalent) for
the Solid Waste/Recycling Department in the amount of $60,551 5.30 paid upon delivery and
$60,515.30 paid one year later. Mr. McClune stated that the Solid Waste/Recycling Roll-off
truck’s base purchase price was $114,800.00 and only one bid was received for each truck. Upon
a motion by Commissioner Martin, seconded by Commissioner Moore, the Board voted
unanimously to approve said sole bid for each truck. The Clerk stated that he would meet with
Solid Waste/Recycling Director Allen Cherry to determine the best method of payment for his
department’s new truck.

       Discussion followed on an incident and claim by Ms. Shaunna Colvin that a rock
bounced up and damaged her truck while traveling a county maintained road. Estimates to repair
the damages were $538.64 and $603.48 along with a rental fee of $26 per day while repairs are
made. Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by Commissioner Martin, the Board
voted unanimously to deny the claim request.

        Regarding previous action by the Board to deny closure of NW Reindeer Lane, the
Board of County Commissioners
March 15, 2006
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Chairman asked that the County Attorney write a letter to the petitioner, Mr. Gerald Martin,
regarding the removal of fence, gate and signs from the county road.

        Mr. McClune asked the Board to agenda a request made earlier to consider a Longevity
Bonus request for employees in his department. The Chairman directed the County Manager to
place said item on the April 5th Regular Meeting agenda.

        Discussion followed on the proposed paving of Delphinium Road.

        Honorable Linda Howell, Supervisor of Elections, updated the Board on the relocation of
the Eridu voting precinct house. She also advised she would be resigning from her office
effective December 31, 2006. She stated the effective date would allow the citizens of Madison
County to elect a new Supervisor this year.

        Mr. Miranti reviewed with the Board a FOLLOW-UP AND SUPPLEMENTAL
INFORMATION list of items from previous meetings and the current Board meeting, which
included Comprehensive Plan Update, Fire and Solid Waste Assessment study, Rails to Trails
safety issue, Hansen United Methodist Church sign, Building Official and Inspector update,
Florida Association of Counties Legislative Day, Loper Pond Plantation and Estates subdivision,
and Historic Design Review Board.

        Commissioner Martin presented a letter to the Board dated March 13, 2006 regarding the
Sirmans Volunteer Fire Department. He stated that Sirmans is currently trying to re-build their
fire department and Mr. Patrick Hodge has agreed to be their Interim Fire Chief. Commissioner
Martin stated that he would keep the Board up to date on progress made by the citizens of
Sirmans to have a more active fire department.

       Commissioner Moore stated the Board should seriously address the need of a paid
county-wide fire department. He also reported Big Bend Transit, which operates a shuttle service
for under privileged in Madison, will stop services on April 15th unless new funding sources
become available.

        Chairman Henderson read a letter addressed to him dated March 2, 2006 from Mr.
Miranti. The letter notified the Board that Mr. Miranti will not request to renew his employment
contract with the county when it expires May 31, 2006. Mr. Miranti stated that he would honor
his present contract and asked the Board to consider having someone on staff work with him for
continuity purposes until the end of May. Mr. Miranti recommended Allen Cherry and reported
Mr. Cherry agreed to help on an interim basis. Mr. Cherry suggested that Public Works Director
Jerry McClune have input on said recommendation before the Board reaches a decision. A
motion was made by Commissioner Moore to amend the agenda to consider Mr. Miranti’s
request. Chairman Henderson passed the gavel to Vice-Chairman Moore and seconded the
motion. Commissioner Martin suggested that all commissioners be present for a decision on the
matter. Motion carried 2-1 with Commissioner Martin opposed. The gavel was passed back to
Board of County Commissioners
March 15, 2006
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Chairman Henderson. A motion was then made by Commissioner Moore for Mr. Cherry to act as
a conduit in the County Manager’s office during the transition period. The Chairman again
passed the gavel to the Vice-Chairman and seconded the motion. Motion carried 2-1 with
Commissioner Martin opposed.

       The Clerk reported Suwannee River Regional Library Director Danny Hales submitted
needed changes to the resolution passed on the March 1st Regular Meeting regarding the Lee
Library construction application. Upon a motion by Commissioner Moore, seconded by
Commissioner Martin, the Board voted unanimously to approve an amended RESOLUTION OF

        The Clerk stated that budget time was drawing near and asked the Board if they wanted
to bid county employee health insurance again. The Board by consensus approved the Clerk to
proceed with the bid process. Mr. Sanders also asked the Board to amend the Government
Services Group, Inc. (GSG) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT, which was approved
earlier in the meeting, to copy notices, not only to the County Attorney, but also the County
Clerk. The Board by consensus approved Mr. Sanders’ request.

        There being no further business, the Chairman adjourned the meeting at 11:45 A.M.

                                                             Ricky Henderson, Chairman
                                                             Board of County Commissioners
                                                             Madison County, Florida


Tim Sanders, Clerk to the Board
of County Commissioners

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