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Project Labor Agreements in Ohio

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					                             Project Labor Agreements
A Project Labor Agreement is an agreement between an owner and local trade unions that
provides for the hiring of qualified construction workers and guarantees labor stability on a
construction project. A PLA requires all employers to sign collective bargaining agreements
with the appropriate trade unions for all work on the project.

Legal opinions and academic research have determined that Project Labor Agreements
(PLAs) are good for public and private-sector construction projects – and particularly larger
projects. What’s more, the validity of PLAs has consistently been upheld in both federal and
state courts. While research shows that the use of PLAs does not adversely affect the costs of
construction projects, other issues that research says PLAs positively influence include project
timeliness, quality, safety, training, minority employment, employee benefits and labor peace.

“We do not find evidence that the presence of a project labor agreement increases school construc-
tion costs in cost models that account for school complexity and differences in location. … The
current research finds no statistically significant evidence that PLAs impact the actual cost paid by
taxpayers for school construction projects.”
The Effect of Project Labor Agreements on the Cost of School Construction in New England
                                                    Dale Belman, Michigan State University,
“There is nothing inherently wrong with PLAs in the public sector. They have a well-established
place in the law and in the effective performance of the projects to which they have been applied.
The use of legal process should be saved for the bona fide abuses of the competitive bidding laws
and not become the vehicle for waging a campaign rooted in the wholesale elimination of public
sector PLAs.”
       Legal Considerations Affecting the Use of Public Sector Project Labor Agreements:
                                                                                A Proponent’s View
                                 Bradford W. Coupe, Esq., Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, New York

“Given the substantial benefits PLAs provide, the failure of their opponents to articulate or prove
any sustainable challenges, and current market conditions driving an increased reliance on pru-
dent, common sense-based project planning – PLAs will continue to serve as a productive and
stabilizing force in the construction industry.”
                                                 Project Labor Agreements: The State of the Law
                           Brian Powers, et. al, O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue, Washington, D.C.

“In the construction industry, Project Labor Agreements have become important as a type of col-
lective bargaining or ‘pre-hire agreement.’”
                              Constructing California: A Review of Project Labor Agreements
                                                                   Kimberly Johnston-Dodds

 Alliance of Construction Professionals of Northwest Ohio

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