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					                     Statewide Digital
                  Establishing and Sustaining the
                   Mountain West Digital Library

  Kenning Arlitsch                                                      Sarah Michalak
  Head of Digital Technologies, Marriott Library                        Director of the Marriott Library
  University of Utah                                                    University of Utah                           

March 24, 2004                               Wisconsin Library System
    The Mountain West Digital Library

► The Habit of Cooperation
► Developing the MWDL
► Structure
► Why the MWDL Works
► Building and Sustaining
► Challenges
► The Future
► Some Suggestions
 Utah Academic Library Consortium

► Fourteen  Higher Education Libraries and the Utah
  State Library
► Public and Private Institutions
► Community Colleges to Research Universities
The Habit of Cooperation
            ► Statewide ILS
            ► Shared Electronic
              Resources Catalog
            ► Statewide coordinated
              collection development
            ► Pioneer – electronic library
              in partnership with state
              superintendent of
              education and public
            ► Utah Article Delivery
           Developing the
     Mountain West Digital Library
► UU  Pilot Project with State Historical Society
► Proposal to UALC
► Buy-in from LSTA
► Creation of Regional Centers and Partners
► How the MWDL Works
► Selecting Digital Projects
   Historical Society Pilot Project
► Grant   to scan 200 glass plate negatives
   Planned to send to Nebraska for scanning
   No database solution
► UU   scanned 400 negatives (no shipping costs)
   Offered space on CONTENTdm server
   Tested concept of remote support
► Eventual total of over 10,000 images
► Project gave us confidence
   Fees paid for 2 high-end scanners
           Proposal to UALC
► Build  a digital collection about the region
► Include resources from cultural and
  educational institutions in Utah
► Make content accessible to all citizens
► Build on existing expertise in collaborative
  digitization (UU and BYU)
► Offer local control and low-cost
► Standardize metadata for interoperability
       Start-up Budget - $100,000
► CONTENTdm      software for USU and SUU
   $10,000 x 2 = $20,000 (Level 2 licenses)
► Flatbed   scanners and computers for USU and SUU
   $20,000 x 2 = $40,000
► Aggregating   server and license
   $10,000
► PT   scanning technicians
   $7,000 x 4 = $28,000
► Training
   $2,000
                      Utah State
MWDL Structure       CONTENTdm
                        (Solaris)   Partners
   MWDL website    U of Utah
                       (Windows)    Partners

    Multi-Site         Server
    Server               (Linux)    Partners
                         (Linux)    Partners
    Regional Centers and Partners
                                       ►   Utah State Historical Society
►   Utah
                                       ►   Murray City Library
      University of Utah (Salt Lake
       City)                           ►   Uintah County Library
      Brigham Young University        ►   UU Fine Arts Museum
       (Provo)                         ►   UU Center for Teaching and
      Utah State University               Learning Excellence
       (Logan)                         ►   UU Undergraduate Research
      Southern Utah University            Opportunities Program
       (Cedar City)                    ►   BYU Fine Arts Museum
►   Nevada                             ►   Delta City Library
      University of Nevada – Las      ►   Great Basin Association
       Vega                            ►   Topaz Internment Camp
      University of Nevada - Reno         Museum
                                       ►   Westminster College
                                       ►   Snow College
                                       ►   Utah Valley State College
                                       ►   UU Eccles Health Sciences
MWDL Digitization Process
      Partner identifies
      Collection and
      secures funding
                           Multi-Site Server
           Regional        Harvests Metadata
         Center scans      from Center

        Center provides
         software and
           training         Partner/center creates
                               project website

      Partner enters
      metadata and
      uploads to center
    Buy-in from Library Services &
       Technology Act (LSTA)
► 2002   UU server grant
   Introduced concept of state-wide support
► Partners‟   digitization proposals supported
   Liked that digitization hardware is centralized
   Required that MWDL standards be followed
► 2003   formal documentation
   “Use of LSTA funds for digitization projects in
 Advantages of the MWDL Model
► Partners retain their   identity
► Collection access
    Local website
    MWDL website
    Object stored in only one place
► Digitization   occurs in a uniform manner
    High-end equipment, standards
► Revenue    stream for regional centers
    Structure is semi-self-sustaining
► Partners   trained to apply metadata
    Contribution and control
Building Constituencies
            ►   Greater Western Library
                 Western Waters Digital
                  Library funded by IMLS
            ►   Western Trails
                 Colorado, Wyoming,
                  Nebraska, Kansas
                 Helped develop and adopted
                  metadata standards
            ►   Nevada
                 UNLV, UN-Reno
       Utah Digital Newspapers
► Developed    new
  digitization method
► 136,000 newspaper
  pages digitized
► 290,000 more by „05
► Will distribute and
  aggregate collection
   MWDL infrastructure
Utah Constituencies
          ► Newspapers    brought
            citizen participation
          ► State-wide
          ► Breaking down ivory
            tower barriers
             Thomas Billis story
Some Words About Consortium Life
                ► Leading efforts like this
                  requires a long view
                ► Some participants need to
                  be brought along based on
                  faith that they will get
                ► Personnel issues, lack of
                ► Foster and encourage
                  small acts of leadership
                ► There must be something
                  for everyone
     ► Support/Training
         Partners sometimes
          have very little
          computer experience
         Partners sometimes
          don‟t pay attention to
          what they‟re posting
     ► Effort
         Not all centers make
          equal effort
Selecting Digital Projects
             ►   Digital projects committee
                  Couldn‟t make a decision
             ►   Same is true in consortia
                  Need a decider
             ►   Collection Development
                  Someone must step up to
                  Selfless decisions
             ►   Expect this, but don‟t get
                 hung up
             ►   No decision is a decision,
                  Looking Ahead

► Digitalpublishing and
  the creation of new
► Improving interfaces
► Ecommerce
    Selling prints
            Some Suggestions
► Assess  your strengths
► Start with what you have
► Adopt standards right away
► Aim at an early success and capitalize on it
► Outline a role for everyone
► Avoid overly elaborate organizational structures
► Pick projects that will be important to your
► Keep communicating

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