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					                                                                                        License No.
                                                                                        Fees Pd.
                                                                                        Bond Pd.      $300 cash  check  CD
                                                                                        Check #
                    Mechanical Contractor’s License                                     Receipt #     _____________________________

                          Application Form                                              Date                      Initials

                                                                                         Staff Use Only      Approved   __________

        A Mechanical Contractor’s License is required to perform mechanical work with the City of Ankeny.
   The City of Ankeny two-year licensing period runs from January 1st of an even year to December 31st of an odd year.
       Cash bond: $300 cash, check or certificate of deposit
       $10,000 Bond: A current copy of the Bond must be on file
       Certificate of Insurance $250,000 liability to any person & $500,000 liability to more than one person on
        account of any one occurrence and $500,000 for property for property damage
       Proof of Licensing by a Reciprocal City: A photocopy of a reciprocal city’s license must be furnished
       Proof of Competency for each Master & Journeyman: A photocopy of a current license from a reciprocal city
        or proof of competency for each new master & journeyman requesting a license must be furnished
       Registration Fees: Shop and master fees are required along with fees for all Journeymen and apprentices doing
        work in Ankeny. (1/1/08 to 12/31/09 50% reduction in fees)
             Shop: $60.00          Master: $15.00         Journeyman: $10.00            Apprentice: $5.00

Master Mechanical Contractor:____________________________________________________

Shop Name:__________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone No. ___________________________________________________________________________

Journeyman:______________________________________                     ___________________________________________
               ______________________________________                 ___________________________________________
               ______________________________________                 ___________________________________________
Apprentice: ______________________________________                    ___________________________________________
               ______________________________________                 ___________________________________________
               ______________________________________                 ___________________________________________

I, the undersigned, hereby make application for the above Mechanical License under the provisions of the Municipal Code for the City
of Ankeny.

                          Signature of Applicant                                            Date

                                              Total amount enclosed $_______________ (checks payable to the City of Ankeny)

Upon receipt of the above, the city shall issue to each registrant a card identifying the registrant by name. The card shall
remain in the possession of each master, journeyman and apprentice while performing any services within the city. The
card shall be furnished for examination at the request of the City Code Inspector.                           (11/2007)
               City of Ankeny Planning and Building Department              220 W. First St.            515-963-3550

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