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					                                            Partnership Plan

Partnership Name …………Welwitschia…………………………………………….

Partnership Coordinator 2007 Name: Adam Sutcliffe

Contact Details: acsutcliffe@gmail.com Tel: +44 1466 792181

By signing this form you acknowledge that you have seen a completed copy of the project planning
form and agree to its content and to working with the schools named above

Signature of Partnership Coordinator: ………………………………………………………………..

Name and contact details of Cluster Coordinator 1:

Tracy Booth , +44 1466 792181, igstbooth@gordonschools.aberdeenshire.sch.uk

Signature of Cluster Coordinator 1 …………………………………………………………………….

Name and contact details of Cluster Coordinator 2:

Luelseged Kebede, +251 911056776, luelseged_kebede@yahoo.com

Signature of Cluster Coordinator 2 ……………………………………………………………………

Name and contact details of Cluster Coordinator 3:

Johannes Nowaseb, +264 813010881, johannesnowaseb@yahoo.com

Signature of Cluster Coordinator 3………………………………………………………………………

                       Please submit to your British Council Partnership Facilitator and
                                       See attached list for name and details
                                     Deadline for submission: by 31 May 2007

                         British Council Use Only
                         Approved by:
                         Name and signature……………………….……………………………………………………………….
                         Name and signature……………….……………………………………………………………………….
   The British Council is registered under the Data Protection Act. Some of the information provided on this form will be recorded on
 computer but will only be used in the administration of the scheme for which you have applied. Any information held in relation to your
application may be accessed and inspected by you on request, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.GUIDANCE NOTES
                                                   - PARTNERSHIP PLAN
Each partnership needs to submit a Partnership Plan for 2007-10 in order for the British Council
to approve and release this year’s grant.

You are required to identify a new Partnership Co-ordinator to be responsible for Liaison with the
British Council, for reporting on the project and reconciling expenditure. We recommend that this
role is rotated each year of the grant so that each cluster in each country takes on this role once.
Please put the name and full contact details of your Partnership Coordinator 2007 on the front
page of this form.

This form needs to be completed collaboratively by all schools in your partnership, signed by each
Cluster Representative and then submitted to the email address given on the front page and your
British Council Partnership Facilitator. You should ensure that all schools in your partnership have
a copy of the plan.

Part 1 – Project Details
In this section please update us on your plans for next year, based on your overall three-year
Partnership Plan and agreed priorities, as well as any anticipated changes to your project/s,
communication and plans. We will be looking for evidence that you are building on what you have
achieved in Year 1.

Part 2 – Budget
Your partnership has a further £15,000 grant available for this year. Please refer back to the Grant
Guidelines when completing your budget. We need to know how much of your grant each cluster
will require so you must provide a breakdown of all costs per cluster. As a general rule, your
cluster should pay for the costs incurred in your country. Your budget must be in £.
i) Travel costs:
You will need to give details about where you will be travelling and why. How many people will
travel, what their roles will be, the intended length of stay.
     1 Local transport, accommodation and subsistence costs should be paid by the host country
     so these costs should be on that cluster’s budget.
     2 You should budget for the cost of visas and travel insurance.

ii) Project costs:
Please refer back to your detailed plan when listing the materials and resources you require. What
you list here must directly correspond with your project plans so think about what you need in order
to achieve your objectives. These costs can include materials needed for your project and your
communication requirements for the year.
     3 Communication costs: Please list the different methods you will use and the costs involved
     (phone, post, courier if sent from British Council office outside UK, internet suppliers
     4 IT: Hardware – number of computers required. We recommend you buy laptops so please
     explain if a laptop is not suitable and why. You will need to describe where any new IT
     equipment will be accommodated, how you will ensure it is looked after, who will be using it
     and for what purpose.
     5 Software – which programmes will you need and for what purpose.
Please remember to include any setting up costs that might be applicable.

IMPORTANT! Computers are to be used mostly for communication purposes and for
transferring/posting project data. They are not for general classroom use. If you do need classroom
computers, these could possibly be ordered separately through various charities, the contact
details of which can be obtained from your British Council office.

Approval Process
The Partnership Coordinator will email the completed and signed form to the email address above.
The Connecting Classrooms Team will ensure that the submitted project/s plan matches the
requested budget and this will in turn be submitted to the Connecting Classrooms Project Board for
final approval. On approval of your plan The British Council will endeavour to release funds within
2 weeks.
Reporting Progress
Each partnership is required to submit financial and narrative reports at least once a year so your
plans should include ongoing reviews of progress in relation to the stated objectives of the agreed
partnership plan. The grant award is conditional upon the submission of a final report and
reconciliation. You must keep all invoices/receipts to support your expenditure.
You must also complete your Annual Review for Year 1 by 30 April 2008. There is a separate form
for this. Your Partnership Co-ordinator must submit this form to the email address above and to
your British Council Partnership Facilitator (see attached list)

                                JOINT CURRICULUM PROJECTS
                                           PARTNERSHIP PLAN

Cluster 1            Huntly / Rhynie - Scotland

School 1             The Gordon Schools, Huntly

School 2             Gordon Primary School, Huntly

                     Rhynie Primary School, Rhynie
School 3

Cluster 2            Lalibela, Ethiopia

School 1             Lalibela Preparatory School

School 2             Lalibela Secondary School

                     Lalibela Primary School
School 3

Cluster 3            Windhoek, Namibia

School 1             Augeikhas Primary School

School 2             Khomas High School

                     Ella Duplessis High School
School 3

PROJECT/S DETAILS – to be completed in consultation with all partner clusters.
If necessary, please provide additional information on separate pages.

Give a brief summary of your agreed partnership priorities for your Joint Curriculum Project/s
Development of ICT skills and Links

Language / Communication skills: developing communication skills in English, German, Amharic

Environment: examining the local environments in 3 countries

Cultural Exchange: sharing of cultural identities via art, stories, drama, music

Sport and health: examining the health problems in each cluster and looking at how sport can make
Citizenship: how students in each cluster interact with both their local and global environments

Identification of specific curriculum areas for development

 Communication plan
In the first instance communication will be via email, with the partnership co-ordinator ensuring that the all the
cluster co-ordinators have working email addresses. Where necessary provision will be made in the budget for
cluster co-ordinators to have a laptop and separate internet connection.
The first exchange of emails is scheduled to take place during week beginning 7th May 2007 and further
communication will take place at least once every 3 weeks from this date.

As mobile phones are common to all cluster partners these will also be used for communication both voice
calls and SMS where possible. Allocation has been made in cluster 1's budget to buy prepaid phone cards
which give access to reduced rate international calls, and to pay for the premium rate phone calls also

Mail and courier services will also be used when necessary, in particular when sending material for displays

The partnership co-ordinator has also agreed to establish a Wikipage/blog for the parnership, on which all the
important documents can be stored viewed and edited in collaboration.

The use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for communication. If possible this would negate the need for
mobile phone communication, but it is dependent on speed of internet connection.
The Huntly cluster is already in possession of many of the resources agreed upon by the partnership as
necessary and will therefore not need to use funds from the partnership budget to buy such items

The Lalibela cluster has access to computers but many of these are infected by viruses.

2 x laptops for Lalibela/Windhoek cluster co-ordinators. (To be kept in a secure location)
Set up and subscription to ISP for above
2x digital cameras (including memory cards/charger/batteries where necessary) (Location / security)
2x digital mini dv video camera (location / security)
supply of mini dv cassettes
flash memory sticks for each cluster co-ordinator
supply of blank cd's
colour printer with spare toner cartridges
international phone cards
paper, pens, pencils
art materials
display materials
2x dvd players
gardening equipment
trees / seeds

Responsibilty for expensive equipment will lie with cluster co-ordinator who shall be in charge of any loaning
arrangements in cluster schools and that it remains secure when not being used.

A basic level of IT training may also be necessary for Namibian and Ethiopian teachers. Allowance has been
made in budget for some local training, whilst some training could occur during UK visit.
  Timeline and work-plan
  Please use this grid to break down your three year milestones. Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

                                                                                         When         Who is
Start Date/                                                              Resource                   responsible
End Date              What the plan is                 Activities        Required                                        Expected Outcome/s
              Establish relationships and
              communication                         Tree planting for
                                                      International         Laptop     Year        Partnership
                                                                                                                     Cluster teachers meet and
              develop firm policies and            Development Day         internet    round       co-ordinator
                                                                                                                     identify specific priorities for
              projects for the partnership               (05/07)         connection                and cluster co-
  Year 1                                          teacher visits to UK   IT Training               ordinators
                                                                                                                     Effective and reliable
              develop language and                       (09/07)             trees
                                                                                                                     communication between
              communication sklills                Display exchange         display
                                                                                                                     partners is established
                                                     (by end 0607)        materials
              Investigate sponsorship

                                                   Teacher exchange
                                                  to both Ethiopia and                                                All partners will have visited
                 Focus on priorities identified                                        Year        Partnership
                                                        Namibia                                                      each other.
              from partnership agreement and                                           round.      co-ordinator
                                                   Cultural exchange     Recording                                   Raised awareness of pupils'
  Year 2           policy meetings (initially                                                      and cluster co-
                                                        activities       equipment                                   lives in all partner schools
                revolving around culture, and                                          Visits to   ordinators
                                                      (storytelling,                                                 pupils develop interest in
                          citizenship)                                                 be
                                                    debates, songs,                                                  pushing partnership further
                                                   dances, music etc)

                                                                                                                     New priorities will have been
                                                                                                                     introduced whilst continuing
                                                                                                                     the development of other
                 Focus on further identified                                                       Partnership
                        priorities                                                                 co-ordinator
                                                                                                   and cluster co-
                                                      Pupil visits                                                   Pupils throughout
  Year 3        Pupil exchange to 1 or more                                                        ordinators
                                                                                                                     partnership's schools will
                                                                                                                     have been involved
                 develop of enterprise skills
                                                                                                                     Pupils will have visited at
                                                                                                                     least one other country in
Short-term plan (April 2007-March 2008)
Give a detailed account of the agreed activities that your partnership will be engaged in.

   1. Cluster meetings throughout the pertnership will have taken place by Friday 4th May 2007.
      presentations to pupils and communities will take place as and when possible.

   2. To celebrate International Development Day on June 5th 2007 trees will be planted in each
      cluster. This could take the form of an International garden / park which would be added to
      throughout the partnership to offset the carbon emissions produced by the flights involved in
      each partnership visit.
   3. “Distant lives – Close friends” - an exchange of displays representing each of the clusters will
      have taken place and be displayed prominently in each of the lead schools by end june 2007.
   4. Celebration of Ethiopian Millenium on September 11th 2007
   5. Visit to UK by representatives of each school in Namibian and Ethiopian clusters. (End
      september 2007)
   6. Meeting of all teachers involved in partnership to establish policies, projects and curriculum
      areas for development.
   7. Necessary resources will be sourced and purchased as soon as possible.
  Travel Plans for Year 1
  Please outline your travel plans that support your project plans. Please give as much detail as you
  can including who is responsible for what.

  One representative from each namibian and ethiopian schools will visit UK. Each cluster rep will
  be responsible for organising and costing their own travel plans, in liason with other clusters in
  Uk cluster will bear the responsibility of hosting visiting teachers and and food and entertainmnent
  as seen fit.
  Further travel arrangements for the partnership will be made during meetings during first (UK)

  Part 2. BUDGET (1 April 2007-31 March 2008)
  You must give a description and cost per item and breakdown all costs by cluster. Add more rows
  if you need to. Please refer to the guidance given on page 2 as you complete this.


      i)      TRAVEL
Breakdown       Details (which country,      Cluster 1      Country 2      Country     Total (cluster
                the number of travellers,    (Please        (Please        3 (please   1 + cluster 2 +
                mode of transport,           insert         insert         insert      cluster 3)
                hotel/hostel/homestay)       country)       country)       country)
Flights (state
or domestic)

Other travel



Other (visas,

                 Sub-total i)                 Cluster 1     Cluster 2     Cluster 3     Total
                                              total =       total =       total =

  ii) Project costs
  Breakdown       Details (which country,       Cluster 1     Country 2     Country       Total (cluster
                  the number of travellers,     (Please       (Please       3 (please     1 + cluster 2 +
                  mode of transport,            insert        insert        insert        cluster 3)
                  hotel/hostel/homestay)        country)      country)      country)

  ion costs
    Set-up costs

  (please give
(no more
than 3% of
                   Sub-total ii)

                                                    Total           Total            Total         TOTAL
                                                    cluster 1       cluster 2        cluster 3
TOTAL EXPENDITURE (part i + part ii)

 Any additional relevant details in support of your application
 Please include the details of any external partners or organisations that will also be involved in the
 project. This could include any plans you may have for seeking additional resources.
During the first period of the partnership the partnership co-ordinator (UK) will approach various
organsisations within the cluster town to encourage participation and if possible financial support. These will
include (but are not exclusive to):
School's Parent Teacher Associations
Huntly Rotary Club
Aberdeenshire Town partnerships huntly
Aberdeenshire Council
Huntly Parish council
Noth Parish Council
Various huntly businesses
Members of Huntly's churches
Books Abroad (local charity which sends books to schools in Africa)
Huntly FC
Huntly Highlanders rugby Club
Deveron Arts
Huntly Highlanders Cricket Club
Huntly Pipe Band
Various Dance Schools in Huntly

It is also our intention that through the development of enterprise skills by the pupils the partnership can obtain
further funding.


Cluster co-ordinator will liaise with various NGO's present in Lalibela including Plan International


Cluster co-ordinator will make attempts to liaise with local NGO

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