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                                          Reply Mail

Governing Policy: Mail Policy adopted 5/25/2007
History of Procedure: Department Approval 6/30/2007
Administering Department: City Clerk
Contact: Mail Room B27 City Hall, Supervisor, David Schlueter 673-2570

General Conditions
  1. Reply Mail service provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS) enables a
      sender to provide a recipient with a convenient method for replying to a mailing.
  2. There are three types of Reply Mail:

Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)
 Use: CRM is appropriate when the response is assured, as with billing. Although the
  customer usually pays the return postage, the pre-printed return information and pre-bar
  coded mail piece adds convenience, ensures accuracy and encourages customers to
  respond back to a request. This is the best reply option when you know that the mailing will
  come back to you.
 Cost: The recipient usually pays for the postage on their response to you. Postage can be
  pre-stamped by the sender or paid by the customer. Postage is at first-class rates with no
  additional fees

Business Reply Mail (BRM)
 Use: This is an option for limited sized mailings where you only want applicable recipients to
   respond. Your department distributes preprinted First-Class Mail pieces to customers and
   pays for the return postage. See Bulk Mailing Policies for ways to save money mailing to
   your customers
 Cost: Your department pays for the postage each way – the customer is not responsible for
   the postage. Your department pays for the actual pieces returned to you. Due to our high-
   volume discount, there is a fee of only $0.39 + 0.11 for the first ounce, when the mailing
   comes back to you.

Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM)
 Use: This is the best option for repeat mailings or anything with multiple recipients. Your
  department receives discounts on mail pieces by ensuring that they are automation
  compatible. QBRM is the high-volume, discount form of Business Reply Mail and is
  appropriate for volumes greater than 834 pieces per year. The City of Minneapolis qualifies
  for this service. All outgoing and return mail must be fully automation compatible. This
  option saves $0.62 over the BRM service of $1.04 for the first once. The savings are similar
  for additional ounces.
 Cost: Your department pays for the postage each way. See Bulk Mailing Policies for
  outgoing mail. The additional fees are only $.358 + .06 = $.0418 per item for the first once,
  but require an annual accounting fee of $500 as well as the $160 permit fee which is paid for
  by the City Clerk’s office for the City.


A. In advance of the mailing

B. Designing the mailing
1. Set up your reply mailing per USPS requirements:
2. If you do not have a template to work from and this is the first time for this mailing
   and you will be doing more in the future, contact Jan Nichols at Impact Mailing, 612-
   521-6245 to discuss the services, preparation options and costs.
3. If you have a template that you can use, make any changes necessary and put your
   mailing together the same as before. Existing templates are available for reuse in
   the Copy/Mail Center, B27 City Hall.
4. Get pre-approval from the USPS - complete a PS Form 6805 to ensure that the
   mailing is automation compatible. If using Impact Mailing, Jan Nichols, 612-521-
   6245 will do this for you.
5. Complete a PS Form 6805.
6. Attach a complete sample of your mailing Arrange for mail preparation services
   with Impact Mailing, Jan Nichols, 612-521-6245. Existing templates are available for
   re-use in the Copy Center, B27 City Hall.
7. Send the form and attachments to: Mailpiece Design Analyst; United States Postal
   Service; 100 S 1st St. Suite 115; Minneapolis, MN 55401-9651.
8. If you are preparing you own mailing, or have questions relating to mail piece
   design, contact: USPS Design; Patti White, 612-394-4945 or Wayne Detzler, 612-
   349-3546 for advice on how to have a successful mailing.
9. All automated mailings must have the following:
            Indicia - include Bulk Mail Permit #2140 in the upper right hand corner of
              the outgoing mail (obtained from the Copy Center and Mail Room – see
              Bulk Mail Procedures)
            City department return address
            Addressing and setup must be in accordance with USPS regulations
            The final fold of a non-envelope mailing must be on the bottom edge as
              you read the address
            Closure tabs and wafer seals must be placed away from postal service
              machine processing areas, ref:
            Follow USPS guidelines for allowable size and thickness of mailing, ref:

C. Paying for the mailing
1. Fill out billing information – Impact Mailing will do this for you if you utilize their
2. Complete the 3602-R (link below) in duplicate if the outgoing mail is going as Bulk
    Mail. The USPS keeps the first copy and sends the second copy to the City Clerk’s
    Office. If a department uses Impact Mailing, Impact will prepare USPS forms.
    Examples of a completed USPS form are available in the Copy Center/Mail Room,
    B27 City Hall; 612-673-2570.
3. In the Permit Holder’s Name and Address block fill in:
                                    City of Minneapolis
                                    350 S 5th St – Room 304
                                    Minneapolis MN 55415-1382
4. Fill in the name, address of your department in the mailer information block where it
    says “Name and Address of Mailing Agent (if other than the permit holder)”
5. Include your FISCOL accounting code at the very bottom of the same block.
6. At the top of the same block, fill in a department contact phone number so the USPS
    can contact someone if necessary.
7. Use permit number 2140.
8. Fill in the number of pieces in the mailing and the cost on the back of the form, in
    block A, B, C, or D,
9. Return to the front of the form and fill in the total postage in Part A, Part B, Part C, or
    Part D that corresponds to the alphabetical letter on the other side of the form.
10. Get authorization, one week in advance, from the City Clerk’s staff by having them
    sign the PS Form 3600-R/3602-R to assure there are sufficient funds in the account.
11. The City Clerk charges a $25 administrative fee, after the mailing is accomplished,
    for each USPS 3600-R/3602-R form.
12. In case of emergency, If there is not enough time to process a check to the
    postmaster one week prior to the processing date and there are insufficient funds in
    the account, contact Finance at 673-2045 and 673-3868 to request an emergency
    check that will need to be picked up by a department staff person and delivered to
    the Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit at 3501 Broadway St. NE.

D. Processing the mailing
   1. Deliver the mailing to the Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit at 3501 Broadway St NE,
      near Industrial Blvd or Highway 280.
   2. Or, take the trayed mail to the Mail Room, B27 City Hall and it will be taken to the
      Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit by our presort vendor, ZipSort, at no additional cost to
      the City.

Roles and Responsibilities:
      A. Impact Mailing, 4600 Lyndale Avenue N, Minneapolis MN. Impact Mailing is
         the vendor for bulk mail and other mail preparation services. The contact is
         Jan Nichols, 612-521-6245. Impact Mailing's complete rate structure is
         available in the Copy Center and Mail Room. Impact Mailing can provide the
         best pricing per piece in lieu of doing the job in-house because they can sort
         to the carrier route or the walk sequence carrier route.
         Impact Mailing:
         1. Performs the following services: folding, collating, stuffing, tab closures
             and providing and affixing address labels for specific geographic areas.
         2. Picks up bulk mailings in City Hall for an additional fee.
         3. Prepares the mail according to USPS regulations and deliver the trays to
             the Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit with the completed forms. Impact Mailing
             charges a service fee for mail preparation, pickup and paperwork.
         4. Bills the City Clerk’s Mail Center for the services provided for the sender’s
      B. United States Postal Service Twin Cities Metro Annex – Bulk Mailing Center;
         3501 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413-1778, phone 612-321-5970 or
         1. Receives the mailing from Impact Mailing, department staff or ZipSort.
         2. Processes and delivers the mail to the addressees, generally within 3
             business days.
         3. Provides the City Clerk’s office with a statement for the mailing services
             provided to each department.
      C. ZipSort – Contracted Mail Processing Center
         1. Picks up general mail from the Copy Center/Mail Room twice a day.
         2. Processes mail in the most efficient manner that is reasonable – will
             attempt an easy zip code sort on mail that is not stamped “first class” and
             will pass the savings on to the customer.
         3. Bills the City for actual postage costs plus contracted handling charges.
      D. Mail Room/Copy Center
         1. Bills the sender’s department, via the Finance Department, for the charges
             forwarded by the USPS via the Form 3602-R and/or impact Mailing
             invoice pluse $25 for each type of mailing.
         2. Acts as an intermediary between sender and vendor.
         3. Answers any follow-up questions.

      A. Do not place materials in a “First Class” envelope or stamping “first class”
         unless your mailing requires that level of service.
      B. Utilize Bulk Mail and Qualified Business Reply Mail whenever possible.
      C. Follow USPS guidelines, ref:

Information and Training Resources Available
      A. Attend the USPS class “How to do Standard Mail”. These classes are
         generally offered once a month at the Bulk Mail Acceptance Unit, 3501
         Industrial Boulevard, Minneapolis MN 55413. To register, call 612-349-4739.
      B. Review USPS mailing guidelines, the USPS Quick Service Guide; #240a and
         #340a. Copies are available in the Copy Center/Mail Room, B27 City Hall.
      C. Contact the USPS Account Manager, 612-349-6358 for more information on
         Reply Mail, or consult with the Copy and Mail Center Supervisor, x2570.

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