EqUESTRIAN VAULTING

Vaulting is a relatively new sport to Australia, but it has long been established in Europe and America. It is an an-
cient sport dating back to the Minoan period

It is an internationally competitive sport. Vaulting is one of the 6 official international FEI (Federation Equestri-
enne Internationale) sports. It is a World Equestrian Games Sport, (which occurs through out the world every four
years), and there is also European Championships every alternate four years.

Vaulting is gymnastics on horseback and combines the skills of both gymnastics and horsemanship. It provides for
both individual and for team participation in sport. A period of vaulting improves a riders’ seat, balance, rhythm
and coordination as well as their confidence on the horse. In many clubs in Europe a period of vaulting is a prereq-
uisite to riding. Vaulting is one of the most spectacular, and at the same time safest, of equestrian sports.

In competitions there are compulsory routines as well as freestyle and it is all performed to music, so musical inter-
pretation is also important.

Success in vaulting requires the training not only of the competitor but also of the horse.
The execution of the more difficult vaulting movements requires high levels of agility and rhythm as well as strength.
The moves are practiced on the floor and on a barrel before being transferred to the horse. At the higher level, move-
ments on the horse are executed at the canter and for this to be done successfully the vaulter must not only be in
control of their own rhythm but must also interpret and predict the rhythm and capabilities of the horse. In order
to withstand the rigors of competition, and of regular practice, which is essential for improvement, both the vaulter
and horse need to be fit. In addition, it is important for a group or team of vaulters to have more than one horse
available for practice and use.

NEGS Vaulting started in April 2008, and now has 20 vaulters. Some are recreational vaulters (just vaulting for
fun) and some are competitive vaulters. Since starting NEGS Vaulting has had outstanding success at NSW and
Qld State Championships, as well as at the Nationals, where our vaulting horse, King Toblerone (16HH Percheron
Gelding), received Best unofficial Vaulting Horse.

The centre has Sarah Venamore (NCAS EFA Level 2, Level 2 Vaulting Judge, Official Lunger), as their coach, and
other coaches and lungers are being trained. The centre has already had external training days for other vautlers to
train with ours, and we plan to have many more.

An on going vaulting program is provided by NEGS Equestrian from beginners on. You don’t have to be a gymnast
or rider to start. The team takes children from 5 years of age. Lessons cost $20 for two hours. Further information
can be obtained from phoning the centre on 67748717.
                           NEGS EQUESTRIAN VAULTING

Our mission is to provide a positive, productive and safe environment for children to learn and enjoy the sportas a
recreational sport.
To lead our competitive team to the forefront of competitive vaulting in Australia and worldwide.
To promote high standards of horsemanship, sportsmanship and citizenship.
To provide the opportunity for children to interact with and develop partnerships with horses.

Vaulters train Thursdays from 4 – 6pm
They start with a warm up session, then proceed to working on a ‘barrel’ and the horse.
The sessions are different every week, and children are encouraged to experiment with different moves on the barrel
and horse as their strength, flexibility and confidence improves.

NEGS Equestrian currently have 3 vaulting horses with 1 in training, and hopefully another shortly.
We normally have between two to three horses at each training session to allow vautlers to have a few vaults.

Clothing (what to bring):
Running Shoes to warm up in.
Vaulting shoes available at $25.00 per pair (or socks when on the horse)
Warm clothing for winter, and sometimes summer.
Leggings or some type of stretchy material (preferably not jodhpurs)
Helmets are not worn due to the safety issue of straps getting caught in the Roller.

$20.00 per two hour lesson
$25.00 for vaulting shoes (not compulsory unless competiting)
$170.00 for competition unitard (not compulsory unless competiting)
Competition Costs: Entries at cost (usually between $40.00 - $100.00)
                     Shared Horse Travel and Stabling (usually between $90.00 - $200.00)
                     Camping and Food Costs (usually between $40.00 - $100.00)

Would you like to Vault:
Fill in the Vaulting Indemnity form and return it to NEGS Equestrian Centre.
Vaulting starts the first week back at school.
                                                                                                            The Equestrian Federation of Australia
                                                                                                               ACN 077 455 755 ABN 19 077 455 755
                                            NEGS VAULTING

Release and Waiver of Liability
(This waiver is for coaching lessons)
Horse Sports are a Dangerous Activity
I understand and acknowledge that horse sports are a dangerous activity and that horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable
(changeable) way, especially if frightened or hurt.
I understand and acknowledge that serious INJURY or DEATH may result from horse sport activities and in particular during
lessons. I agree that I PARTICIPATE at my OWN RISK.
I understand and acknowledge the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol or any mind altering drugs before and during
lessons and I take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with their consumption. I agree not to drink alcohol or
take drugs prohibited by law before or during lessons.

I agree to follow the directions of the coach and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of the coach can result
in the CANCELLATION of my lesson and my immediate removal from my horse NO MATTER where that may occur. I understand
that any such non-compliance may result in injury, death and/or permanent disability as a result of my failure to comply.
I agree to wear a helmet at all times while riding where this is required under the relevant EFA and FEI rules and regulations and
agree that I am solely responsible for ensuring that whilst riding I wear a suitable helmet at all times where required under the
relevant EFA and FEI rules and regulations and take sole responsibility for my actions.

I am in good health and I have no physical disabilities                         )
                               OR                                               )         Strike out whichever one is inappropriate
I have the following physical disabilities                                      )

Name of rider and (if under 18 years) guardian:
Phone:                                                               Date of birth:
I am a member of ___________________________________ (EFA or name of club) Member No: _______________

Riding experience (tick where appropriate)

Very experienced                                                                                Less than 50 hours riding experience
Never ridden                                                                                    Less than 20 hours riding experience

Details of riding experience:

Effect of this Document
I have had sufficient opportunity to read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms and sign
it freely and voluntarily without inducement of any kind.

Dated: ___/___/___              ..................................         Signature of rider

                    (AND if rider under 18 years) Signature of parent/guardian)

Duty of Coach (insert coach’s name)                                  SARAH VENAMORE
The coach will exercise due care and skill in providing each rider with a suitable horse (where applicable) and will conduct the lesson
keeping in mind the welfare and safety of the rider.

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