Zappos offers Cease and Desist t-shirt

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					Zappos offers “Cease and Desist” t-shirt
By Dennis Bouchand

January 7, 2009

                                    Online apparel and footwear online store is offering a limited edition “Cease and Desist” service and t-shirt
designed exclusively for

The rare collector’s item comes with a hefty price tag of $50,000 and a guarantee by
Zappos to permanently disable a significant other’s account for life. In
addition, the “Cease and Desist” t-shirt will be personally hand-delivered by a
member of the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team.

The limited edition t-shirt is being introduced due to the tsunami of calls received in
2008 by the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team from spouses of loyal customers
lamenting that the web site was causing relationship and financial strains.

Some of Zappos’ top customers spend well over $10,000 annually. The purchase of
this limited edition t-shirt gives the buyer peace of mind in knowing his/her

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significant other will never be able to shop at again. It is the
quintessential gift that keeps on giving.

The limited edition “Cease and Desist” t-shirt is available in five colors and choices
suitable for wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or “it’s complicated.”

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