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Marketing officer job description

I / Job specification of marketing officer

1. University diploma.
2. 2 years experiences.
3. Good project management skills.
4. Sound understanding of the principles of marketing.
5. Strong understanding of new technologies and how they can be applied to marketing.
6. Excellent copywriting skills – ability to rework technical text for a broader audience.
7. Ability to manage a campaign budget.
8. Creative and innovative.
9. Good attention to detail.
10. Team player – works to ensure team goals are met or exceeded.
11. Openly communicates to the team in an enthusiastic and motivated manner.
12. Positive ‘can do’ attitude.
13. Self-motivated – ability to manage campaigns with minimum of supervision.
14. Good communicator – provides clear, concise written/verbal communications
    appropriate to the audience.
15. Results driven – strives to make a difference; enjoys a challenge and working under
    pressure to achieve the objective.

II/ Types of marketing job description

Marketing job descriptions include JDs as follows:

1. Marketing director job description.
2. Marketing manager job description
3. Marketing assistant job description
4. Marketing coordinator job description
5. Marketing officer job description
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