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Payment Card Competitor Tracker: September 2008
Published on November 2008

                                                                                                         Report Summary


The Payment Card Competitor Tracker provides expert analysis and opinion on the strategic moves of leading competitors in the
payment card market. Produced on a monthly basis, the Tracker is a global product and covers 64 players, including American
Express, Barclaycard, Capital One, Citigroup, Discover, GE Money, First Data, HSBC, JCB, MasterCard, Standard Chartered and

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*Gain invaluable information on your key competitors in one concise document, and track long-term trends using the interactive news

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*Learn the Datamonitor Cards & Payments Team's view on the most important competitor developments in the month.

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Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Summary 1
Methodology 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
The Payment Card Competitor Tracker provides both one month and 12 month views of developments 3
Each month, Datamonitor tracks the most relevant announcements from 64 competitors 3
Datamonitor's Cards and Payments Team provides analysis of the key developments at both the one month and 12 month level 4
A fully searchable database of developments from January 2007 onwards is also delivered with the report 4
Key Trends and Developments in September 5
The government bail-out of Fortis and acquisition of Washington Mutual by JPMorgan Chase were the biggest events in September 5
JPMorgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual, raising its share in the US payment card market as a result 5
The government bail-out of Fortis sees it sell its recently acquired stake in ABN Amro 6
HSBC and Standard Chartered receive approval to locally incorporate in Vietnam 7
September was the busiest month of the year, primarily marked by major events in M&A but also by interesting developments in new
payment technologies 8
September saw a record total of 75 competitor developments, well ahead of the 12-month average 8
The Products, Services and Innovation experienced a greater level of activity this month, while M&A developments were in line with

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the trend witnessed in the last few months 9
Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe accounted for the majority of competitor activity 10
In line with the 12-month trend, card issuers and schemes accounted for the majority of developments in September but processor's
announcements were far fewer 11
New products and services, as well as developments related to mobile and contactless technology, were prevalent in September 11
September was the busiest month for mobile payments so far this year 12
Issuers and schemes are continuing to adapt contactless technology 13
Partnerships and M&A announcements featured strongly in September, but competitors also made several important organic growth
and strategic announcements 14
This month saw few but nonetheless important deals agreed among processors 15
Visa is working with partners in Cambodia to establish an ATM network 15
GE Money completed the sale of its Japanese consumer finance business 16
First Data acquired a 50% equity stake in EUFISERV, an interbank processing business 16
Product, Services and Innovation 17
American Express 17
Mauritius: MCB and American Express offer the first American Express cards to be issued in Mauritius 17
Montenegro: American Express and CKB have launched the first American Express card in Montenegro 17
US: American Express Travel has added three new travel agencies to its US network 18
Barclaycard 18
Denmark: Entercard launches LO Plus GuldKort in the Danish market 18
UK: Barclaycard is to issue contactless cards to Goldfish customers 18
Capital One 19
US: Capital One announces the launch of the No Hassle Giving site 19
Citigroup (includes Diners Club) 19
Canada: Citi Cards Canada has partnered with Sobeys in the launch of a new rewards program 19
Ecuador: Citi pioneers SWIFT Workers' Remittances 1.0 19
India: Citi and Andhra Bank are to provide remittance services 19
India: Citi and Vodafone are to test new NFC scheme 20
India: Citi has launched Citibank Commercial Cards in India 20
Thailand: Citibank offers a culinary benefits package to credit card holders 20
Thailand: Citibank introduces Citibank Ready Credit Premium to Thailand 20
Turkey: Citi credit cards are now accepted at Turkey's YKM department store chain 21
Deutsche Bank 21
Germany: Deutsche Bank extends its European cash management offering with the launch of Deutsche Card Services 21
Garanti Bank 21
Turkey: Garanti wins the tender for Turkish Airlines' co-branded credit card program 21
China: HSBC is offering bill payment services at retail outlets 22
JPMorgan Chase 22
India: JPMorgan has introduced Visa dollar-denominated prepaid travel cards in India 22
US: Chase and United Airlines renew their credit card agreement 22
MasterCard 22
Canada: Staples is to accept MasterCard PayPass and chip cards 22
Russia: Expobank and MasterCard launches PayPass contactless transaction service in Russia 22
US: MasterCard PayPass technology is now available at Rite Aid stores 22
PayPal 23
US: Sprint offers mobile banking and PayPal on its phones 23
US Bancorp 23
US: US Bancorp issues prepaid MasterCard cards 23
Royal Bank of Canada 23

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Canada: Royal Bank of Canada is testing SMS payments service 23
Visa 24
Switzerland: Visa have announced a Swiss trial of mobile contactless payments 24
UK: Visa Europe has announced plans to launch a new 'green' Visa card 24
US: Visa and US Bank are to offer mobile money transfer system 24
US: Visa launch Visa Savings Edge, a new discount program 24
US: Visa announced that it will be issuing unembossed cards in the US 25
US: Visa and Nokia have announced plans to collaborate on mobile payment applications 25
US: Visa announces plans to extend prepaid card reload capabilities 25
US: Visa are to develop mobile-payment-related services for the Android platform 26
Venezuela: Novopayment to offer Visa prepaid card 26
Wells Fargo 27
US: Wells Fargo offers assistance for Hurricane Ike victims 27
US: Wells Fargo CEO Mobile Service adds new features for corporate customers 27
Other companies 27
Asia Pacific: Global Payments offers mobile payment services 27
Germany: Postbank establishes platform for pan-European insourcing in payment transactions 27
India: Punjab National Bank and Bharat Sanchar Nigam offer mobile bill payments at ATMs 28
Laos: ATM salary scheme is to be tested 28
Malaysia: Alliance Bank offers new MasterCard debit card 28
Philippines: Land Bank introduces a payroll card 28
Singapore: Vivotech contactless system to be trialed in Singapore 28
UK: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank supports new Indigo Travelcard 28
M&A, Partnerships and Organic Growth 29
ANZ Bank 29
Australia: ANZ has announced a new business model 29
BNP Paribas 29
France: PayPal and BNP Paribas Personal Finance announce a strategic European partnership for financing online purchases 29
China UnionPay 29
UK: VocaLink and China UnionPay agree a scheme to allow Chinese visitors to use UK ATMs 29
Global: China UnionPay and Global Payments have signed an MoU 30
Citigroup (includes Diners Club) 30
Peru: Citi has opened a new branch in Trujillo 30
US: Citi and Wachovia have reached an agreement for Citi to acquire Wachovia's banking operations 30
Crédit Agricole 31
France: Sofinco acquires 100% of FIA-NET 31
FIS 31
US: Open Technology Solutions selects Fidelity National Information Services for credit card processing 31
First Data 31
Belgium: First Data acquires 50% stake in EUFISERV 31
Fortis 31
Belgium: the governments of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands invest '11.2 billion in Fortis 31
GE Money 32
Japan: GE Money has concluded the sale of its consumer finance business in Japan to Shinsei Bank 32
Vietnam: HSBC has received official approval for local incorporation in Vietnam 32
ING 32
Netherlands: ING not to make an offer for ABN Amro Netherlands 32
JPMorgan Chase 32
US: JPMorgan Chase acquires the deposits, assets and certain liabilities of Washington Mutual 32

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Nordea 33
Denmark: Nordea has acquired part of Roskilde Bank 33
Finland: Nordea is opening bank branches in department stores 33
RBS 33
GCC: The Royal Bank of Scotland rebrands new businesses 33
SEB Kort 34
Germany: SEB has launched organizational changes within its German operations 34
Standard Chartered 34
Vietnam: Standard Chartered has received approval in principle for local incorporation 34
Poland: TSYS has expanded its European presence with an office in Poland 34
US: CUP Data signs a debit card processing agreement with Citibank 34
US Bancorp 35
US: Elavon and City National Bank signed multi-year extension for merchant processing marketing alliance 35
Visa 35
Cambodia: Visa partners with local banks to build ATM network 35
US: Visa appoints TBWA Worldwide as its global lead strategic and creative agency 35
Westpac 35
Australia: St.George and Westpac have agreed a revised merger proposal 35
Other companies 36
Asia Pacific: Mozcom PayEasy and Ecapay partner for greater acceptance of online payments 36
Europe: Dexia to receive '6.4 billion rescue capital 36
Japan: retailer Marui is looking to grow its cardholder base 36
Russia: the Russian government has entered the card-printing business 36
Ukraine: Rodovid Bank and Oschadnyi State Bank of Ukraine have merged their ATM networks 37
Methodology 38
Further reading 38
Ask the analyst 38
Datamonitor consulting 38
Disclaimer 38
List of Tables
Table 1: The 64 companies and subsidiaries covered by Datamonitor's Payment Card Competitor Tracker 3
List of Figures
Figure 1: September saw a record total of 75 competitor developments among Datamonitor's list of tracked companies, well ahead of
the 12-month average which stands at 53, 2008 8
Figure 2: New products and services accounted for the majority of activity in September but partnerships and M&A announcements
also featured strongly this month as well as during this quarter, 2008 9
Figure 3: Asia Pacific and North America continue to account for the majority of competitor activity, with Western Europe also
experiencing a significant volume of developments, 2008 10
Figure 4: Card issuers accounted for the bulk of developments in September, with card schemes/associations also featuring strongly,
2008 11
Figure 5: September was a busy month of the year with respect to new developments in prepaid cards, mobile and contactless
technology as well as overall products/services and innovation, 2008 12
Figure 6: While partnerships and M&A were the most important developments during September, competitors also made important
organic growth and strategy announcements, 2008 15

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