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					                                 Résumé Assignment
                            Computer Applications - 25.306

         For this assignment, you will write your résumé, a cover letter, and a thank you
letter by using Microsoft Word. The résumé should be from 1-2 pages; depending on
your education, work experience, volunteer activities, life experiences, etc. The cover
letter and thank you letter should be no more than 1 page each. The thank you letter
should be written as if you just completed your job interview. Refer to the Job Search
Guide handout for guidelines and sample résumés, cover letters and thank you letters.
This assignment is worth 100 points.

1. Part of the grade will be awarded based on appearance and page layout. Are the
    easy to read at first glance?
    attractive?
    attention grabbing?
    consistent in appearance under each heading?
    not cluttered or messy?
    written with a font that is easy to read? (Refer to class notes about typefaces).
    printed on high quality paper? (available at the book store or office supply store).
    Note - if you find a template for a résumé, don't assume that it will receive a high
       grade for appearance and page layout. Many résumé templates are not very good!

2. Part of your grade will be based on content.
    How well have you expressed yourself?
    Are the documents free of spelling and grammatical errors? Note – ANY spelling
       or grammar errors will result in your grade being significantly lowered! Proofread
       them very carefully.
    Are they concise and to the point?

3. This assignment is due                   . Place the cover letter on top, résumé in the
   middle, and thank you letter on the bottom, then staple.

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