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					MOU Template

                     Memorandum of Understanding

                         The D.C. Language Access Coalition


                          (insert organization name here)

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an alliance of between the Language
Access Coalition and _____________________________________________.
                           (insert organization name here)


The D.C. Language Access Coalition (Coalition) is an alliance of diverse community
based organizations advocating for language access rights within the District of

Together, the parties enter into the MOU to fight discrimination by promoting and Civil
Rights Act, Executive Order 13166 and the implementation of the D.C. Language Access
Act, ensuring equal access to and meaningful participation in D.C. services, programs
and information for D.C.’s Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Non English Proficient
(NEP) populations.


The purpose of the MOU is to create a framework of cooperation between the Coalition
and _____________________________________________ to collaborate on mutually
           (insert organization name here)
programs, including monitoring, evaluation, provide technical assistance and education
on language access in D.C. and other jurisdictions and advocacy campaigns to hold D.C.
government agencies account table to the Language Access Act and documents related to
the Act. Through these activities the two organizations will advocate for
underrepresented, LEP and NEP individuals for equal access to and participation in civil

Each party will appoint a person to serve as the official contact and coordinate the
activities of each organization in carrying out this MOU. The initial appointees of the
organization are:

D.C. Language Access Coalition:
Jennifer Deng-Pickett
1600 K Street, NW Mezzanine Level
Washington, DC 20006
P: 202.393.3572 ext.17
F: 202.393.0995


(Fill in contact information here)





The organizations agree to the following tasks for this Memorandum of
Please check all that apply:

           Support the mission and values of the D.C. Language Access Coalition
           (attached as Addendum A)
           Provide staff support at Coalition events
           Be a member of the D.C. Language Access Listserv
           Attend Coalition meetings
           Provide space for Coalition meetings and Committee meetings
           Work with Coalition staff to identify opportunities, related to both funding
           and advocacy, and jointly pursue such opportunities
           Provide interns to assist in Coalition work and activities
           Interested and willing to host AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers
           Be an ambassador for the Coalition and represent the mission of the Coalition
           at professional meetings, advocating for language access. Share these
           experiences with the Coalition members at general meetings to apprise all
           members of language access stories, challenges, and successes in D.C.
           Collect information through organization’s intake process or the Language
           Access intake form provided by the Coalition and be willing to share that
           information with the Coalition
           Organize and mobilize constituents on behalf of language access as
           appropriate, Coalition sponsored events
           Testify on behalf of the Coalition at D.C. City Council Budget and Oversight
           hearings of D.C. Agencies on language access
            If so, please list the D.C. agencies that you are most interested in testifying

           Be willing to or currently serve on the Executive Committee
            Executive Committee members serve as the Coalition’s board and serve as
              the oversight, advisory and fundraising body to the Coalition
           Be willing to or currently serve the Community Education and Outreach
            Community Education and Outreach Committee members serve as the
              public relations arm of the Coalition; working to increase coalition
              membership, visibility and educational opportunities between Coalition
              and D.C.’s LEP and NEP populations
           Be willing to or currently serve on the Amendments and Regulation
            Amendments and Regulations Committee members serve as the legal arm
              of the Coalition, advising the Coalition on the best possible legal actions
              that the Coalition can take to ensure equal rights and access to LEP and
              NEP populations in D.C.
           Review this agreement with the Coalition no less than annually and modify as


The Asian Pacific American legal Resource Center (APALRC) shall act as Fiscal
Agent and will be responsible for preparation of transactional documents, administrative
and overhead expenses incurred by the Coalition. A percentage, never to exceed 20%, of
the Coalition’s operating budget will serve as the fiscal agent fee for the APALRC. This
percentage will be negotiated annually based on the level of support the APALRC is
providing the Coalition. The D.C. Language Access Coalition shall be responsible for
submitting all necessary progress reports to the Fiscal Agent. Both shall track all grant
expenditures, for provision of the necessary checks and balances.


The term of this MOU is for a period of 2 years from the effective date of this agreement
and may be extended upon written mutual agreement. It shall be reviewed at least
annually to ensure that it is fulfilling its purpose and to make any necessary revisions.

This MOU constitutes an agreement between the parties hereto. This MOU may be
modified, altered, revised, extended or renewed by mutual written consent of all parties,
by the issuance of written amendment, signed and dated by all the parties.

Either party to this MOU may terminate their participation in this MOU by providing
reasonable written notice of intent to terminate. In such case, termination by one or more
of the parties to this MOU does not alter the terms or obligations of the other parties to
this MOU.


The signing of this MOU is not a formal undertaking. It implies that the signatories will
strive to reach, to the best of their ability, the objectives stated in the MOU. On behalf of
the organization I represent, I wish to sign this MOU and contribute to its further

Signature of Coalition Representative: ___________________________ Date: ______________

Printed Name: ___________________________________ Title: _________________________

Organization: __________________________________________________________________

Signature of Executive Director: _______________________________ Date: ______________

Printed Name: ___________________________________ Title: _________________________

Organization: __________________________________________________________________

Signature of D.C. Language Access Coalition: ______________________ Date: ____________

Printed Name: ___________________________________ Title: _________________________

Organization: __________________________________________________________________

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