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					       Unit 9

Premarital Agreements
Stage 1: Warming-up Activities

 Stage 2: Reading-Centred Activities

    Stage 3: Vocabulary Exercises

     Stage 4: Translating and Writing
  Warming-up Activities

Background information
Enriching your vocabulary
Comparing the following words
Questions for thought and
    Background information

premarital agreements
  Premarital agreements or
   prenuptial agreements are
   binding legal contracts between
   two people who intend to marry
   each other.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
 Born on July 28, 1929, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
  was first lady of the United States during the
  administration (1961-1963) of her first husband, John
  F. Kennedy. She had been a newspaper reporter and
  photographer before their marriage in 1953. As first
  lady, she was a patron of the arts and an international
  fashion-trendsetter. Under her supervision the White
  House was restored and redecorated and declared a
  national museum. She was riding beside President
  Kenney when he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on
  Nov 22, 1963. In 1968 she married the Greek shipping
  millionaire Aristotle Onassis. After her second
  husband’s death, in 1975, she worked as an editor in
  book publishing.
Aristotle Onassis
 Born on January 20, 1906, Aristotle Onassis was a Greek
  shipping millionaire who accumulated a fortune of more than
  $500 million. Born of Greek parents in Turkey, he went to
  Buenos Aires in 1923 and became a telephone operator there.
  Soon Onassis established a tobacco import business, and by
  1930s he bought unused freighters at low prices and by the
  end of World War II had amassed great wealth in shipping.
  After the war he increased his shipping fleet by purchasing
  surplus wartime freighters. He was also one of the pioneers in
  the construction of oil supertankers. Onassis used his profits
  to acquire hotels and banks throughout the world, as well as
  Olympic Airways. Onassis, who was divorced in 1960, had a
  well-publicized friendship with the soprano Maria Callas. In
  1968 he married Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.
the American Academy of
 Marriage Lawyers

 Its official name is the American
  Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.
   Enriching your vocabulary

Read the sentences carefully and
guess the meaning of the italicized
term in each sentence according
to the context and your own
• He is faced with the fact of an
  irremediable marital breakdown. 婚姻
• At that time, abortion, divorce, premarital
  sex, and drug trafficking were listed as
  serious sins.    婚前的
• There is growing concern about the
  increase in the number of prenuptial
  agreements. 婚前的
• nuptial promises
• the nuptial day
• Her new book is a collection of short
  stories. 短篇小说集
• Our library has a large collection of
  books. 藏书
• There are three collections a day from
  the post box on the corner. 收取
• Are you able to verify your theory? 证明
• There is a clause in the contract which
  says the company can fire people for
  economic reasons. 条款
• A clause can be introduced with "that "
  or "which". 从句
• We feel bound together by our past
  experiences. 连接                绑住

• The prisoner was bound hand and foot.
• The contract binds you to completion
  of the work within two years. 约束
• The idea rapidly gained acceptance in
  political circles. 认可
• Division within the party will limit its
  chances at the election. 意见分歧
• She works in the company's sales
  division. 部门
• The news of his death was printed in
  headlines across all the newspapers. 标题位置
• I intend to contest the judge's decision in
  another court. 提出质疑
• She stands a good chance since only two
  people are contesting the seat. 争夺
• She won a gold medal in an international
  contest. 比赛
• Candidates must write their names on the
  top page of the exam paper. 参加考试者
• He was stung into making an angry reply.
• He felt a sting on his elbow as the spider
  jumped away.        被激怒          刺痛

• Exposure to the cold wind left my lips
  feeling dry.      暴露

• That building is where the chapter meet
  on Thursdays.         分会
• She held her hand above her eyes to
  shield them from the sun.       遮挡
• The soldier's shield saved him from being
  killed by his enemy. 盾牌
• They came back to England in 1991 to
  retire.      退休
• I retired to my study upstairs. 回到
• There is a law against dropping litter but
  it is rarely enforced.    执行

• They tried to enforce agreement with
  their plans.     迫使
• She works for a firm of public relations
  consultants.     咨询公司
• The sword snapped.       剑
• We have had to refuse the invitation to
  the wedding.        邀请

• Sad thoughts are an invitation to
  depression.        引诱,诱惑

• Signature of this document means that
  you agree with us.    签名
• The lawyer cited a previous case to
  support his argument.     援引
• She was cited by the government for
  doing an outstanding piece of work. 嘉奖
• The police asked some awkward
  questions about where the money had
  come from.        令人发窘的
• Janet fixed copies and edited books for a
  variety of publishers.    编辑
• All references to racial problems were
  deleted from the history books. 删掉
• She forged a new career for herself as a
  singer.       开创
• They are forging all kinds of documents
  to a high standard. 伪造
• They've been trying to settle the dispute
  over working conditions for the last three
  days.      争端                不认为
• Nobody disputed that David was clever.
• Do you have to show your passport at the
  check-in desk?         护照

• The national birth rate has remained
  static for the last few years.  稳定

• Your remark didn't have any bearing on
  what happened.         关系
• She had a proud, distinguished
  bearing. 姿态              方向
• They lost their bearings in the dark.
• I can see no justification for dividing
  the company into smaller units. 理由
• We piled all the newspapers into a
  heap. 堆
• We have heaps of time before the train
  leaves. 许多 ,大量               堆
• They heaped the food onto our plates.
• She shed a few tears at her
  daughter's wedding.       流出
• I'd like to shed a few pounds before
  the summer.       减轻

• These trees shed their leaves in fall.   落

• The farmer built a shed for his
  tractor next to the barn.     棚

• I keep my socks in the bottom
  drawer.      抽屉
Questions for thought and

Listen to a short passage
carefully and then discuss
the questions on page 242 in
Learn the new words and
 expressions of the text by heart.
Go over the text and try to get
 the main idea of the text.
     Reading-Centred Activities
1. Global Reading Task
  Discuss the questions on page 242
   in groups.
  Text structure analysis.
  Types of Reading Comprehension
• The essay focuses on one social
                 premarital agreements
    or prenups
  ____________. The author uses
  many different writing techniques
  such as general-specific details and
  general-examples to tell us what
    prenups                   prenups
  _________ are, who want _________,
  the points to be taken care of before
  signing ____________ and finally a
  general evaluation of __________.
• How many can the whole passage be
  divided into?   4 parts
• The first part:
     From Paragraph 1 to 4
• The second part:
      From Paragraph 5 to 8
• The third part:
      from Paragraph 9 to 14
• The fourth part:
      Paragraph 15 and 16
• Paragraph 1 is an introduction of prenups:
  A humorous beginning — crazy clauses
     premarital agreements
  of______________________, or a joke about
  what __________are about.

• Paragraph 2 is the real premarital
  agreement: The author corrects himself by
  saying that most of the prenups are about
        financial assets
  how _______________will be divided up if a
  couple divorces.
• Then Paragraph 3 deals with the general
  definition of prenups: what are prenups
  and who sign them?
• Premarital agreements are designed to
  address the division of financial assets
  when a couple put an end to their
• And prenups are negotiated by lawyers
       the prospective spouses
  for________________________, and
                  a marriage ceremony
  signed before______________________.
• Paragraph 4 is just one example of prenups:
  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis won
      $26 million
  _______________ through her prenups with
  her second husband Aristotle Onassis.
• The second part is about who need to have
  prenups. The author goes into detail to talk
            4 types of people
  about __________________who need to have
  prenups before a marriage.
• Paragraph 5 : Prenups are for those who will
                  great economic consequences
  be involved in __________________________
  in a divorce and those who want to ________.
• Paragraph 6: Prenups are for those who
                        considerable wealth
  have accumulated___________________,
  have already been stung once, and want to
   reduce their exposure
  _____________________ to future problems.
• Paragraph 7: Prenups are for those who
              shield assets
  want to _______________to be passed on
       children and grandchildren
• Paragraph 8: Prenups are for those who has,
                      great inherited wealth
  or is in line for, ______________________
      a family business
  or ________________, especially if the
                         little or nothing at all
  future partner has_____________________.
•   The third part deals with what points
    should be taken care of when one goes
    into a premarital agreement.

•   Paragraph 9:
    1. Proper _____________are necessary.
    2. A lawyer is required to write the
    3. Do not use the same lawyer as your
       future spouse
• Paragraph 10:
  Do not sign a prenuptial agreement
     under pressure
• Paragraph 11:
                         taking the advice
  Two examples of not_________________.
• Paragraph 12:
                               carrying out
  Watch out that a dispute of ____________
  prenups could happen if a couple decides
                     living abroad
  to divorce while ________________with
  different passports.
• Paragraph 13:
  An example of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s

• Paragraph 14:
  An understanding of the nature of
               business agreements
  prenups are_____________________.
• The fourth part is about the general
  evaluations of prenups, one negative and
  the other positive.
• Paragraph 15:
  Prenups sometimes may help save a
                a terrible marriage
  couple from____________________.
• Paragraph 16:
  Prenups sometimes prove to be of no use
       some happy marriages

2. Detailed Reading Task
  • Language points
  • Simulated writing (exercises 8
    and 9 )

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