Engineering Fundamentals Fluid statics and how it relates to by hzp22842


									Engineering Fundamentals:

Fluid statics and how it relates to casing design

Are you struggling to understand the subject of fluid statics including hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy
and Archimedes Principle? There are many fundamental engineering texts which cover these
concepts. However if you are looking for one which covers the covers the basics of the subject as
applied to oil field calculations including:

    • Hydrostatic pressures in the well bores
    • Buoyed weight of casing
    • Buoyed weight of casing in inclined and curved well bores

Then Chapter 2 of the following text is recommended reading:

                      Byrom, T.G., 2007. Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion. Houston,
                      TX: Gulf Publishing Co.

                      This text is a fundamental reference book on casing design written by a
                      practitioner of some 40 years experience in the field.

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