Business Careers with Associates Degree

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					Agriculture Accountant
   1. A/An _________________________ provides record keeping solutions, software
      support, payroll services and tax services that are accurate and of good value to
      farmers and agricultural businesses.
          a. Technical sales representative
          b. Cooperative Extension Agent
          c. Agriculture Accountant
          d. Agriculture Economist

   2. Agriculture accountants work for which of the following:
         a. A one person accounting business
         b. A Large accounting firm
         c. An agriculture business
         d. All of the above

   3. To become an agriculture accountant, the minimum education that you must
      receive is a /an ________________.
          a. College certificate or diploma in bookkeeping, accounting or computer
          b. High School Diploma
          c. Associates degree in Science
          d. Ph. D in accounting

   4. To become a certified public account (CPA) or a certified management
      accountant (CMA), you need to do which of the following?
         a. Obtain a four year degree
         b. Take accounting certification courses
         c. Pass a standardized test
         d. All of the above

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