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									halFILE Search
               Search Template
   Multiple criteria specified in the same field is an
    „OR‟ search
   Multiple criteria in separate fields is an „AND‟
    search (search for name SMITH or name JONES
    and document type DEED)
   Mark the radio button for the type of search for
    that field (beginning of field, end of field, etc.).
    Custom search can help with the defaults on
    these buttons
   F2 is the hot key for popup of a table
   CTRL-S will trigger the „Begin Search‟ button
       Search Template cont...
   The „%‟ key is used as a wildcard for SQL server
    and replaces any string. Example if your names
    were indexed as SMITH, JOHN & MARY if you
    search SMITH, %MARY you will get hits
   View References – check this box to trigger
    reference field search for the items found in your
    primary search. This box can be checked by
    default and requires that you have set up
    reference fields
   Cross Name – check this box to search two name
    fields back to back (Grantor/Grantee)
   Report Only – suppresses display of the hit list
    and prompts user with the report menu
   Order By – selects the default order of the hit list
   Begin Search – triggers search (same operation
    as Begin Search button on main screen. CTRL-S
    is keyboard hot key
   Save Hit List – allows save of the results of a
    search. Used to save the search work done for
    use in a future search or for later retrieval
   Restore Hit List – opens Explorer window to allow
    selection of a .HIT saved hit list file to restore
   Print Criteria – prints a hard copy of the search
    criteria entered and the number of rows returned
   Print Setup – displays the printer setup
   Cut (CTRL-X) – cuts the highlighted text for
    placement in a different area
   Copy (CTRL-C) – copies the highlighted text for
    placement in a different area
   Paste (CTRL-V) – pastes cut or copied text in the
    field where cursor is positioned
   Undo (CTRL-Z) – clears the last typed string
   NOTE: The above menus or their hot keys must
    be used when working with base edit text
    (sub/block/lot or Township/Range/Section).
    Right-click copy/paste with mouse not supported
   Criteria – clears the criteria screen of all text but
    preserves any open hit list
   Hit List – clears the open hit list but preserves
    the search criteria entered
   New Search – clears the search criteria, hit list,
    and closes any open document view/document
    data windows
        Tools/Options/Hit List
   Hit List Descriptions – controls whether just the
    table code or the code and description display on
    the hit list (global for all users)
   Display Results – defines how hit list is reported.
    Either one row per doc (first row of a record),
    row that is your search criteria match, or all rows
    for every record (Windows has limits on how
    many rows can be returned to screen)
   Hit List Button Execute – configures operation
    buttons for hit list (Word Merge, Pending Order)
   Check View Reference by default – checked box
    toggles reference searches to always „ON‟
         Tools/Options/Hit List
    Reference foreground/background color – select
    buttons allow color palette selection for shading of
    references. This also triggers letter „R‟ to display
    at left of each reference doc in the hit list
   Color Set – allows match on a table value in order
    to color-code the hit list to set off certain items.
    Incremental set number is selected, then drop
    down to pick the database field, type in the field
    value to match, then use select buttons to add
    foreground and background color for that value.
    You must close search completely and reopen in
    order to see the results of your sets and be sure to
    click Save Color Set to save your work
      Tools/Options/Cross Name
   Enable this feature – check box to activate cross
    name for this database
   Designate the first and second cross name
    database fields to search
   Enter the text caption that will display when the
    Cross-Name box is checked in the search criteria
       Tools/Options/Order By
   Up to 5 database fields can be selected to define
    the default hit list displayed order
   Use the drop-down window at top to pick the
    appropriate database field for Order By
   Place cursor in „Order By Clause‟ field then click
    Insert Field to place value (i.e.
   All Order By clauses must contain hal‟s document
    number primetable.PRSERV as the last value (i.e.
   Published File Header Template – defines the HTML
    page header for Publish
   Published File Detail Line Template – defines the
    HTML page document info lines
   Published File Footer Template – defines the HTML
    page footer for Publish
   In all of the above the template buttons will build
    these criteria based on the layout of your database
    and your database field names
   Published path – location of the output of the publish
    program (images and HTML page)
   Published file name – name of the HTML page
   Publish as PDF files – Images will be converted to
    PDF from TIF (requires 3rd party program
Tools/Options/Image Modifications
    Checking this box will enable halFILE to update
     an index field in the database (like Modify_Date)
     whenever any change occurs to the image file
   Search Lost Focus Execute - certain field value
    entered in search can trigger execution of
    another program within search to perform an
   Search Execute – when a document is updated in
    search other programs can be triggered to run
    based on the information updated to populate
    those updates to other like records
    Tools/Options/Doc Info Mail
   Allows user to define email addresses to be used
    as default “to” addresses when the email function
    is selected
   Allows a template to be defined of the heading
    and body of the email message generated by the
    email function within halFILE (i.e. a block of text
    that says “Files attached from ABC Company
    Imaging Warehouse”)
Tools/Options/Scan on Demand
   Check box tells system to identify any record
    without an image attached on the search hit list
   Email configuration allows message to be sent to
    ask the “on-demand” operator to scan document
    for the index record(s) selected. Operator uses
    edit/append pages/from scanner or from file to
    image the requested document(s)
   A database field (like Status) can be monitored
    and when certain values are indexed or updated
    in that field halFILE can automatically send email
    notification to designated users of these changes.
   Enable feature to allow starter searches
   If the plant date is maintained at the end of the
    database description then Starter system can pull
    this as its ending date for searches
   Starter Number Field – the database field where
    the starter (GF or file) number will be placed
   Starter Description Field – the database field
    where the free form description (address, etc.) of
    the starter that user enters will be placed
   Open Date Field – the database field where the
    date file was opened will be placed
   Close Date Field – the database field where the
    date file was closed will be placed (can be same
    as Open Date)
   Starter Status Field – a table driven database
    field for the status of „Open‟ or „Closed‟ (normally
    the inst type field
   Fallout Date Field – database field for check for
    fallout transactions
   Security Group Field – used in combination with
    group security to restrict file records to certain
   Criteria Sets – defined by incremental set number
    for each database field that will potentially
    contain search criteria for a file (names, legal,
    etc.). Make sure to click Save Set button after
    each set is defined before clicking OK button
                   cont... – Starter system
    New Document Prefix Number
    creates a database record of the criteria used for
    search (an order record). This single letter will
    tell halFILE internally what numbering convention
    to use
   Starter Basket – specify a non-image basket
    name here
   Open Status Value – the table code value that
    will be stamped into the Starter Status Field for
    an open file
   Closed Status Value – the table code value that
    will be stamped into the Starter Status Field for a
    closed file
Tools/Options/Fallout Report
   Fallout Report Description – User text description
    defining the report (appears in the report request
   Fallout Report Path – the full path to the Crystal
    Report for fallout
   Fallout Report File – name of the Crystal Report
    for fallout (HFFALLOUT.RPT is the base report
    that is modified for specific databases i.e.
    PRFALLOUT.RPT for database PR)
   Last Fallout Report Date – displayed as a
   Run as Scheduled Task – if reports are to be run
    automatically as a background scheduled task
   SQL – will display the SQL select statement that
    was sent to the server in the search
   Hit List View – brings the hit list window forward
    to front of screen (F8 is the hot key)
           Hit List Operations
   F11 key – opens prior document in hit list
   F12 key – opens next document in hit list
   Mark – places „<<„ mark at left of highlighted
    row(s) to bookmark these items for further
   To sort the list – click on any row to highlight
    then right-click to get menu including sort by
    ascending or descending
      Marked Items Operations
   Access through „Hit List‟ menu or right-click mouse
    inside hit list
   Keep – keeps all items marked and removes
   Remove – removes all items marked and keeps the
   Print – queues all the marked documents to print
   Email/One Attachment – combines all the marked
    documents into a single document and attaches to
   Email/Multiple Attachments – each marked
    document is an attachment
   Email/Select Pages – allows preview and
    keep/remove of individual pages to build a brand
    new document for attachment to mail
             Hit List Buttons
   Mark – hash marks or unmarks highlighted row
   View – Views highlighted row (same as double-
    click on row)
   Remove – Removes highlighted row from hit list
   New Search – closes all windows and returns to
    search criteria screen (same as clear/new search)
   Report – Opens the selection dialogue box to
    request Crystal Reports
   Print Criteria – prints the search criteria screen
    and number of rows returned
   Find Text – used to strip through non-image
    documents to locate text string
             Image Viewer Hot
   Ctrl-F – hops to first page of document
   Ctrl-L – hops to last page of document
   Alt-1 thru Alt-4 – zooms into upper left, upper
    right, lower left, lower right quadrant of image
   Tools/Keep Selection Rectangle – turn on for OCR
    of specific areas of a document
   Tools/Show Thumbnails – converts document to
    thumbnail views of each page
   Tools/Options – control the default zoom in
    Index, Search and whether the zoom view should
    be retained or reset when paging through

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