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									                                           Brian Morris
                                           615 Harrier Hawk Rd.
                                          Edmond, OK 73003-3185
                  405.517.7535 Cell | | 405.715.2634 Home


Results-oriented Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Technical Architect for Fortune 500
companies. More than eighteen years developing data intensive business solutions, twelve of which
include delivering business analytics using Cognos and Microsoft toolsets. Exceptional problem solving
skills in complex highly integrated data warehousing environments. Proven ability to build strong
relationships with clients and staff using negotiating talent, persuasion and demonstrated
commitment. Problem solver with a passion for simplifying and streamlining business processes using
technology transparent to the business.

                                       EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

12/06 - Pres   Redlands BIDW, Inc. –Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Technical Architect
               Manage client facing consultants delivering both data warehouse and business
               intelligence solutions. Mentor both internal and client team members in best practices
               for a variety of tools and technologies.       Design, develop and implement data
               warehouse and business intelligence solutions for both Fortune 100 and mid-sized
               businesses. Create dashboards, cubes, reports and ad-hoc queries for operations,
               accounting and human resources analytics.

               Architected, installed and configured a Cognos 8.4.1 business intelligence software in
               large geographically distributed SOA environment. Installation consisted of four
               physical and eight virtual machine (VM) servers. Implementation supports 1,000
               users running PowerPlay Studio, Analysis Studio, Report Studio and Query Studio
               hitting multiple Oracle and SQL Server databases.

               Designed and implemented Microsoft BIDS solutions using SQL Server Integration
               Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) on both SQL
               Server 2005 and 2008 R2. Delivered Microsoft BIDS based operational analytics using
               data marts, views, stored procedures and functions. Designed business rules engine
               to reduce data load times by 90 percent.

11/01 - 12/06 Kerr-McGee Corporation – Data Warehouse Advisor – BI/DW Architect
              Designed, implemented and supporting Kerr-McGee’s Cognos environment, developers
              and consumers worldwide. This load balanced and fault tolerant environment supports
              over 1,300 PowerPlay, 800+ IWR and 800+ ReportNet consumers. Responsible for
              over 60 daily production cube builds 100+ Impromptu Web Reports. Support and
              administer Cognos Planning with several Contributor applications and 200+ users.

               Developed and implemented a cube build automation script that won the 2004 Cognos
               Forum People’s Choice award. Advise and assist with all Cognos and data warehouse
               development activities world-wide. Responsible for ensuring compliance with best
               practices for all Cognos Framework Models, Transformer Models, Cubes and reporting
               in the production environment.

               Designed and implemented a series of PowerPlay cubes from an Oracle star schema
               architected data warehouse. Transformer models use best practice fully dimensional
               queries instead of flat queries to achieve faster build times ease of support and
               extensibility. Reviewed models developed by others and cut their build times by 50%
               by taking advantage of multi-dimensional best practice modeling techniques.

               The Cognos environment consists of sixteen servers in a distributed configuration and
               separate development, test and production areas.       I have completely installed,
               configured and upgraded all Cognos application software from version 6.61 to
               ReportNet 1.1 (Now Cognos 8).

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                                            Brian Morris
                                          615 Harrier Hawk Rd.
                                         Edmond, OK 73003-3185
                 405.517.7535 Cell | | 405.715.2634 Home

11/99 - 11/01 Sonic Industries, Inc. – Senior Programmer/Analyst
              Responsible for the design, development, implementation and administration of Data
              Warehouse and Cognos Reporting tools throughout the organization. This includes
              database table and query design, extracts, data modeling, use of report query tools,
              multidimensional data cube design, and both web and desktop distribution.
              Implemented full multi-level user class security using Netscape Directory Server and
              provided User Training and Document preparation.

               Data Warehouse and OLAP application software included version 6.61 of Cognos
               PowerPlay Enterprise Server and compatible versions of Upfront, Transformer,
               Impromptu Administrator, Access Manager, PowerPlay Web, and Netscape Directory
               Server. Performed software installation, setup, upgrades and production system
               support, as well as ongoing support to business users, including account setup, report
               access, preparation of new reports, data extracts, and Data Mart cubes and training.

               Performed data extraction, transformation and loading from multiple sources, updating
               of tables and data cubes, and restructuring data to Data Warehouse architecture for
               use with front-end tools. Setup, design, and administration of the PowerPlay
               Enterprise Server, Upfront, Transformer, Impromptu Administrator, Access Manager,
               and Netscape Directory Server. Heavy use of SQL, (SQL, Stored Procedures and Data
               Transformation Services), as well as Visual Basic to create and maintain Data

2/99 - 11/99   Metamor Business Solutions, Inc. – Senior Consultant
               Responsible for providing Senior Staff leadership to the branch office as well as
               functioning as a billable resource. Senior Staff responsibilities included assisting in the
               development of a business plan, interviewing and hiring candidates as well as
               performing comprehensive project review. As a billable resource, provided services
               ranging from the gathering of requirements through formal project management and
               application development. Tools used were Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5 .0, Oracle
               & Oracle Government Financials, Metamor Application Process (MAP).

2/98 - 2/99    Professional Resources, Inc. – Project Manager
               Responsible for managing development teams consisting of three to five programmers
               for various projects. Created, maintained and presented weekly reports tracking each
               team member-s actual hours, percent completes and estimate-to-completes to senior
               executive staff. Adjusted assignments and staffing as required to meet budgets,
               milestones and completion dates. Intimately involved in projects from the initial vision,
               design, development, and through implementation and delivery. Tools used were
               Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle, PL/SQL, Micro-Focus Cobol, DOS/VSE tools and proprietary

2/96 - 2/98    Morris Services, Inc. – Sr. Programmer/Analyst
               Designed, developed, implemented and marketed a proprietary survey tracking
               application targeted specifically at political campaigns. This application collected
               proprietary survey information from dozens of groups and merged it into one system
               allowing each group to leverage its influence using information gathered by other
               member organizations. Based on this more complete picture member organizations
               and candidates were able to specifically target their message and deliver votes with a
               greater degree of certainty than ever before. This resulted in a complete change of the
               political landscape for the State of Kansas. Tools used were Visual Basic 5.0, SQL
               Server, Crystal Reports, Visual FoxPro and MS Access.

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                                           Brian Morris
                                           615 Harrier Hawk Rd.
                                          Edmond, OK 73003-3185
                  405.517.7535 Cell | | 405.715.2634 Home

8/92 - 2/96    Professional Resources, Inc. - Programmer/Analyst
               Responsible for designing, developing and implementing in-house financial and
               applicant tracking systems. The Prospect Tracking System allowed actual resumes to
               be scanned and included as searchable records in a comprehensive prospecting
               database used for recruiting IS professionals. During my time at PRI they were in the
               INC. Magazine-s Top 500 fastest growing companies for two consecutive years and
               Kansas City-s Top 100 Fastest growing companies for three consecutive years. Tools
               used were Visual Basic, SuperBase, MS Access/Excel, FoxPro, Calera and Crystal

5/90 - 8/92    Letts Inc. - Programmer/Analyst
               Developed a complete back-office system using Clipper / Blinker as well as dBase and
               FoxBase. This application tracked customers, invoices, inventory and A/R. This system
               was also used to track and schedule Preventative Maintenance agreements for our

3/88 - 5/90    Robert Half - Programmer/Analyst
               On a contract basis developed and enhanced financial applications for various clients
               using Qbasic, dBase III+ and Clipper/Blinker. Also developed some complex Lotus
               worksheets using complex macros to perform financial calculations and projections.

3/84 - 3/88    United States Marine Corps - Programmer II
               Designed, developed and implemented a system used to track and report the
               operational status of key avionics systems used for various combat aircraft. This
               system was also responsible for tracking Preventative Maintenance Schedules used to
               pull equipment off of aircraft at predetermined intervals. Developed on both CPM and
               DOS based machines using QBasic, dBase II and dBase III+ as well as Clipper.
               Reports were generated using Harvard Presentation Graphics as well as some Lotus
               based charting functions.

                                      HARDWARE - SOFTWARE

Cognos 8.4.1 (Transformer, PowerPlay Studio, Analysis Studio, Report Studio, Query Studio, CAFE,
Cognos Connections), Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), SQL
Server 2008 R2 (T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, DDL, DML), Visual Studio 2010 C#, VB,
PerformancePoint/SharePoint Services, ORACLE 11g (PL/SQL, OWB, SQL Loader, Stored Procedures,
Views, Functions, DML, DDL), Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.1 (Designer, Repository Manager,
Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor), Cognos ReportNet 1.1 (All Studios), Cognos Series7 Ver.7.3
(Transformer, Upfront, PowerPlay Enterprise Server, PowerPlay Web, Impromptu Web Reports,
NoticeCast, Cognos Web Services, Visualizer, Cognos Metrics Manager), Cognos Planning 7.2 (Analyst
& Contributor), Sun One 5.2 LDAP, Netscape Directory Server 4.2 LDAP, OLAP, PeopleSoft 8.3,
PeopleSoft EPM 8.8, Decision Point Warehouse Administrator, Report2Web, Crystal Reports 9.0, MTS,
MSMQ, Access, Visual FoxPro, Project Workbench, MS Project, Visio, ABC Flowcharter, MS Office
Products & VB Integration, MF-COBOL, Datablaster, JCL, COBOL, SuperBase, Calera WordScan OCR,
Xbase dialects from dbase II-IV, FoxBase, Clipper, Blinker, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008,

                                       EDUCATION - TRAINING

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Phoenix

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                                         Brian Morris
                                         615 Harrier Hawk Rd.
                                        Edmond, OK 73003-3185
                405.517.7535 Cell | | 405.715.2634 Home


             Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP), TDWI & ICCP – 240205
                Cognos 8 Certifications – IBM Certified Designer Cognos 8 BI Reports
  IBM Certified Developer Cognos 8 BI Metadata Models – IBM Certified Administrator Cognos 8 BI
  Cognos ReportNet Certifications (Product User – 17115, Authoring Product Professional – 17268,
       Modeling Product Professional – 17257, Administration Product Professional – 17179)
                The Data Warehouse Institute – Data Analysis & Design – Certificate

                                   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Mr. Morris has online professional profile at

More detailed information regarding Work History, Education, Training publications, and
Presentations are available at

Mr. Morris has also created a personal website,, for the
purpose of making his Cognos Forum presentations available online to those who would like
them. Since 2003 these materials have been downloaded thousands of times.

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