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									Kennel Name
Phone etc.
                                                                                    Member Collie Club of America

      Stud Service Agreement
      Name Of Bitch                                                  Name of Stud

      Microchip/Tattoo ID                                            Microchip/Tattoo ID

      AKC Reg #                         DNA #                        AKC Reg #                         DNA #

      Owned/Leased By:                                               Owned By:

      Address                                                        Address

      Phone                                                          Phone

      First Day of Season                                            Breeding Date(s)

      Estimated Whelping Date

                                                  Conditions Of Service
      1) Bitch owner to obtain and present to stud owner a negative brucellosis test on above mentioned bitch. Test results to
         accompany bitch. No natural breeding will be attempted or take place without confirmed negative brucellosis testing.
      2) Owner of bitch agrees that no puppy from this breeding will be sold as a pet without the requirement of a spay/neuter
         contract and/or Limited Registration with the AKC. Owner of bitch agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer any puppies
         whelped as a result of this breeding to any person or firm connected with the sale or resale of dogs. Owner of the bitch
         agrees to have the puppies’ eyes checked by a certified ophthalmologist before 12 weeks of age and provide the results of
         eye checks to stud dog owner. Owner of the bitch agrees to notify stud dog owner of any genetic defects that appear in any
         puppy from this breeding. Owner of bitch agrees to provide stud owner with a copy of his AKC records for the resulting
         litter. Bitch owner has to his best knowledge, informed stud owner of any genetic issues this bitch possesses or has
         produced in prior litters.
      3) This contract will guarantee the actual mating of listed dogs. Stud fee of $______ is due at time of service No fee will be
         refunded should bitch fail to whelp. However, if less that two puppies are alive 10 days after whelping or if the bitch
         should fail to conceive and stud owner receives written notification of same within 30 days of whelping date, a return
         service will be given at the next heat to the very same bitch. If bitch changes ownership or fails to conceive after return
         service, this contract is terminated.
      4) Litter registration application will be signed as submitted by bitch owner when the puppies are no younger than 10 days
         old. Artificial Insemination is to be performed by stud owner with no liability on his/her part unless bitch owner
         specifically requires the service of a veterinarian in which case bitch owner is liable for all veterinary charges.
      5) Bitch owner(s) are current members of the Collie Club of America and subscribe to its current published code of ethics.
      6) Any deviation from this standard contract will be noted below as agreed to by the parties involved. Signature of this
         contract acknowledges acceptance of all terms by both parties.
      7) Other Terms and Conditions:

      Copy of this contract was received and agreed to on this ___________day of _____________

      Bitch Owner/Lessee _________________________________ Stud Owner                 __________________________

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