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					                                                                                                  Approved Surveys since2003

No        Name of Organization                     Survey Title                        Survey Objectives

                                                                          Collect data on household income and
   Ministry of Planning and National     Household Income and             expenditure patterns in the country, revise
   Development                           Expenditure Survey               the consumer price collection item weights,
                                                                          assess the living standards of the public.

                                                                          Collect data on income and expenditure of
   Ministry of Planning and National                                      the small establishments, their monthly
 2                                       Small Establishment Survey
   Development                                                            profits and assess the situation of these
                                                                          small businesses.

     Huvadhu Atoll Uthuru Buri, Villigili
 3                                                                         Assess the present situation of the project.
                                          Base line Survey (Viligili development Project)

 4 Ministry of Health                    Mental Health Survey             To find the prevalence of mental condition

                                                                          Identify reasons why youth do not seek
 5 Ministry of Youth and Sports          Youth Employment Survey          employment, and reasons why employers
                                                                          turn down youth for employment

                                                                     To find out the attitude and practice of
 6 Artline Design Service pvt ltd        Survey on Milk powder Usage general public on powdered milk,
                                                                     especially Coast Milk.

                                                                          To find out involvement of the audience,
                                         T.V Viewers/audience
 7 Television Maldives                                                    what the audience wants ( type of
                                                                          programs) and the life style of the audience

                                                                          Assess the situation of fishing and related
     Ministry of Fisheries Agriculture
 8                                       Baseline Survey on Fisheries     activities in the island, and also collect
     and Marine Resources
                                                                          general information on the households.

                                                                         Assess the existing knowledge of the CRC
                                         Survey to assess awareness
                                                                         among Maldivian school children as well
                                         among Maldivian school
 9 UNICEF                                                                as the extent to which they feel child rights
                                         children on the Convention of
                                                                         have been respected, violated by those
                                         the Rights of the Child ( CRC )
                                                                         responsible to protect children

     Ministry of Human Resources,        Survey on G.C.E O/L              To determine employment status and
     Employment & Labour                 Graduates,2002                   activity status of G.C.E O/L graduates

     Education Development Centre                                        Impact of media campaign on early
11                                       Evaluation of early childhood care and development, project
     (EDC)                                                               childhood care and development, project
                                                                          Enhance market understanding and
                                         Maldives market overview &
12 Lily Enterprises pvt. Ltd                                              streamline distribution of tobacco products
                                                                          distributed by them.

                                                                          Review and document recent income
                                                                          generation activities, identify new income
13 Ministry of Atolls Administration     Income generation study          generation activities, explore ways of
                                                                          encouraging youth and women to

                                                                          For students to find out more about the
14 Aminiya School                        Travel and Tourism               tourism industry of Maldives, and success
                                                                          of Maldives as a tourism destination

                                                                          To collect required information for the
                                         Socio-economic and
15 Ministry of Atolls Administration                                      purpose of Regional Development Project
                                         willingness to pay for service
                                                                          (Phase 2)- Maldives under ADB assistance

                                                                          To study the current status of education,
                                         Beneficiary Impact
16 Faculty of Education                                                   health and employment in the regional
                                         Assessment Study, WB
                                                                          growth centers and primary islands

                                         Maritime vessel survey/
                                         Maritime passenger O/D
     Ministry of Transport and Civil     (coming vessel) /Maritime    To collect information to help design a
     Aviation                            passenger O/D (going vessel) Transport Master Plan for the Maldives
                                         / Air passenger O/D survey /
                                         Atoll Survey

                                                                          To collect information on Biotechnology
18 Environment Research Centre           The Biosafety National Survey
                                                                          and Biosafety in Maldives

                                                                          1 Review existing mechanisms on the
                                                                          promoting of breast feeding.
                                                                             2. Assess current importation,
                                         Semi - Qualitative Market        distribution and marketing strategies.
19 Department of Public Health           Survey of Breast milk                           3. Determine current
                                         Substitutes in Male',.           government policies and legislation.
                                                                                          4. Recommendations, for
                                                                          legislation, monitoring compliance and
                                                                          promotion of exclusive breastfeeding

                                                                       1. Assess the current tobacco use among
                                                                       youths of ages between 13 - 15 years. 2.
                                         Global youth tobacco survey (
20 Ministry of Health                                                  Assess the knowledge of youth about the
                                         GYTS )
                                                                       harmful effects of tobacco, tobacco
                                                                       marketing and adversity

                                                                      To study the effectiveness of graduates
21 Faculty of Education                  Teacher effectiveness survey and whether they are using child centered
                                                                      teaching and learning strategies in schools

                                                                          To study the impact of destination on the
     Ministry of Planning and National   Migration patterns and its       place of origin and on the place of
     Development                         impact in the maldives           destination and to study the differences
                                                                          between migrants and non- migrants.
                                                                        To identify the existing telecentre type
                                         Survey on Telecenters and      operations within the atolls, their usage
23 BFS Consulting Group Pvt Ltd
                                         Similar Establishments         and awareness among those in the in the
                                                                        atolls on telecnetres

                                         Non- Communicable Disease Assess the prevalence of risk factors for
24 Ministry of Health
                                         Risk Factor Survey        Non-Communicable diseases

                                                                        To develop a baseline understanding of
   National Centre for Information                                      the companies in Maldives and the key
25                                       ICT Sector Survey
   Technology                                                           issues affecting business growth and
                                                                        employment of the ICT Sector

     Aminiya School, Grade 9 (Travel
26                                       Market Analysis                To analyse the Maldivian Tourism Market
     and Tourism)

                                                                       To collect information about those who got
                                         Survey on those who got flats flats in Hulhumale' and to find a baseline to
27 Hulhumale' Development Unit
                                         in Hulhumale'                 design Education, Health and other
                                                                       services in Hulhumale'.

                                                                        Follow-up assessment of 1999 Baseline
                                                                        Survey aspects of Sexual health, STD's,
                                                                        Child birth & postnatal care, family
28 Ministry of Health                    Reproductive Health Survey
                                                                        planning and contraceptives, fertility
                                                                        infertility, family size, abortion and
                                                                        miscarriages measured.

                                                                        Follow-up assesment of Vulnerability and
                                                                        poverty assesment survery 1997 (VPA-
     Ministry of Planning and National   Vulnerabiity and Poverty       97), to provide the comparative data with
     Development                         Survey 2004 (VPS II)           VPA-97. To provide wide range of
                                                                        statistics on various espects of poverty
                                                                        and vulnerability of households.

                                                                        Tour guide gengulhun eyee rangalhu
30 Touch-X Pvt Ltd                        -
                                                                        kameh kan prove koh dhinun

                                                                        To find the composition, distribution and
     ERNST And YOUNG on behelf of Mobile Telecommunication
31                                                                      market trends of mobile subscribers in
     MTC                          Market Survey

                                         Youth Voices / Facts, Opinion Collect more information regarding youth
32 Ministry of Youth and Sports
                                         and Solutions                 issues

                                                                        To study the utility of "Amaanaai"
33 Dr Ahmed Shareef                      Utilization of Amaanaai        published by the Ministry of Gender,
                                                                        Family Development and Social Security.

                                                                        Collect information and opinion of the
                                         Survey on Mobile               current and potential mobile market and
34 BFS Consulting Group Pvt Ltd
                                         Communications                 produce an analytical report with major
                                                                           To understand the preferences and
                                                                           expectations of the tourists in order to
35 Ministry of Tourism                   Tourist Opinion Survey 2004
                                                                           enhance the tourism product of the

                                                                           From those who are living in K. Villingili
                                                                           Identify the number of Children with
                                         Identification of Children with
36 Care Society                                                            disabilities and from these children identify
                                                                           the number of children who are not
                                                                           attending to any school

                                                                           The object of the study is to examine the
     Ministry of Fisheries Agriculture                                     ealy economic and social conditions in the
37                                       Zone 3 Baseline Survey
     and Marine Resources                                                  zone 3 due to establishment of two fish
                                                                           purchasing facilities

                                                                           1- Brand Evaluation 2- Customer
38 Dhiraagu Pvt Ltd                      Market Study

                                                                           To assess the potential economic cost
   Ministry of Fisheries Agriculture     The Economics of coral reef
                                                                           from tourism impacts due to the coral
39 and Marine Resources (Marine          deterioration with special
                                                                           bleaching event in 1998 and to compare
   Research Centre)                      reference to bleaching
                                                                           with surveys from 2000 and 2002

                                                                           1-To evaluate the current status of
                                                                           Dhiraagu.                              2-
40 Dhiraagu Pvt Ltd                      Brand Evaluation Study
                                                                           To study the future impact of competition
                                                                           on the brand as well as Market perception.

                                                                           Identifying the potential market for the
41 Mandhu Learining Centre               Market Analysis                   institute researching the market needs and
                                                                           Gather Data for technical assistance under
     Ministry of Transport and Civil     Transport and willingness to      the ADB Domestic Maritime Transport
     Aviation                            pay survey                        Project. Data will be used for project
                                         Develop the eyeware               Take a sample of people who wear sun
43 Eye Care Opticals
                                         industries in Male'               glasses and normal glasses

                                                                           To fulfill the acadamic requirements for
                                         The role of public                MA. Geography Research/thesis. Project
   Aslam Moamed Shakir / MA.
                                         participation in post-disaster    aim is the role of public participation
   Geogrephy Research Student,
44                                       Strategic Environmental           (benefits constrains and opportunities) in
   Dep.of Geography, University of
                                         Assessment (SEA); benefits        the post-disaster SEAs. To find the
                                         constraints and opportunities     diversity of opinions and different positions
                                                                           of various stakeholders.

                                                                           The main objective of the Tsunami Impact
                                                                           Assessment Survey(TIAS) is to provide
                                                                           insights in the changes in various standard
                                                                           of living measures between mid-2004 and
     Ministry of Planning and National   Tsunami Impact Assesment
45                                                                         the middle of this year, using the same
     Development                         Survey
                                                                           sample of households. The living
                                                                           standards of particular interest are income
                                                                           and wealth, employment and education,
                                                                           but other aspects are also covered.
                                                                        To clarify the current situation and the
                                                                        community's capacity to respond to natural
                                         Survery on Tsunami             disasters and to propose strategies for
46 Asian Disaster Reduction Centre
                                         Awareness in Maldives          disseminating tsunami knowledge and
                                                                        raising public awareness of tsunami
                                         Zone 4 Baseline Survey,        To examine the economic and social
     Ministry of Fisheries Agriculture
47                                       Agriculturre, Fisheries Cost   conditions of the fishery and agricultural
     and Marine Resources
                                         and Earning Survey.            population.
                                                                        To understand how Asians feel about the
48 Business Image Group Pvt Ltd          Market Research Study          social and economic changes happening
                                                                        around the world
                                                                        Generate information on awareness of
                                                                        human right issues. Assist to prepare
     Human Right Commission of the       Maldives Human Right
49                                                                      effective and collaborative strategies for
     Maldives                            Survey of the Households
                                                                        addressing human right issues and

                                                                        To assess impediment to investment in the
50 World Bank                            Investment Climate Survey      Maldives to be an input to the investment
                                                                        climate study of the Maldives

                                                                        To gather data on tourist perceptions
     Filsa Rasheed / Student at       Cultural Tourism
51                                                                      regarding cultural tourism
     University of Technology, Sydney Development Survey
                                                                        products/holidays in the Maldives

     Ministry of Fisheries Agriculture   Zone 1 and Zone 2 Baseline     To examine the early economic and social
     and Marine Resources                Survey                         condition of Zone 1 amd Zone 2

                                                                        To study the feeding practices among the
                                                                        infants and young children below three
53 Ministry of Health                    Nutrition KAP Survey 2005
                                                                        years of age. And to assess the nutritional
                                                                        status of children below three years

                                                                        Vazeefaa benun vaafaraaithakah vazeefa
54 United Island Dynamics                Vazeefaai behey Survey         hoadhaidhinumaai vazeefa ah benun vaa
                                                                        training hoadhai dhinun

                                                                        1) Assessing material and non-material
                                         Post-Tsunami Need              losses at household level after 10 months
55 Care Society                          Assessment of Affected         of tsunami. 2) Evaluating magnitude and
                                         Households                     types of benefits reaching to households.
                                                                        3) Need gaps of households

                                                                        Identify the safety of rainwater harvesting
     Maldives Water and Sanitation       Safety of Rain water
56                                                                      systems and also the percentage of
     Authority                           Harvesting Systems
                                                                        household rainwater that is contaminated

     SHE and National Narcotics          Rapid Situation Response
57                                                                      Prevention of HIV among drug users
     Control Bureau                      Assessment

                                                                        Measure current practices associated with
                                                                        waste management behaviour and will
                                         Tsunami Debris and Waste
                                                                        provide an indicator to Ministry of
   Australian and Canadian Red           Management Program-
58                                                                      Environment, Energy and Water and to
   Cross                                 Household Behaviour
                                                                        Australian and Canadian Red Cross on
                                                                        level of success for improving waste
                                                                        management behaviour.
Approved Surveys since2003
                                                                 Survey      Period of     Tentative Date
                               Survey Areas                     Approved       Data         for the Final   Report Status
                                                                  Date       Collection        Report
             3rd Round: Male', Ha. Baarah, HDh.                             round) 09-
             Hanimaadhoo, R. Kadholhudhu, R. Iguraidhoo,                    03-03
             K.Huraa, K.Gaafaru, Th.Veymandhoo,                             30-03-03
             Th.Guraidhoo, S. Hithadhoo, S.Meedhoo. 4th                                   End of December
                                                                09-Aug-02                                 Finished
             Round: Male', Ha. Dhidhdhoo, Ha. Kelaa,                        (Fourth       2003
             R.Hulhudhuffaaru, Lh. Kurendhoo, Aa. Ukulhas,                  round)
             Adh. Maamigilli, L.Gamu, M. Madhuvari, S.                      09-06-03
             Hithadhoo, S. Hulhudhoo                                           30-06-
                                                                            round) 01-
             3rd Round: Th.Guraidhoo, S. Hithadhoo. 4th
                                                                                          End of March
             Round:HA. Dhidhdhoo, Adh. Maamigilli,              09-Aug-02                                   In Process
                                                                            (Fourth       2004
             L.Gamu S. Hulhudhoo

             GA. Villigili                                      20-Jan-03              End of July 2003     In Process
                                                                                       End of November
             Male', & Atolls                                    02-Feb-03       15-03-                 In Process

                                                                                          End of
             Male',                                             26-Mar-03      01-05-                       Report Status
                                                                                          September 2003

             Male', and S.Hithadhoo                             15-Apr-03       25-04- 1st June 2003        In Process

                                                                             Survey re-
             Male',                                             07-May-03

                                                                             Survey re-
             Lh.Naifaru                                         18-May-03

             Schools in Haa Alif Dhidhoo, Ihavandhoo, Kelaa -               06-05-03
                                                                                       31st December
              Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo, Meedhoo, Badidhoo &          21-May-03       26-06-                      In Process
             12 school in Male',                                            03

             All the G.C.E O/L ( London & Cambridge)                                      End of December
                                                                04-Jun-03       15-07-                    In Process
             graduates of 2002                                                            2003
             Male', Villingili, K. Hura, V. Rakeedhoo, V.                   16-06-03
                                                                                          End of November
             Keyodhoo, Ha. Thuraakunu, Ha.Mulhadhoo, S.         15-Jun-03        25-06-                   In Process
             Hithadhoo, S. Maradho                                          03
Male',                                              22-Jun-03       21-07- 15th August 2003 Finished
HA. Baarah or Kelaa, HA. Hoarafushi, HDh.
Kulhudhuffushi, HDh. Nolhivaramu, Ba.
Thulhaadhoo, Ba. Dharavandhoo,N. Manadhoo,
N. Maafaru, LH. Naifaru, AA. Thoddoo, AA.                                   End of
                                                    25-Jun-03                                 Finished
Rasdhoo, F. Magoodhoo, F. Nilandhoo, L.                                     September 2003
Maamendhoo, L. Gan, L. Hithadhoo, GA,
Nilandhoo, GA. Villingili, Gn. Foammulah,

Male' International Airport (Hululhe' ) departure
                                                    10-Jul-03               18th July 2003    In Process

L.Gan-Fonadhoo, Lh. Naifaru              and                               End of November
                                                    17-Jul-03       28-08-                 In Process
Adh. Mahibadhoo                                                            2003

                                                                            End of November Preliminary
Laamu Atoll and Baa Atoll                           24-Jul-03
                                                                            2003            report finished

Male', & Atolls                                     28-Jul-03       31-08- End of September In process

                                                                            16th December
Male',                                              16-Sep-03      21-09-                     In process

                                                                28-09-03   04th December
Male',                                              24-Sep-03                                 In process
                                                                  23-10-03 2003

Male', &                                                        07-10-03   End of January
                                                    08-Oct-03                                 In process
S,B,GA,GDH,GU,HA,HDH,L,M,N,R,TU,V                                 07-11-03 2004

Male', Haa Alif , and Gnaviyani                     09-Oct-03       30-07- End of July 2004   In process

S. Hulhudhoo, Gn. Fuvahmulah, S.maradhoo, B.
Eydhafushi, R.ungoofaaru, L.gamu, Ga.
                                                    21-Dec-03       31-12- End of Dec 2003    Finished
Kolamaafushi, N.Malhendhoo, Ha. Baarah, AA.
Mathiveri, 4 Resorts and Male',.
                                                                              End of March
S, GN, GA, G.DH, SH, N, R, HA, H.DH                    08-Jan-04       28-02-                     In process

Male'                                                  08-Feb-04              End of June 2004 In process

                                                                              28th February
Male'                                                  24-Feb-04       26-02-                     In process

Male' International Airport, Departure Terminal        24-Feb-04              21st March 2004     In process

Male' and Villingili                                   10-Mar-04              18th March 2004 in process

HDH. Kulhudhuffushi, ha. Hoarafushi, HDH.
Hanimadhoo, HDH. Hirimaradhoo, R.
Ugoofaaru, B. Eydhafushi, B. Kihaadhoo, B.
Maalhos, Lh. Kurendhoo, Aa. Rasdhoo, ADH.
                                                       14-Apr-04      09-05-         September/04 in process
Hangaameedhoo, M. Muli, L. Hithadhoo, L.
Maaenboodhoo, M. Mulah, Th. Hirilandhoo, S.
Hithadhoo, Gn. Foahmulah, GDH. Hoadehdhoo,
K. Male'

                                                                   03-06-04   End of December
Male' and all the islands                              01-Jun-04                              In process
                                                                     30-07-04 2004

                                                                   04     (2)
                                                     (1) 28-07-04.
                                                                   to 04-08-
Male'                                                  (2)03-08-04               -                  -
                                                                   04      (3)
                                                      (3) 02-08-04
                                                                   to 26-08-
Male', Male'Villingili, seenu, Feydhoo,
                                                                   09-09-04   12th October
Hithadhoo, Hdh. Hanimadhoo, Kulhudhufushi,             09-Sep-04                                    In process
                                                                     30-09-04 2004
Finey and Raa. Iguraidhoo
Male', Male' Villingili, Ha. Hoarafushi, Hdh.
Nolhivaramu, Sh. Maroshi, N. Holhudhoo, R.
Maakurathu, B. Dharavandhoo, Lh. Hinnavarau,
Aa. Rasdhoo, Adh. Dhangethi, F. Nilandhoo, M.          09-Sep-04              1st March 2005      In process
Mulah, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, L. Fonadhoo, Ga.
Villingili, Gdh. Gadhoo, Gn. Foamulah, S.
Maradhoo feydhoo.

Raa, Meemu, Hdh, Seenu and Male'.                      09-Sep-04              4th October 2004 In process

All islands within coverage of Dhiraagu fixed line                 21-09-04   15th October
                                                       20-Sep-04                                  In process
services                                                             30-09-04 2004
All the departing tourists from Male' International               06-10-04   End of February
                                                      27-Sep-04                                   In process
Airport                                                             12-10-04 2005

K. Villingili                                         30-Oct-04              7th January 2005 In process

AA. Ukulhas, Adh. Fenfushi, Adh. Maamigili, V.
Thinadhoo, V. Felidhoo, V.Keyodhoo, F.
Magoodhoo, F. Dharaboodhoo, F. Nilandhoo,
Dh. Meedhoo, Dh. Bandidhoo, Dh. Ribudhoo,
                                                      08-Nov-04      01-12-    End of July 2005   In process
Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, Dh. Maaeboodhoo, Dh.
Vaanee, M. Dhiggaru, M. Maduvvari, M.
Raimandhoo, M. Madifushi, M. Veyvah, M.
Mulah, M. Muli, M. Naalaafushi

                                                                  12-12-04   End of February
Male', Focus Group Discussions only                   12-Dec-04                                   In process
                                                                    30-12-04 2005

Male' International Airport, Departure lounge.                    19-12-04
                                                      16-Dec-04              End of June 2005 In process
(Hulhule')                                                          31-01-05

Male' Only                                            21-Mar-05                30th May 2005      in process

Male'                                                 28-Apr-05                End of June 2005 in process

                                                                  31/05/05 -   End of August
HA, HDh, S, F, GA, and GDh Atoll                      31-May-05                                   in process
                                                                  30/06/05     2005

Male'                                                 19-Jun-05                30th June 2005     in process

                                                                  25/06/05-    End of March
All inhabited islands                                 23-Jun-05                                   In process
                                                                  30/08/05     2006

                                                                  09/07/05 -
Male' and all the Islands                             08-Jul-05                End of May 2006 In process
Kaafu, Laamu, Meemu and Male'                        26-Jun-05               31st July 2005     In process

                                                                 04/08/05-   End of March
All islands in GA, GDh, Gn and Seenu Atoll           08-Aug-05                                  In process
                                                                 28/08/05    2006

                                                                 12/09/05-   End of November
Male'                                                12-Sep-05                               In process
                                                                 30/09/05    2005

Male' and selected islands from HA, N, R, AA,                    26/08/05-   End of
                                                     25-Aug-05                                  in process
M, L and Seenu atoll                                             12/09/05    September 2005

                                                                 26/08/05-   End of
Maily Male' but also other atolls                    25-Aug-05                                  in process
                                                                 30/09/05    september 2005

Male' International Airport (Hululhe' ), departure               01/09/05-   End of November
                                                     30-Aug-05                               in process
terminal                                                         09/09/05    2005

Selected islands from HA, Hdh, Sh, N, R, B, Lh                   01/09/05-
                                                     30-Aug-05               End of July 2006   In process
and K. Atoll                                                     30/09/05

Selected islands from HA, Hdh, Sh, N, R, B, K,
                                                                 14/09/05-   End of December
Adh, V, M, F, Dh, Th, L, GA, Gdh, and Seenu          14-Sep-05                               in process
                                                                 10/11/05    2005

                                                                 09/09/05-   End of
HulhuMale'                                           19-Sep-05                                  in pocess
                                                                 17/09/05    September 2005

L.Gan, L.Fonadhoo, L.Kalaidhoo, L. Mundhoo,
R.Ugoofaaru, R. Alifushi, R. Hulhudhufaaru, Th.
                                                                 30/10/05-   20th November
Madhifushi, M.Naalaafushi, M.Kolhufushi,             27-Oct-05                                  in process
                                                                 20/11/05    2005
Th.Buruni, Ga.Villingilli, Ga. Nilandhoo and

                                                                 02/10/05-   30th October
K. Villingilli                                       02-Oct-05                                  in process
                                                                 03/10/05    2005

                                                                 07/12/05-   End of February
Lh. Naifaru, Lh. Kurendhoo and Lh. Hinavaru          07-Dec-05                                  in process
                                                                 13/12/05    2005

K.Guraidhoo, K.Maafushi, K.Himmafushi,
                                                                 04/12/05-   End of January
K.Hura, K.Thulusdhoo, V.Fulidhoo, V.Felidhoo,        01-Dec-05                                  In process
                                                                 06/12/05    2007
V.Thinadhoo, V.Keyodhoo, V.Rakeedhoo

preliminary report

will call back

draft finished

will send report in 1-2

in process

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                                                                                                              Approved Surveys - 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Period of        Tentative Date
                                                                                      Contact                                                                                               Survey
No Name of Organization                Survey Title           Contact Person                                Survey Objectives                                Survey Areas                                      Data            for the Final        Report Status
                                                                                      number                                                                                             Approved Date
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Collection           Report
                               Survey for Mapping and                                                                                                                                                         10th March
                                                                                      7776850 /   Handicap International & Care
 1 Care Society                identification of Vulnerable   Ijadhulla Abdulla Ali
                                                                                                                                                  Gdh. Thinadhoo                        3rd March 2008       2008 to 18th                        received
                               groups                                                             Society                                                                                                     March 2008

                                                                                                  To find out if there is need for internet
                                                                                                                                                                                                            09th March
                                                                                      3311393 /   service in households currently with no
 2   Dhiraagu                  Internet Survey                   Ismail Rafeeq
                                                                                       7773712    internet and to find out the reasons why
                                                                                                                                                  Male' Hulhumale' and villigili          06th March 2008   2008 to 15th       31st March 2008       Market Study
                                                                                                                                                                                                            March 2008
                                                                                                  they are not signing up for internet (barriers)

     Ahmed Salih / School of
     Hotel and Tourism                                                                            To explore locals perpective on                                                                           15th May 2008
                               Resort Employment in the
 3   Management, The           Maldives
                                                                  Ahmed Salih         3313078     resort employment. To examine the               Male'                                   16th March 2008   to 30th June           Aug-09
     Hongkong Polytechnic                                                                         reasons why locals don’t want to                                                                          2008
     University                                                                                   work in resorts

                               What drives career in the                                                                                                                                                    20th March
 4   Mohamed Saud              maldives Hosp.Tourism            Mohamed Saud          7785589     Explore relationship between age,               Tourist Resorts                         17th March 2008   2008 to 30th           Mar-08
                               Industry                                                           gender, educational level and                                                                             April 2008

                                                                                                  culture, to pursue a PHD degree
                               0 - 18 aharaai
     Dhivehi Rajjeyge                                                                             Dhivehi Rajjeygai 0 - 18 aharaai                                                                          01st April 2008
                               dhemedhuge kudhinnge                                   3345868 /                                                   Sh, Gdh, Raa, Ga, Ha all islands of
 5   Thauleem kuriaruvaa                                          Ahmed Athif
                                                                                                  dhemedhuge Haasa ehee ah beynunvaa
                                                                                                                                                  this Atolls
                                                                                                                                                                                          19th March 2008   to 30th Sept          30th Sept
                               nukulhedhun therikan                                               kudhin dhenegathun                                                                                        2008

                                                                                                                                                     Male', Hulhumale, Villingili,                          26th March
                                Population movement               Hussain                         to find out the reasons for migration
 6   Adam Shareef Ahmed                                                               7791663                                                           HDh.Hanimaadhoo,                  9th April 2008    to 25th April       15-May-08
                                     in Maldives                  Fahumee                           and the result of it in the Maldives
                                                                                                                                                            Sh.Funadhoo                                     2008

     Lintel Investment and                                                                                                                                                                                  13th April to
                                   Research on lintel                                                Lintel ge customarun lecute aa
 7   Management Services                                           Seeniya            3310742                                                                       Male'                13th April 2008    24th April          15-May-08
                                      Customers                                                             medhu dheke goiy
     pvt ltd                                                                                                                                                                                                2008

                                                                                                    Measuring satisfaction among                                                                            9th May to
     Oxford Policy                  IHDP Midterm                                                                                                     Dh.Kudahuvadhoo, L.Gan,
 8                                                                  Razma             3327352      beneficiaries (students, parents,                                                     14th April 2008    2nd June             1-Oct-08
     Management                    Beneficiary survey                                                                                                 Lh.Naifaru, B.Eydhafushi
                                                                                                  hospital users) of the IHDP Project.                                                                      2008

     Ministry of Environment, Economic and financial
 9   Energy and water (AEC valuation of maldives                                              Demonstrate and qualify the value                                                                             16th May 08
     Project)                 coastal and marine                                              of biodiversity and Atoll ecosystem                                                                           to 30th May
                              biodiversity survey             Abdulla Shibau          3324861 conversation to the Maldives.                       Male' / B.Atoll                       19th May 2008       08                     8-Aug

                                                                                       To provide a baseline data for a                           Male'(Including Hulhumale',
     Department of Public      Biological and                                          better understanding of the national                       Vilingili, Mafushi prison) /
     Health                    behaviorail Survey on                                   situation of the most at risk                              Addu(Hithadhoo and                                        15thJune
                               HIV and AIDs and STI                                    population(MARPS), including the                           Hulhudhoo) / Laamu(Gan -                                  2008 to 30th
                               in the Maldives                Dr.Aura C.Corpuz 7676489 most at risk adolescents(MARA)                             IDP Camps)                            22nd May 2008       July 2008         30th Sept 2008
                                Survey for Mapping and
                                                                                       7776850 /   Handicap International & Care        Gdh. Thinadhoo / S.Hithadhoo /                     22nd June
 11 Care Society                identification of Vulnerable   Ijadhulla Abdulla Ali                                                                                                                                       received
                                                                                        3312491    Society                              Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi                                 2008 to 13th
                                                                                                                                                                         08th June 2008    July 2008

                                                                                               Understanding the usage purpose
                                                                                               pattern awaerness among the                                                                 14th June
                               Motor Cycle Survey                                                                                       Male' Windsurfing area
 12   Alia Investments Pvt Ltd                                 Ahmed Saeed             3301730 Youth about variuos models of                                                               2008 to 28th End of July 2008       Market Study
                               2008                                                                                                     (Lonuziyaari Kolhu)
                                                                                               motorcycle findout who makes the                                                            June 2008
                                                                                               purchasing decisions and what
                                                                                               influence such decisions                                                  09th June 2008
                                                                                      To increase knowledge and                                                                            16th July
      Live and Learn
13                            Retailers Survey                 Mariyam Shazna 3303585 awareness of waste management                     Male'                            16th July 2008    2008 to 29th 31st July 2008     received
      Environmental Education
                                                                                      issues in the Maldives.                                                                              July 2008
                                                                                               To generate a representative
      Ministry of Higher                                                                       indicators on the employment,                                                               04th August
                                Labour force Survey            Zubaidha A.                                                              B. Eydhafushi, Lh. Naifaru,
 14   Education Employment                                                             3347335 unemployment and other                                                    29th July 2008    2008 to 07th Feb-09
                                2008                           Hameed                                                                   Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, L. Gamu
      and Social Security                                                                      characteristics of the labour force                                                         August 2008
                                                                                               in the Maldives.
                                                                                                   Understand energy usage pattern,                                                        15th August
                                Energy Contraint and                                               ability to adjust power                                                                 2008 to 05th
15    Muaviyath Mohamed                                        Muaviyath Moh'd 7638778                                                  Adh. Fenfushi                    31st July 2008                 Dec-09
                                Adaptability                                                       consumption, assess energy                                                              October
                                                                                                   saving possibilities.                                                                   2008

                                                                                                                                        Furathama buru:Ha. Maafahi,
                                 Dhigu muhdhathakah
                                                                                                                                          Hdh. Theefaridhoo / Hdh.
                                dhaduverikan kurumah
                                                                                                         Dhigu muhdhathakah             Vaikaradhoo / Sh. Madidhoo,
       Ministry of Fisheries,      hudha dheefaivaa                                                                                                                                        18th August
                                                                                                     dhaduverikan kurumah hudha             Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo /
16    Agriculture and Marine      raththakugai kuraa              Ismail Afeef         3321369                                                                             18th Aug 2008   2008 to 28th Sep-08
                                                                                                    dheefaivaa raththakuge thafaas      Dhevana Buru: Dh. Udhu / G.
            Resources           masaikai adhi hadhaa                                                                                                                                       August 2008
                                                                                                      hisaabu harudhanaa kuruma         Kanimeedhoo / L. karesdhoo /
                                    baavai thakuge
                                                                                                                                        Thinvana buru: Ga. Maarehaa
                                                                                                                                              / Gdh. Keramigga

   Ministry of Tourism and          Tourist profile and        Mariyam                               To compile a tourist profile and                                                                  End of December
17                                                                                     3323224                                             Male' International Airport   24th August 2008 2008 to 25th
         Civilaviation               opinion Survey            Sharmeela                                understand their opinion                                                                             2008

                                                                                               Dharivarunnge medhuga huri sihee
                                                                                                      massalathakaai sihee                                                                    06th
                                                                                               aadhakaadhatha dhenegathumaai                                                                 October
                                  Global school based
18      Ministry of Education                                  Aishath Shifa           3341452 mi surveyge aleegai dharivarunna                 all round maldives       05th October 2008 2008 to 06th
                                  student health survey
                                                                                                 dhimaavaa sihee massalatha                                                                 December
                                                                                                    faahaga koh mikan hallu                                                                   2008
                                                                                                  hoadhuma masakkai kirime

                                                                                                To capture percieved changes in                                                     19th
                                                                                                                                    9 Communities and 27
                                                                                              the communities and schools of the                                                  October
                                 Maldives PSP Endline           Aishath Noora                                                      schools of Raa, Dhaalu,
19      American Red Cross                                                             7901802 7 atolls through the psychosocial                               16th October 2008 2008 to 1st                 Dec-08
                                        Survey                      Moh'd                                                        Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, Gaafu
                                                                                                support program of the american                                                  November
                                                                                                                                 Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu atoll.
                                                                                                    red cross in the Maldives.                                                      2008

                                                                                               To assess program's effectiveness
                                                                                                                                         All schools of Raa, Dhaalu,                        November
                                   ARC PSP Teacher              Aishath Noora                   in providing psychosocial support                                         05th November
20      American Red Cross                                                             7901802                                          Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, Gaafu                          2008 to 10th      Dec-08
                                  Survey Questionnaire              Moh'd                        knowledge to teachers to target                                               2008
                                                                                                                                        Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu atoll.                       November
                                                                                   To develop an environmental
                                                                                    economics framework which                                                              10th Nov
   Ministry of Environment,    Identifying Economic                                                                      Addu Atoll: Hithadhoo, Gan
                                                                                  identifies economic benefits for                                        10th November   2008 to 10th
21 Energy and water (AEC         benefits of coastal   Moh'd Shumais    9684708                                            Equatorial Village and                                           Feb-09
                                                                                valuation of coastal resources, and                                            2008        December
            Project)                 resources                                                                             Herathera Handhufushi
                                                                                prioritizes the environmental issues                                                         2008
                                                                                              of maldives.
                              Maldives Demographic     information and             Provide reliable and detailed                                                           21st Dec
                                                                                                                                                          2nd December
22     Ministry of Health      and Health Survey           research      3328425 information on the demographic                  Nationwide                               2008 to 21st   Oct - Nov 2009
                                    2008/2009          section, Ministry         and health situation in the Maldives                                                      Feb 2009
                                                           of Health

                                                                                      To synthesize a cohesive
                              Women of the maldives                                                                        R. Kadholhudhoo, Th.                           November
                                                                                   explanation of the experiences of                                      4th December
23      Mariyam Athifa         post tsunami 2004 -     Mariyam Athifa   7945279                                         Vilufushi, Dh. Gemenedhoo                         2008 - Apirl       2010
                                                                                   Maldivianwomen post December                                                2008
                                2008 a case study                                                                             and M. Madifushi                               2009
                                                                                            2004 Tsunami.
                                                                                                                        S. hithadhoo, S. feydhoo, Sh.
                               Social and economic
                                                                                                                                Fonadhoo, dh.
                                    vulnerability                                                                                                                          16th-31st
                                                                                   Social and economis vulnerabiity         Kudahuvadhoo, Hdh.                                           31st December
24           CDE               assessment of nine       Simad Saeed     7777445                                                                           22nd Dec 2008   Decemeber
                                                                                             assessment                 Kulhudhufushi, L.Gan, Gdh.                                            2008
                                inhabited islands of                                                                                                                         2008
                                                                                                                         Thinadhoo, K.Thulusdhoo,
                                                                                                                           Ga.Villingili, Th. Vilufushi
                                                                                Make recommendations to the gov.
                                                                                                                    Male', Hdh. Kulhudhufushi,
                                                                                  to ensure it has better defined
                                                                                                                      Hdh. Hanimadhoo, Lh.
       Human Rights            Rapid Assessment of                              employment policies that will help                                                         18th Dec-
                                                        Shaufa Ahmed                                                 Naifaru, Lh. Felivaru, K.            23rd December
25    Commission of the           the employment                        3336539  public private sectors to protect                                                         31st Dec
                                                           Saeed                                                    Thulusdhoo, K. Thilafushi,                 2008
         Maldives             situation in the maldives                           employment rights and adjust                                                               2008
                                                                                                                   Reethirah resort, L. Mandhoo,
                                                                                  policies to accommodate new
                                                                                                                        L. Gan, L. Fonadhoo
                                                                                   legislation and intl.standards
                                                                                 Fast, Medium and slow products                                                            23rd-26th
26      Abdul Haseeb          Trades and Measurment     Abdul Haseeb    9948872                                     Ari beach and Water village                                          28th Dec 2008
                                                                                            dhenegathun                                                                    Dec 2008
                                                                                                                     Approved Surveys - 2009
                                                                         Contact      Contact                                                                                                           Survey     Period of Data          Tentative Date for
No    Name of Organization                  Survey Title                                                         Survey Objectives                                      Survey Areas                                                                                    Status
                                                                         Person       number                                                                                                         Approved Date   Collection             the Final Report
                                                                                                   1.To determine island community dependence
                                                                                                    on rainfall for daily need and water usage by
                                  Variability of the Asian Mansoon
       Zahid / University of                                                                           households for different purpose. 2.To                                                                          5th Mar 2009 to
1                                 and its influence on percipitation       zahid                                                                                                                        8/1/2009                               31-Aug-10                                 Research base
           canterbury                                                                                determine water usage by the agriclutural                                                                          20th May 2009
                                    patterns over the Maldives                                    sector.3. To determine the main water resources
                                                                                                                  in the tourism sector.

                                                                                                      mi jinaaee adhuluge nizaam harudhanaa                                                                                                                                            regarding the soft
        Human Rights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Report finished.
                                  Rahkaatherikan dhenegathumuge          Aishath                            kurumuge machah baaru alhaa                                                                                07 Jan 2009 to                                                 and hard copy of the
2      Commission of the                                                              3336539                                                                              K. Male'                   15/01/2009                               29-Jan-09           Will send the
                                      gothun kuraa dhiraasaa             Shooza                      micommmissionun thahyaaru kuramundhaa                                                                              14 Jan 2009                                                      report need to
          Maldives                                                                                  reportah beynunvaa mauloomaathu hoadhun                                                                                                                         report soon.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         contact Aisha.

                                    Disaster management and              Sultana                        To assess community perception and          Laamu atoll ( Fonadhoo and Gan                                     19 Jan 2009 to
3         Sultana Shakir                                                              7934130                                                                                                         18/01/2009                               12-Feb-09                                 Research base
                                 community participation in Maldives.     Shakir                  participation in disaster management in Maldives. ), Raa atoll      ( Dhuvaafaru )                                    29 Jan 2009

                                                                                                                                                               Male’, Villigilli, Hulhumale’, S.                                                                   1st Draft of the
                                                                                                   To understand the influences and criterions
        Think Association                                                Abdulla                                                                                Hithadhoo, S. Feydhoo, Ha.                              10th Feb 2009                              report finished
4                                Mobile Telephony Telecom Survey.                     3342640      when deciding on mobile phone products and                                                           5/2/2009                                5-Mar-09
        Maldives Pvt Ltd.                                                Reyshan                                    services.
                                                                                                                                                             Hoarafushi, Ha. Ihavandhoo, Hdh.                          to 28th Feb 2009                            and need to be
                                                                                                                                                             Kulhudhufushi, and Gn Foamulah..                                                                          finalized

                                    Disaster management and              Sultana                        To assess community perception and                        K.Thulusdhoo instead of                               13th Feb 2009
5         Sultana Shakir                                                              7934130                                                                                                           8/2/2009                               12-Feb-09
                                 community participation in Maldives.     Shakir                  participation in disaster management in Maldives.                    R.Dhuvaafaru                                    to 14th Feb 2009

                                 Assessment of activities addressing     Simadh                      assess the atatus of activities and services                                                                       05th Feb 2009
6          CDE pvt ltd                                                                7777445                                                                Male', Addu Atoll and Lhaviyani atoll      9/2/2009                             28th Feb 2009            On going
                                   rights of disadvantaged groups         Saeed                         evaluate the outcome of the services                                                                           to 20th Feb 2009
                                                                                                     To gather background information on the
                                  Economic valuation of protected         Zaha                    recreational use of MPAs. To assist in planning,                                                                     15th feb 2009 to
7    Marine Research Centre                                                           7904730                                                                           AA, Adh Atoll                  10/2/2009                               31/12/2009             On going
                                              areas                      Waheed                       establishing and managing a system of                                                                             30th Aug 2009
                                                                                                           protected areas in the Maldives
        Dhivehi Rajjeyge            0 - 18 aharaai dhemedhuge
                                                                                      3345868 /    Dhivehi Rajjeygai 0 - 18 aharaai dhemedhuge                                                                         02nd Apr 2009
8     Thauleem kuriaruvaa         kudhinnge nukulhedhun therikan        Ahmed Athif    3345902
                                                                                                                                                                    N, Dh,Th, L, Gn Atoll              26/3/2009                                                      On going
                                                                                                  Haasa ehee ah beynunvaa kudhin dhenegathun                                                                           to 1st Dec 2009
            Marukaz                        dhenegaththun
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       30th Mar 2009
                                   Digital Copier/Printer end user        Sunil
9    Big Consultency Pvt Ltd                                                          7835348      To access the usage of products and services                             Male'                      26/3/2009        to 18th April            Jun-09               On going
                                               survey.                   Mansoor
                                                                                                     To design and conduct a national representative
                                    The Maldives Mobile Phone                                     sample survey to collect inform on the current status of
        Pricewaterhouse                                                  Jatndra                     mobile phone usage, access to banking facilities,                                                                 19th Apr 2009 to
10                                Banking Project: Baseline Market                    7781029      purchase made electronically and related information
                                                                                                                                                                list attached with the approval        12/4/2009                             30th June 2009                              Market study
            Coopers                                                      Bhatirai                                                                                                                                        30 june 2009
                                               Study.                                             needed to develop a mobile phone based payments or
                                                                                                                       bank system.
                                                                                                     to find out the perceptions of tourists on shark
                                                                                                   population in the Maldives. The survey will help the
                                 Survey for Tourists at Male' Airport -                                                                                                                                                1st May2009 to     End of June (within 3
11   Marine Research Centre                                             Sofia Ahsan 3322242        government to prepare management plan and help                         K.Hulhule'                 16th April 2009                                                  On going
                                          Willingness to pay                                          sustain reef habitats and biodiversity richness                                                                  30th May 2009            months)
                                                                                                                   throughout the country
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Data collection
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and data entry of
                                                                                                   makunudhooge maalee haalathaai dhiriulhey
     Ministry of Fisheries and                                           Hussein                                                                                                                                       26th April 2009                                the survey
                                                                                                    meehun ge fenvaru dhiraasaa kurun adhi
12                                        Baseline Survey                             3322625                                                                         Hdh. Makunudhoo                22th April 2009                             Jun-09             finished, Data
            Agriculture                                                   Sinaan                   masverikamaa dhanduverikamugai harakaai                                                                             to 03 May 2009
                                                                                                      theriyaa feybisee thah dhenegathun.                                                                                                                            cleaning and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  report writing is
                                                                                               Identify changing access to acquisition of food
                                                                                                  due to rpice changfes, Identify access to
       UNICEF / Shiyara (            Nutrition and Food Security                                                                                                                                                       14th May 2009
13                                                                        Shiyara     7900820 adecute variety of food stuff for highly dispersed                  HDh, K, L, GDh, Dh, B, S           12th May 2009                                July
          Consultant)                        Assessment.                                        population, History of continued high level of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       to 14 June 2009
                                                                                                                   wasting .
       Ministry of Human                                                                            To test the impact and the extent of influence
                                 Study to Measure the Occupational Fathimath                                                                                                                                             May 2009 to
14    Resourses, Youth and                                                            3347339      rendered by major factors historically cited that            3 islands from each province         14th May 2009                               Jul-09
                                 Aspiration amonsgt Maldivian Youth Thasneem                           affects Level of Ossupational Aspiration                                                                           June 2009

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