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Sales Manager or Director in Search Engine Marketing


Sales Manager or Director in Search Engine Marketing document sample

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									                                                   What can you do with a
                                                    Marketing Major?

    International                          Internet                            Market                              Nonprofit                              Service
     Marketing                            Marketing                           Research                             Marketing                            Management

                                                                       Establish research methods and
                                      Plan, direct, and execute a           design formats for data          Plan, develop, and direct the            Plan, develop, and direct the
  Facilitate the marketing of        marketing plan for a service or
 products in specified regions                                         gathering and analysis; Collect,     marketing efforts for a non-profit       marketing efforts for a particular
                                     product over the Internet that       organize, and interpret data          organization; Develop                 brand, product, and/or service
 using decentralized decision            combines a company's
making; Visit and maintain close                                       from local, regional, national, or    marketing materials including              in an effort to increase the
                                    business model and sales goals         other areas to determine            brochures, website, and               perceived value to customers;
    business contacts with            with its website function and
 customers, consultants, and                                            potential sales of a product or       newsletters describing the                  Coordinate activities of
                                      appearance; Provide client        service; Investigate consumer         benefits, services, donation           specialists in production, sales,
    International Marketing          account support for website;
  Representatives in foreign                                             reactions to new or improved         opportunities, and value of                 advertising, promotions,
                                    Promote web content and social       products or services; Gather          organization; Organize,                 research and development,
            territories              media promotions through e-        data on competitors' products,          manage, and direct the                market research, purchasing,
                                      mail marketing, banner ads,         services, and locations and        fundraising campaign for the                   distribution, package
                                     and search engine marketing            analyze their marketing                   organization                       development, and finance
                                                                            methods and strategies
   International Marketing
   Specialist, International
     Marketing Manager,                                                 Market Researcher, Market
   International Marketing          Online Marketing Manager, E-                                               Organization Manager,                   Brand Manager, Product
                                     Merchandising Manager, E-            Analyst, Market Research
    Representative, Global                                                Analyst, Project Manager,          Marketing Director, Assistant           Manager, Product Development
Marketing Director, International    Commerce Director, Online                                              Marketing Director, Director of                    Manager
                                    Marketing Developer, Online         Market Research Consultant,
     Marketing Associate,                                              Client Services and Consulting         Development/Fund-Raiser,
   International Marketing          Marketing Specialist, Account                                           Events Coordinator, Publication
                                            Coordinator                 Manager, Market Research
        Representative                                                 Manager, Product Line Manager          Specialist, Intern/Volunteer

                                                                                                                                                 The Career Center
                                                                                                                                                 3020 Schneider Hall
                                                  What can you do with a
                                                   Marketing Major?

       Public                                                                                                                             Sports
                                                       Retail                                      Sales
      Relations                                                                                                                          Marketing

    Analyze and evaluate objectives,                                                                                                Negotiate sponsorships with advertisers
                                                                                       Analyze customer situations and develop
 promotional polices, and needs of an       Manage and operate an individual store                                                   and/or sporting goods manufacturers;
                                                                                            unique solutions to address their
organization to develop public relations    or department within a store; Select and                                                Act as liaisons between teams, athletic
                                                                                          problems and needs; Sell goods or
   strategies that will influence public       purchase merchandise for a store;                                                     departments, and new media; Prepare
                                                                                       services for manufactures or wholesalers
opinion or promote ideas; Write and edit      Manage a group of stores and report                                                    press guides and press releases, and
                                                                                         to businesses or individuals; Answer
  organizational publications including       performance to headquarters; Assist                                                   organize "media days;" Create a team's
                                                                                          customer questions about products,
 press releases, in-house newsletters,       customers by ascertaining their needs                                                   official publications such as programs,
                                                                                         prices, availability, product uses, and
speeches, articles, and annual reports;       and finding a product to match; Train                                                      commemorative magazines and
                                                                                           credit terms; Contact regular and
  Respond to requests for information            new employees in various retail                                                        websites; Design and implement
                                                                                        prospective customers to demonstrate
     from the media; Arrange public         operations associated with the company                                                 promotional campaigns to increase event
                                                                                        products, explain product features, and
  appearances, lectures, contests, or                    and/or industry                                                                             attendance
                                                                                                      solicit orders
 exhibits for clients to increase product
         and service awareness

  Public Relations Specialist, Public                                                   Store Manager, Sales Representative,         Sports Marketing Manager, Promotion
                                            Management Trainee, Salesperson, Store     Sales Manager, District Sales Manager,          and Development Director, Sports
  Relations Officer, Public Relations        Manager, Buyer, Department Manager,
 Manager, Communication Specialist,                                                        Regional Sales Manager, Sales           Information Director, Information Director
                                                      Regional Manager                      Supervisor, General Manager
           Media Specialist

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