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									Science, Technology,
Engineering and
                          Aerospace Engineer
Career Cluster
    Research Technician


Chemist                        Meteorologist
                                        20 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Career Choices
                                        Career                                                           Education Required                            Oklahoma Salary                          Job Growth/
                                                                                                                                                                                                Job Openings Per Year
                                        Environment Scientist and Specialist                                  Graduate Degree                            $39,500 ($18.99/hr)                   23% growth/60
                                        Aerospace Engineer                                                    Bachelor’s Degree                          $79,000 ($37.98/hr)                   10% growth/40
                                        Biomedical Engineer/ Biotechnology Engineer                           Bachelor’s Degree                          $53,100 ($25.52/hr)                   29% growth/10
                                        Chemical Engineer                                                     Bachelor’s Degree                          $63,800($30.66/hr)                    10% growth/10
                                        Chemist                                                               Bachelor’s Degree                          $54,000 ($25.94/hr)                   17% growth/20
                                        Civil Engineer                                                        Bachelor’s Degree                          $66,200 ($31.80/hr)                   14% growth/50
                                        Computer Hardware Engineer                                            Bachelor’s Degree                          $84,500 ($40.62/hr)                    4% growth/10
                                        Computer Software Engineer                                            Bachelor’s Degree                          $67,200 ($32.33/hr)                   37% growth/80
                                        Environmental Engineer                                                Bachelor’s Degree                          $70,200 ($33.73/hr)                   42% growth/20
                                        Petroluem Engineer                                                    Bachelor’s Degree                          $86,700 ($41.70/hr)                    5% growth/60
                                        Mechanical Engineer                                                   Bachelor’s Degree                          $67,500 ($32.46/hr)                   10% growth/70
                                        Medical Scientist                                                     Bachelor’s Degree                          $42,500 ($20.42/hr)                   31% growth/60
                                        Statistician                                                          Bachelor’s Degree                          $38,700 ($18.59/hr)               10% growth/9,000**
                                        Microbiologist                                                        Bachelor’s Degree                          $43,400 ($20.86/hr)                  26% growth/NA
                                        Architectural and Civil Drafter                                       Associate Degree                           $37,700 ($18.11/hr)                    2% growth/40
                                        Chemical Technician                                                   Associate Degree                           $36,400 ($17.51/hr)                   18% growth/20
                                        Civil Engineering Technician                                          Associate Degree                           $40,700 ($19.55/hr)                   12% growth/20
                                        Electronic Drafters                                                   Associate Degree                           $41,900 ($20.16/hr)                    5% growth/20
                                        Electrician                                                           Technical Training                         $39,900 ($19.17/hr)                  12% growth/220
                                        Electronic Engineering Technician                                     Technical Training                         $49,700 ($23.90/hr)                   12% growth/70
                                        Unless otherwise indicated, all salary and employment outlook data is from O*Net Online, and Careeronestop,
                                        **National Wage Data, same source.

                                        Planning, managing, and providing scientific research and professional and technical services (e.g., physical science,
                                        social science, engineering) including laboratory and testing services, and research and development services.
                                         Aerospace Engineer • Aeronautical Engineer • Agricultural Engineer • Agricultural       Analytical Chemist • Anthropologist • Applied Mathematician • Archeologist
                                         Technician • Application Engineer • Architectural Engineer • Automotive                 • Astronomer • Astrophysicist • Atmospheric Scientist • Biologist • Botanist •
                                         Engineer • Biomedical Engineer • Biotechnology Engineer • Chemical Engineer             CAD Operator • Cartographer • Chemist • Communications Technologist •
Sample Career Specialties/Occupations

                                         • Civil Engineer • Communications Engineer • Computer Engineer • Computer               Conservation Scientist • Cosmologist • Cryptographer • Crystallographer •
                                         Hardware Engineer • Computer Programmer • Computer Science Technician •                 Demographer • Dye Chemist • Ecologist • Economist • Electronmicroscopist
                                         Computer Software Engineer • Construction Engineer • Consultant • Development           • Environmental Scientist • Expert Systems Scientist • Geneticist • Geologist
                                         Engineer • Drafter • Electrical Engineer • Electrician • Electronics Technician •       • Geophysicist • Geoscientist • Herpetologist • Hydrologist • Ichthyologist •
                                         Energy Transmission Engineer • Environmental Engineer • Facilities Technician •         Inorganic Chemist • Laboratory Technician • Mammalogist • Marine Scientist
                                         Fire Protection Engineer • Geothermal Engineer • Hazardous Waste Engineer •             • Materials Analyst • Materials Scientist • Mathematician • Metallurgist
                                         Hazardous Waste Technician • Human Factors Engineer • Industrial Engineer •             • Meteorologist • Microbial Physiologist • Mycologist • Nanobiologist •
                                         Industrial Engineering Technician • Licensing Engineer • Manufacturing Engineer •       Nuclear Chemist • Nuclear Technician • Numerical Analyst • Nutritionist •
                                         Manufacturing Technician • Manufacturing Processes Engineer • Marine Engineer           Oceanographer • Organic Chemist • Ornithologist • Paleontologist • Physicist
                                         • Materials Engineer • Materials Lab & Supply Technician • Mechanical Engineer          • Polymer Scientist • Programmer • Protein Scientist • Protozoologist • Quality-
                                         • Metallurgic Engineer • Mining Engineer • Naval Engineer • Network Technician •        Control Scientist • Radio Chemist • Research Chemist • Research Technician •
                                         Nuclear Engineer • Ocean Engineer • Operations Research Engineer • Packaging            Science Teacher • Lab Technician • Scientific Visualization/Graphics Expert •
                                         Engineer • Packaging Technician • Petroleum Engineer • Pharmaceutical                   Spectroscopist • Statistician • Technical Writer • Technologist • Toxicologist •
                                         Engineer • Plastics Engineer • Power Systems Engineer • Product Design Engineer         Zoologist
                                         • Project Engineer • Project Manager • Prototype Engineer • Quality Engineer
                                         • Quality Technician • Radio/TV Broadcast Technician • Radiology Engineer •
                                         Researcher • Safety Engineer • Software Engineer • Sound Technician • Structural
                                         Engineer • Survey Technician • Systems Design Engineer • Technical Sales
                                         Manager • Technical Writer • Telecommunications Engineer • Textile Engineer •
                                         Transportation Engineer

                                                           Engineering and Technology                                                              Science and Mathematics

                                                                                                       Cluster Knowledge and Skills
Cluster K&S

                                                                          Academics • Communications • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking • Information
                                                                   Technology Applications • Systems • Safety, Health and Environmental • Leadership and Teamwork
                                                                      • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities • Employability and Career Development • Technical Skills
                                                                                                                                                                                 Career Plan of Study

                                                          This plan of study should serve as a guide, along with other career planning materials, as you continue your career path. Courses listed within this
                                                          plan are options for recommended coursework and should be individualized to meet each learner’s educational and career goals. This plan
                                                          should be customized with the educational institution’s specific course titles and meet college-ready/work-ready requirements. Consult your
                                                          school counselor to complete a Career Clusters Plan of Study. Educational levels to be considered (check all that apply):
                                                                _______ On-the-Job Training          _______ Apprenticeship    _______ Military Training   _______ Certificate/License
                                                                _______ Associate Degree             _______ Bachelor’s Degree _______ Professional Degree
                                                                                       NOTE: Interest Inventory administered and interpreted. Tentative Plan of Study initiated for all learners.
                                                                                                                                                     Samples of Career and

                                                                English/                                                  Social Studies/                                                    Other Elective and Required

                                                                                    Math              Science                                        Technology Education
                                                             Language Arts                                                  Sciences                     (CTE) Majors*                                 Courses
                                                                                                                      HIGH SCHOOL/TECHNOLOGY CENTER
                                                      9     English/LA I       Algebra I          Biology I             Oklahoma History        *Pre-Engineering Mechanical                Computer Technology or
                                                            English/LA II      Geometry           Chemistry             American History        *Pre-Engineering Civil and                  Foreign Language
                                                            English/LA III     Algebra II         Physics               U.S. Government           Architecture                             Fine Arts or Speech
                                                            English/LA IV      Trigonometry       (upper division       Economics               *Pre-Engineering Biotech                   Financial Literacy
                                                                               or other upper     lab sciences)         Geography               *Pre-Engineering Aerospace                 Additional courses to support
                                                      10                       level math                               World History           *Electronics Technician                    career goal:

                                                                               courses:                                                          *Biotech Pharmaceutical                   Technology Education
                                                                               Pre-Calculus                                                      *Biomedical Science and                   CAD Drafting and Design
                                                                               Calculus                                                            Medicine                                Introduction to Horticulture
                                                                               Statistics                                                       *Lab Science Technician                    Introduction to Plant and Soil Science
                                                                                                                                                *Environmental Safety& Analysis            Biotechnology
                                                                                                                                                  Laboratory Science Technician            Computer Programming
                                                      12                                                                                                                                   Additional math and science,
                                                                                                                                                                                           including AP classes
                                                            English Comp I     College           Chemistry              Psychology              Take courses pertinent to pathway TECHNOLOGY CENTER
                                                      13 English Comp II        Algebra          Physics                Global Issues           selected.                         NOTE: Attainment of a CTE major
                                                                               Trigonometry                                                                                       at a technology center may be
                                                                               Calculus I and II                                                                                  completed as a high school student
                                                                                                                                                                                  or an adult. Career Major courses

                                                            Speech/Oral       Introduction to Dependent on              American History        Continue courses pertinent to the may count for college credit.
                                                      14 Communications Differential          chosen path               Sociology               pathway selected.
                                                            Technical Writing Equations                                 Ethics and Legal
                                                                              Calculus III                               Issues
                                                                                                                                                                                          NOTE: Use the postsecondary
                                                      15 Continue courses in area of specialization. Use institution’s degree plan.                                                       institution’s degree plan to help
                                                                                                                                                                                          customize the learner’s plan
                                                                                                                                                                                          with regard to degrees, licenses,
                                                      16 Complete courses for Career Major. Use institution’s degree plan.                                                                certification, etc.

                                                            Opportunities for experience/training for high school or postsecondary learner:
                                                            ___ Career and Technology Education student organization ___ Internship/work study ___ Job shadowing ___ Mentorship
                                                            ___ Part-time employment ___ Volunteer work in charitable/community organizations ___ Work-based/work-site learning
                                                         Samples of Degree/Certification Programs                                                                      Sample of Short-Term Training Options
                                            TECHNOLOGY CENTER          COMMUNITY COLLEGE          COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY
       For more information, visit                                                    For more information, visit               For more information, visit
           See samples of CTE majors above                                           Civil Engineering Technology           Biochemistry                    AutoCAD
           and other clusters.                                                       Electronics Technology                 Biology                         Internet & Network Security
                                                                                     Industrial Technology                  Chemistry                       Safety Training
                                                                                     Nano Scientific Instrumentation        Civil Engineer                  VB Net
                                                                                     Pre-Engineering                        Environmental Science           Visual Basic 6
                                                                                     BioTechnology                          Mathematics                     Wireless Technology
       Sample plan adapted from the States’ Career Cluster Initiatives Pathway Plans of Study.
                                                                          In Science, Technology,
                                                                          Engineering and Mathematics
                                                                          you can . . .
                                                                          • Solve Mathematical Mysteries
                                                                          • Discover a New Planet
                                                                          • Protect the Environment
                                                                          • Cure Diseases
                                                                          • Research New Technology
                                                                          • Design New Cities

  The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
  does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national
  origin, sex/gender, age, disability, or veteran status. Inquiries
  concerning application of this policy may be referred to ODCTE,
  Compliance Coordinator, 1500 West Seventh Avenue, Stillwater,
  OK 74074-4364, 1-800-522-5810 or (405) 377-2000.

Oklahoma Department of Career
 and Technology Education
1500 West Seventh Avenue                                                         Cutting-edge developments
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074-4364                                                  are being seen in Nanotech,
For additional information, visit
                                                                                 Nanoscale Materials, Molecular                                            Manufacturing, Quantum Computing,                                                           Nanomedicine, Nanoelectronics,                                                         Nanotubes, and Molecular Biology.

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