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									           College: Chemeketa Community College                                                  Program: Accounting
       High School: St. Paul High School                                           Degree/Certificate: Accounting
R                                            Funded by the   U. S. Department of Education (V051B020001)  Associate of Applied Science

                                                                            HIGH SCHOOL COURSES
                                                                        Grade                9TH                            10TH                         11TH                         12TH
                                                 ENGLISH                                   English 9                      English 10                   English 11                English 12/WR121
           Required and/or

                                                  MATH                                     Algebra 1                      Geometry                      Algebra 2            College Algebra/ MTH111
                                                 SCIENCE                               IPS/Earth Space                    Biology
                                                                                                                     Economics (EC200)/
                                        SOCIAL STUDIES                               20th Century Studies I
                                                                                                                    American Government
                                                                                                                                                 20th Century Studies II

                                    CAREER/TECHNICAL                                 Keyboarding (CA121)               Accounting I/II              Accounting III/IV             Accounting V/VI
                                  EXTENDED APPLICATION                                                                 (Teamwork and
                                                                                      (Career Exploration)                                         (Problem-Solving)           (Project Management)
                                   (Diploma Requirement)                                                               Communication)

                                     COLLEGE COURSES (Highlighted courses may be offered through College Credit Now)
     Pre-requisites              Term 1                       Term 2                       Term 3                         Term 4                        Term 5                       Term 6
         BT061A                                                                                                                                          BA203
                                   BA101                     BA202                         BA131A                          BA226                                                      BA177
        Electronic                                                                                                                              Interpersonal Relations in
                             Intro to Business        Personal Effectiveness     Business Productivity Software        Business Law 1                                                 Payroll
       Calculators A                                                                                                                                    Business

                                                               BA212                                                                                                                  BA268
          BT085                  BA211                                                    BA213                           BA240                   BA206 Business
                                                              Financial                                                                                                         Intermed. Financial
     Business English 2      Financial Acct. 1                                      Managerial Accounting          Governmental/ Nonprofit      Management Principals
                                                             Accounting 2                                                                                                          Accounting 3
                                                                                                                       Accounting 1
                                                                                                                                                                             BA280C Cooperative Work
         CA121A                  CS125E                       BA214                                                       BA257                          BA222
                                                                             BA256 Income Tax Accounting 1                                                                          Experience
      Keyboarding A          Excel-Workbooks        Business Communications+                                       Income Tax Accounting         Financial Management
                                                                                                                                                                              Business elective: BA or
                                 MTH062                      CS125A                                                          BA266                    BA228                   EC 200+ (see attached),
          CS101                                                                               EC200
                              Business Apps          Micro Database Software -                                    Inter. Financial Accounting    Computer Accounting         CA208, CS135AC, CS278I,
Intro to Microcomputers                                                              Intro. to Economics+
                               Using Math+                    Access                                                           1                    Applications                    or CS178W

                                                                                                                           BA271A                        BA267
           MTH060                                           MTH070                         WR227                                                                               Humanities/Fine Arts
                                                                                                                  Information Technology in        Intermed. Financial
    Introductory Algebra+                              Elementary Algebra+             Technical Writing                                                                           Elective
                                                                                                                          Business                    Accounting 2

         RD090                                                                                                                                                               elective: PSY101, PSY104,
College Textbook Reading                                                                                                                                                         SCO204, SOC205,
          Accounting AAS - Elective Options
      (Bolded electives can be offered as College Credit Now courses)
                       Business Electives
BA200K                    Conflict Resolution at Work                   1
 BA204                        Teamwork Dynamics                         3
 BA215                          Cost Accounting                         3
 BA228               Computer Accounting Applications                   3
 BA238                        Sales and Persuasion                      3
 BA240             Governmental/Non-Profit Accounting 1                 3
 BA242                             Investments                          3
 BA250                   Small Business Management                      3
 BA251                         Office Management                        3
 BA256                      Income tax Accounting 1                     4
 BA257                     Income Tax Accounting 2                      4
 BA258                   Budgeting in the Public Sector                 3
 BA266              Intermediate Financial Accounting 1                 4
 BA267              Intermediate Financial Accounting 2                 4
 BA268              Intermediate Financial Accounting 3                 4
BA271A              Information Technology in Business                  3
 BA275                  Quantitative Business Methods                   4
CA118A                     Microsoft Windows Basics                     1
CA118B                           Excel Basics 1                         1
CA118B2                          Excel Basics 2                         1
CA118B3                          Excel Basics 3                         1
CA118C1                         Access Basics 1                         1
CA118C2                         Access Basics 2                         1
CA118D               Internet for the Office Environment                1
CA118E                           Outlook Basics                         1
CA118F1                       PowerPoint Basics 1                       1
CS135A          Advanced Microcomputer Database Software                3
 CS178I             Introduction to the Internet/WWW                    3
CS178W                   Fundamentals of Web Design                     5
 EC201                  Introduction to Microeconomics                  3
 EC202                 Introduction to Macroeconomics                   3
 EC203                Applications to Economic Issues                   3

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