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					March 18, 2008                              MOBILE BANKING LAUNCHES WITH COAST CAPITAL
                                            SAVINGS AND MOUNT LEHMAN CREDIT UNION
In This Issue:
                                            MemberDirect Mobile Services went live today with two of our project
- Mobile Banking Launches with              champions, Coast Capital Savings and Mount Lehman Credit Union.
  Mt. Lehman and Coast Capital              First Calgary Savings will be launching shortly.
- Implementation Details
                                            They are the first financial institutions in Canada to utilize SMS text
                                            messaging to provide customers with account balances and recent
For More Information:                       transactions. This technology is being introduced by many of the banks in
If you have any questions about any         the U.S., but is not yet offered by any of the big banks in Canada.
of our MemberDirect services,
please contact:                             Users simply type a short code into their mobile phone, such as MONEY
                                            (66639) for Mt. Lehman or COAST (26278) for Coast Capital Savings, and
Barbara Symons                              receive a text message back providing them with their account balance
Product Marketing Manager                   and five most recent transactions.
Phone: 604.730.6382
                                            Text messaging makes it easy for users, as they don’t need to download a
If you have any questions on your           specific application or have an internet connection. They can easily check
current services, please contact:           their balance before making a purchase, providing them with better              information to budget and plan their spending.

About MemberDirect eNews                    Gene Blishen, general manager of Mount Lehman Credit Unions states,
MemberDirect eNews is a regular
                                            “Text banking is simple, quick and convenient and is a powerful tool which
publication sent to our clients using       will provide our members with another option to manage their finances and
MemberDirect services.                      stay connected.”

To subscribe, please send an email          This service is also attractive to the younger demographic who are big
to with your              users of text messaging.
name and email address.
To unsubscribe from future                  “We’re always looking for ways to connect with the youth demographic,
newsletters, please reply to this email     and SMS banking will appeal to this group, but we also know that more
with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.     and more adults are texting,” said Sheila Baker, Coast Capital’s chief
                                            information officer.

                                            IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS

                                            MemberDirect Mobile Services will first be made available to clients on
                                            MemberDirect Integrated Services, and then to other MemberDirect
                                            Service clients.

                                            We already have a number of clients that have requested MemberDIrect
                                            Mobile Services, and within the next several weeks we will provide more
                                            detailed information and start to schedule their implementations beginning
                                            in Q2 2008.

                                            If you have not yet indicated your interest, or if you have any questions on
                                            MemberDirect Mobile Services, please contact Barbara Symons at
                                   or 604.730.6382.

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