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					      St. John the Baptist Parish Sales and Use Tax Return Worksheet
This worksheet is designed to assist you in preparing your St. John the Baptist Parish Sales and Use Tax Return. Feel free
           to copy this worksheet into your spreadsheet program (this worksheet is in Microsoft Excel format).

                                                 IF YOU OWE TAXES
Fill in the applicable lines (A through Z) in the INPUT BOX and the worksheet prepares the return. The lines on the right side
of the INPUT BOX tell you what to fill in on each line. You can also refer to the "Return Instructions" on the "Registration,
 Filing, Forms and Instructions" page of this web site for a better explanation of how to fill out the return. Make sure that
you fill in all of the lines that pertain to your company and filing period. Leave the not applicable lines blank. Print the return
 and follow the filing instructions on the bottom of the return. You can also fill in lines A through G and leave the rest of the
  INPUT BOX blank to print a blank return that you can fill in manually. Scroll down or use Print Preview to view the return.

                                          IF YOU DO NOT OWE TAXES
    If you are filing a "NO ACTIVITY" return you can email the completed form to us at (Click "File";
then "Send to"; then "Mail Recipient-as Attachment)instead of sending in a paper form. You should request a "read" receipt
 if you email the return. You must complete lines A through I and input the date you send us the return on line J. The return
    will only be accepted if your "Parish Sales Tax Number" is correct and the "NO ACTIVITY" return filing date is entered.

                                IF YOU ARE DUE A REFUND OR CREDIT
 If you are filing a return that results in a refund or credit you must attach the additional supporting documentation required
                                  by Rule 004 and/or Rule 005 in our "Rules and Regulations."

                                                      INPUT BOX
 A                                                                                < Business name as registered (TRADE NAME)
 B                                                                                < Additional Name or Address
 C                                                                                < Address
 D                                                                                < City, State Zipcode
 E                                                                                < Parish Sales Tax Number
 F                                                                                < State Sales Tax Number
 G                                                                                < Filing Status (MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, OCCASIONAL)
 H                                                                                < Period Ending Date (MM / DD / YY)
 I                                                                                < If nothing owed for period type "NO ACTIVITY"
 J                                                                                < "NO ACTIVITY" return filing date (MM / DD /YY)
 K                                                                                < Gross Sales, Leases, Rentals, Services
 L                                                                                < Sales for resale
 M                                                                                < Cash discounts, returns & allowances
 N                                                                                < Sales delivered outside Parish
 O                                                                                < Sales of gasoline & motor fuels
 P                                                                                < Sales to Federal, State & Local government
 Q                                                                                < Sales paid for with Food Stamps / WIC
 R                                                                                < In Parish resale tax paid purchases
 S                                                                                < Other deduction amount
 T                                                                                < Other deduction description
 U                                                                                < Other deduction amount
 V                                                                                < Other deduction description
 W                                                                                < Excess tax collected
 X                                                                                < Purchases subject to use tax (see line 14)
 Y                                                                                < Food & Drug sales (see line 16A)
 Z                                                                                < Tax Debit (Credit) - Authorized Memo Only
                                                                                  < Place "X" if AMENDED RETURN
                                                                                  < Place "X" if FINAL RETURN
                                                     St. John the Baptist Parish
                                                    SALES AND USE TAX RETURN
                                                                                                      FILING STATUS:
                                                                                                      PERIOD ENDED:


  1 Gross sales of tangible personal property, leases, rentals, and services                                                    1
                                                ALLOWABLE DEDUCTIONS

  2 Sales for resale                                                                                                            2
  3 Cash discounts, sales returns and allowances                                                                                3
  4 Sales delivered outside the Parish                                                                                          4
  5 Sales of gasoline and special fuels                                                                                         5
  6 Sales to U.S. Government, State of Louisiana, & political subdivisions                                                      6
                    OTHER DEDUCTIONS AUTHORIZED BY LAW (explain)
  7 Food paid for with USDA food stamps & WIC vouchers (see Line 16A)                                                           7
  8 Purchases for resale in Parish that Parish tax was paid on when bought                                                      8
  9                                                                                                                             9
 10                                                                                                                         10
 11 Total allowable deductions (Add Line 2 through 10)                                                                      11
 12 Adjusted gross sales (Line 1 minus Line 11)                                                                             12
                                       COMPUTATION OF SALES AND USE TAX
 14 Cost of tangible personal property subject to use tax in the Parish                                                     14
       (Used, consumed, stored for use or consumption; purchased, imported to be sold in coin-operated vending machines)
 15 Total (Add Lines 12 through 14)                                                                                         15
 16 Tax Due                                                       Multiply Line 15 by >                         4.75%       16
      (Sales of food for preparation in the home, drugs, insulin, orthotic & prosthetic devices,                X 1% =
           and patient aids prescribed by physicians, dentists, or licensed chiropractors)                                16A
16B Net tax due (Line 16 minus Line 16A)                                                                                  16B
 17 Excess tax collected                                                                                                    17
 18 Total tax due (Line 16B minus Line 17)                                                                                  18
 19 Vendor's compensation (2%)             If not delinquent, multiply Line 18 by >                                         19
 20   Net tax due (Line 18 minus Line 19)                                                                                   20
 21   Late Penalty (5% per month; maximum 25%)                                                                              21
 22   Interest (15% per annum)                                                                                              22
 23   Total tax, penalty, and interest due (Add Lines 20, 21, & 22)                                                         23
 24   Tax debit or (credit) - Authorized memo must be attached to return when filed                                         24
 25 Total amount due                                                                                  PAY THIS AMOUNT:      25
                                                                                                   REFUND (CREDIT) DUE:     25

 26                                                                                                     CHECK NUMBER:
                                              STATE TAX NUMBER / PARISH TAX NUMBER                                          /
I declare under the penalties for filing false reports that this return, including any accompanying schedules and statements, has been examined by me
   and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct and complete return. If the return is prepared by a person other than the taxpayer, his
         declaration is based on all the information relating to the matters required to be reported in the return of which he has any knowledge.

                              Signature                          Date                                       Preparer Signature          Date
      Make all remittances payable to St. John the Baptist Parish Sales and Use Tax Office
      Make sure return and check are signed and dated
      Mail to: St. John the Baptist Parish Sales and Use Tax Office P.O. Box 2066 LaPlace LA 70068-2066
      Returns and payments are due not later than the 20th of the month following the tax reporting period
          $                 -
          $                 -

          $                 -
          $                 -

          $                     -
          $                 -

          $                 -
          $                 -
          $                 -
          $                 -
          $                 -
          $                 -

          $                 -
          $                 -

ments, has been examined by me
son other than the taxpayer, his
h he has any knowledge.

r Signature      Date

LA 70068-2066
reporting period

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