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					           Board Approved Major Capital Projects as of June 2004
             Project                                                                                                                Other       Total       Construction
Priority                     Inst.         Project Name                             Project Description                                                                            GSF
              Type                                                                                                                 Funding   Project Cost    Cost (SCL)

                                                               This project provides for complete rehabilitation of two historic
                                                               buildings. It includes a small addition, which will connect the
           Addition/                  Parks Nursing/Health     two buildings and provide access for both to an elevator and
   1                     GCSU                                  various specialty classrooms. The Nursing and Health                           10,648,760          8,102,760         60,000
           Renovation                 Science Renovation
                                                               Sciences programs will remain in the renovated facilities.
                                                               The project is being coordinated with the Historic
                                                               Preservation Division of DNR.
                                                               This instructional facility will include classrooms and replace
                                                               the existing antiquated Health and Physical Education
           New                        Health, Wellness &       facilities. The project accommodates expansion of health
   2                    UWG                                                                                                                   29,451,040         22,781,000        166,000
           Construction               Lifelong Learning Ctr.   care instruction programs and programs in Lifelong Learning.
                                                               Space currently leased for Lifelong Learning programs will be
                                                               This project is an integrated instructional and academic
                                                               support center, combining space needs historically
           New                        Library/Technology       segregated in separate library and classroom/computer lab
   3                    NGCSU                                  facilities. This facility serves citizens as an access point to                22,316,180         17,450,000        107,000
           Construction               Center
                                                               alternative learning technologies, providing for technology
                                                               enhanced learning and emerging trends in
                                                               distance/distributed learning technology.
                                                               This instructional facility will accommodate students enrolled
                                                               in core curriculum as well as majors in the Department of
           New                        Academic Classroom       Social and Behavioral Sciences. The project is to provide
   4                    SSU                                                                                                                   13,593,440         10,800,000         70,000
           Construction               Building                 50% new and 50% replacement space for existing marginal
                                                               facilities identified for demolition in the campus master
                                                               planning process.
                                                               This instructional facility, associated with the Nursing, Health
                                                               Science and Outreach Complex, will house the Professional
           New                        Professional Sciences
   5                    MSC                                    Sciences, expanding specialized classrooms and labs                            22,655,380         17,000,000        100,000
           Construction               Building
                                                               needed for current programs. Meeting, and training space for
                                                               system wide use will be included.

                                                             This instructional facility will accommodate students enrolled
                                                             in the Sciences, expanding classrooms and labs needed for
           New                        Academic Classroom
   6                    FVSU                                 current undergraduate programs and associated graduate                           16,991,800         13,200,000         86,000
           Construction               Building
                                                             programs. The project is to provide 50% new and 50%
                                                             replacement space for existing marginal facilities identified for
                                                             demolition in the campus master planning process.
                                                             This instructional facility includes classrooms, teaching labs,
           New                        Teaching Laboratory
   7                    Ga. State                            research labs, offices, and other academic and technology         25,000,000     74,131,000         59,081,000        202,400
           Construction               Building
                                                             support areas.
                                                             This facility for the College of Pharmacy includes classrooms,
           New                                               lectures halls, offices, teaching labs, research labs, 5 animal
   8                    UGA           College of Pharmacy                                                                                     38,213,000         29,500,000        111,350
           Construction                                      lab/holding spaces and other academic and technology
                                                             support areas.
                                                             This project combines 56,000 gsf new construction and
                                      Health & Human         24,000 gsf renovation, to include classrooms, labs, offices,
   9       Construction/ GSSU                                                                                                                 13,647,500         11,000,000         79,000
                                      Sciences Building      student support/medical examination spaces, and other
                                                             academic and technology support areas.
           New                                               This instructional facility includes classrooms, a lecture hall,
  10                    ALSU          Liberal Arts Building                                                                                   23,473,700         18,100,000        112,000
           Construction                                      labs, offices, practice rooms, and support spaces.
                                                             Rehabilitation of the campus’ three original (c. 1906) historic
                                      Herring, Lewis & Tift
  11       Renovation    ABAC                                buildings to provide classrooms, offices, technology support                     10,070,000          7,525,000         39,800
                                      Hall Renovation
                                                             areas and conference rooms.
                                                             This instructional building includes standard and research
           New                        Innovative Learning
  12                    GIT                                  classrooms, distance learning classrooms, lecture halls, 13,000,000              43,740,000         33,240,000        205,000
           Construction               Resource Center
                                                             offices, and technology support areas.
                                                             Rehabilitation of 29,000-gsf (c.1937) historic building to
  13       Renovation    GCSU         Beeson Hall Renovation                                                                                   9,010,000          6,255,000         28,600
                                                             provide faculty offices.
                                                             This instructional building includes classrooms, lecture halls,
           New                        Academic Classroom &
  14                    CSU                                  labs, offices, collaborative study areas and computer-support                    25,440,000         19,400,000        108,800
           Construction               Lab Building
                                                             This instructional building includes classrooms, lecture halls,
                                                             labs and offices. A recent review by the Southern Association
           New                        Academic Classroom
  15                    AASU                                 of Colleges & Schools (SACS) noted deficiencies in                               23,850,000         18,686,000        121,000
           Construction               Building
                                                             instructional space. This project will address those
                                                             This facility houses both the special collections of books,
                                                             manuscripts, media and a repository for less used materials
           New                        Special Collections
  16                    UGA                                  from the general collections. The facility will be accessible to 12,000,000      37,440,000         29,090,000        150,000
           Construction               Library
                                                             the university population and to the public and will free up
                                                             This space includes construction of new
                                                             floor projectin the Main, Science, andaLaw Libraries.
                                                             Academic/Technology Building to house all technical, allied
                                                             health & nursing, adult literacy, and student services
           New                                               programs. The new facility will house laboratory, classroom,
           Construction               Academic/Technology office, and support space to meet academic space needs of
  17                    CGCC                                                                                                                  18,800,000         16,756,100        117,500
           and                        Building               various programs. The project also entails a complete
           Renovation                                        renovation of the 17,500 square foot Allied Health Building to
                                                             consolidate all student services functions in a one-stop

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           Board Approved Major Capital Projects as of June 2004
             Project                                                                                                                            Other          Total       Construction
Priority                     Inst.          Project Name                                   Project Description                                                                                   GSF
              Type                                                                                                                             Funding      Project Cost    Cost (SCL)

                                                                    This project will address the deficit in instructional space on
           New                                                      the campus due to the rise in student enrollment. Specific
           Construction                                             needs addressed with the construction of this project include
  18                    BC             Academic Building                                                                                                     16,000,000         12,120,000        80,000
           and                                                      24 classrooms, 2 large lecture halls, 7 labs, and 1 computer
           Renovation                                               lab. Much needed faculty offices, conference rooms, and
                                                                    work/copy rooms are also included.
                                                                    This project will replace 1960's style high-school quality space
           New                         Mathematics &
  19                    SPSU                                        to accommodate existing enrollment. The building will                                    30,000,000         21,500,000       110,000
           Construction                Engineering Building
                                                                    occupy the site where Building "I" is now located.
                                                                    This 185,000 GSF project will provide much needed facilities
           New                                                      for academic instruction on the Clarkston and Dunwoody
  20                    GPC            Academic Facilities                                                                                                   36,000,000         28,600,000       185,000
           Construction                                             campuses. The buildings will consist primarily of academic
                                                                    instruction space, with most of this space the deficit in
                                                                    This new classroom building will address in classrooms.
                                                                    instructional space on the Gwinnett University Center
  21                    Gwinnett       Academic Building            campus. The facility will include predominately core academic                            24,500,000         17,851,000       120,000
                                                              This facility will house the College of Nursing, Communication
                                                              Disorders, Sports Medicine/Exercise Science, Marriage and
           New                         Health Sciences &      Family Therapy, Social Work, and the College of Business
  22                    VSU                                                                                                                     3,000,000    40,650,000         32,000,000       244,840
           Construction                Business Admin. Center Administration. The new facility will include general
                                                              classrooms, teaching labs, counseling areas, computer labs,
                                                              audio/visual labs, distance learning classrooms and
                                                              auditorium space.
                                                                                                                                              53,000,000 580,621,800           450,037,860    2,604,290

                         Payback Projects Requested - FY 2006
                                                                                                                                                            Total Project
                         Institution   Project Name                                          Project Description                              Other Funds                 Construction Cost      GSF

                                                                    This project will renovate two existing residence halls to provide for
                                                                    approximately 400 beds. The residence halls (Duncan Hall &
                         GSSU          Residence Hall                                                                                                         14,000,000         10,900,000      114,000
                                                                    Complex III), both constructed in 1969, will be reconfigured to
                                                                    accommodate suite style housing.

                                                                 This 121,000 GSF on-campus housing facility will provide 300 beds
                                                                 along with Student lounge, study hall, laundry room, and office. This
                                                                 43,500 GSF facility will house students enrolled in the GAMES
                                       GAMES Program             (Georgia Academy of Mathematics Engineering & Science) program.
                         MGC                                                                                                                                  21,000,000         18,500,000      121,000
                                       Facility (Residence Hall) GAMES students are high school students who seek to accelerate
                                                                 their education by taking college level courses. The facility will include
                                                                 offices, conference rooms, seminar room, catering kitchen, study
                                                                 rooms, recreation room, TV lounge, snack bar, and resident suites to
                                                                 accommodate approximately 102 students.

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Board Approved Equipment List for Major Capital Projects -- FY 2006 Request
                                                              Equip funds     Construction
        Project Type        Inst.   Project Name                                             GSF
                                                               Requested       Cost (SCL)
                                    Health Sciences
  E1   Equipment       MCG                                        3,200,000     30,350,000   190,000
  E2   Equipment       FC           Bartow Center Phase 1          945,000      13,846,000   130,787
                                    Klaus Advanced
  E3   Equipment       GIT                                        3,500,000     39,397,000   210,000
                                    Computing Bldg.
  E4   Equipment       KSU          Social Science Building       1,573,000     27,050,000   171,800
                                    Student Center,
  E5   Equipment       GPC                                         800,000       6,100,000    53,700
                                    PVAC (School of Art),
  E6   Equipment       UGA                                        1,522,000     31,500,000   208,000
                                    Phase 2
                                                                11,540,000 148,243,000
                 Board Approved Minor Capital Projects - FY 2006 - Current Budget Request
                                                                                                                                                   Other      Total Project Const. Cost
Project Type         Inst.              Project Name                                        Project Description                                                                              GSF
                                                                                                                                                  Funding         Cost        (SCL)
                                                               This project provides for the addition of a new 28,000 Student Services
                                                               Addition onto the existing Student Center. The new addition will house the
Addition         Albany State Student Center Addition          Communications Department, a 100-student “Smart” Classroom, 24-hour                                5,000,000                   28,000
                                                               accessible Internet access sites, a security post, classrooms and numerous
                                                               teaching spaces.
                                                               This project provides for the renovation of Jenkins Hall, a 200-seat
                                                               performance theater building constructed in 1967 with approximately 11,000
                 Armstrong                                     gsf. This project will also include the construction of an approximately 2,000
Renovation                        Jenkins Hall Renovation                                                                                                         2,900,000     2,169,180     12,670
                  Atlantic                                     gsf addition to Jenkins Hall. Renovation work includes the incorporation of a
                                                               black-box theater, the addition of a multi-purpose classroom, upgrades to the
                                                               rehearsal rooms, and update of the electrical and mechanical systems.
                                  Central Plant and Utility    Replacement of primary underground piping loop, for water and sewer
Infrastructure       AMC                                                                                                                                          2,000,000
                                  Line Replacements            service, replacement of central plant equipment that is 28 years old.
                                                               The existing Central Energy Plant is at capacity and will need to be expanded
                   Augusta        Central Energy Plant         to meet future growth on campus. The existing plant building will be expanded
Infrastructure                                                                                                                                                    2,500,000     2,150,000      5,000
                    State         Expansion                    by 5,000 GSF to house a new chiller and cooling tower, new condenser
                                                               pumps, new boiler, additional offices, and storage space.
                                                               Purchase of Ga. Power property - includes 4 acres and 128,000 gsf
                                                               warehouse and storage space. The property has been identified in the
Land                 CSU          Land Acquisition             campus master plan as a future acquisition. This would be the new location                         5,000,000                 128,000
                                                               for the physical plant operations. The CSU Foundation plans to purchase the
                                                               remaining 13 acres from Ga. Power to hold for future needs by the institution.
                                                            This 28,000 GSF academic building will contain classrooms, wet and dry labs,
                                                            offices, and a 150 seat auditorium. The site for the building will be adjacent to
                                                            the planned Whitfield County Career Academy (a technical high school) on
                     DSC          Votech Building           approximately 12 acres that will be donated to the Board of Regents by the                            4,960,000     4,000,000     28,000
                                                            Whitfield County Board of Education. This site is approximately 7 miles from
                                                            the DSC campus. Various general education courses will be offered at this
                                                            This project provides for the construction of approximately 28,000 gsf to
                                                            consolidate the Nursing Division and all allied health career programs into a
New                               Nursing / Health Sciences
                      DC                                    single location containing classrooms, dry labs, wet labs, faculty offices, a                         5,000,000     3,987,752     29,400
Construction                      Building
                                                            department office suite, together with a 150-seat large meeting
                                                            This infrastructure project provides much needed upgrades and
                                  West and South Campus
                                                            improvements to campus utilities and facilities in accordance with the campus
                                  Improvements to
Infrastructure      FVSU                                    Master Plan.          This project will address upgrades to campus                                    3,800,000
                                  Infrastructure and
                                                            facility/infrastructure including water mains, primary electrical ducts,
                                                            mechanical systems, and communication lines.
                                                            New 31,500 gsf addition will include space for admissions, registrar, financial
                                                            aid, testing suite and disabilities offices as well as group study rooms.
                                                            Remodeling of the existing space will allow for a food court, bookstore and
Addition             GVC          Student Center Addition                                                                                     2,000,000           4,693,261     5,283,522     31,500
                                                            advising center. This project will be leveraged by an additional two million
                                                            dollars in private funds. Total project cost includes $2,000,000 in non-state
                                                            This renovation and new addition will add approximately 20,000 gsf to the
                                                            existing Herty Hall. The new addition will house classroom laboratories,
Addition /                                                  specialized wet lab, other wet laboratories, faculty offices, and the archeology
                    GCSU          Herty Hall - Phase II                                                                                                           4,845,000                   20,000
Renovation                                                  collections area for the Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Departments. The
                                                            project will also include the relocation of the existing Greenhouse and
                                                            chemical storage building.
                                                            This project provides for the renovation/adaptive reuse of the approximately
                                                            70 year old 33,000 gsf Civil Engineering Building. Located in the academic
                                                            core of the GIT campus, the renovation will house the Ivan Allen College.
                                  Renovate Historic Civil
Renovation            GIT                                   Renovation work includes roof repair, window repair, masonry re-pointing,                             4,900,000                   33,000
                                  Engineering Building
                                                            hazardous material abatement, the integration of new mechanical/ electrical/
                                                            plumbing/ data & communication systems, as well as providing for ADA
                                                               The DeKalb County School Board wishes to divest itself of the “Occupational
                                                               Education Center” which is adjacent to GPC’s Dunwoody Campus. The 15.25
                                                               acre site has one single-story building of approximately 77,000 GSF. This
Land                 GPC          Land/ Facility Acquisition   Property is surrounded on three sides by BOR property and by Womack Road                           5,000,000           N/A     77,000
                                                               on the fourth side. The facility will be used by the Health Sciences program so
                                                               they may take advantage of the proximity to nearby hospitals for student
                                                               training programs.

                                                               Renovation of 3 floors of the 4-story Foy Building for the Music Dept. including
Renovation          GSOU          Fine Arts Phase III          recital hall, music technology center, choral area and practice rooms. The                         5,000,000
                                                               project also includes a new elevator addition for handicap access.

                                                               This project will allow replacement of mechanical equipment that is in poor
                                                               condition and which contains refrigerant that is being phased out due to
Infrastructure       GSU                                       environmental impacts. New chillers, new pumps, new cooling towers will be                         4,300,000     3,540,000        N/A
                                                               added in the existing mechanical room of the General Classroom Building,
                                                               and new piping will be extended to Sparks Hall and Library North.

                                                               This project is a 17,280 gsf addition, for a student assessment and retention
Addition /                        Academic Success and
                   Gordon                                      center, and renovation of 3,200 gsf. Spaces include offices for advisors and       250,000         3,800,000                   17,280
Renovation                        Retention Center
                                                               counseling, classrooms, tutoring space, counseling and offices.

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                 Board Approved Minor Capital Projects - FY 2006 - Current Budget Request
                                                                                                                                                   Other      Total Project Const. Cost
Project Type         Inst.             Project Name                                        Project Description                                                                               GSF
                                                                                                                                                  Funding         Cost        (SCL)
                                                           This 25,000 GSF academic building will be the second phase of academic
                                                           core space built to meet the demand caused by high enrollment growth. The
New                               Academic Building, Phase facility will contain classrooms, seminar rooms, computer labs, and faculty
                  Gwinnett                                                                                                                                        5,000,000     4,020,000     25,000
Construction                      II                       offices. The building will utilize technology and multi-media learning
                                                           classrooms consistent with the mission of Gwinnett University Center for
                                                           innovative high-tech learning.
                                                             The 15,000 GSF addition to Wilson Building will serve the Music and Theater
                                  Renovate Existing Social
Addition /                                                   programs by adding classrooms, offices, music practice rooms, and music
                     KSU          Science, Library, and                                                                                                           4,900,000     3,900,000     83,000
Renovation                                                   performance rooms. 68,000 GSF will be renovated to serve the music/theater
                                  Wilson Buildings
                                                             and social science programs as well as the library.
                             Business and Information
New                                                   This 29,000 GSF facility will include lecture halls, classroom/seminar rooms,
                 Macon State Technology Center-                                                                                                                   5,000,000                   29,000
Construction                                          offices, conference room, offices, and collaborative study area.
                             Warner Robbins
                                                             Replace 30-yr. old heating and cooling underground piping and equip.
                                  Upgrade Energy Plant
Infrastructure       MCG                                     Upgrade cooling tower system, replace original high-temp. water generators                           4,000,000
                                                             at the plant with hi-efficiency/low emission burners.
                                                             This circa 1940’s building was donated to the USG from the VA. This second
                                                             phase will renovate 19,582 gsf on the first floor and includes classrooms,
                                  Historic Academic
Renovation           MGC                                     seminar rooms, multi-purpose rooms, meeting rooms and offices. All                                   3,700,000     2,915,000     19,582
                                  Building, Phase II
                                                             systems will be brought up to code. Also includes demolition of several small
                                                             residential structures on the site.
                                                             This project consists of the complete interior renovation of the Education
                                                             Building, which was built in 1914 and is the second oldest building on campus.
                                  Renovation of Education
Renovation         NGCSU                                     The 26,626 GSF renovation of the interior would replace aging systems,                               4,700,000     3,621,000     26,626
                                                             reconfigure the space to a more usable layout, and bring the building up to
                                                             current code requirements. This building houses the Education Department.

                                                             Renovation of a circa 1936 building that is currently unusable. The project will
                                  Renovation of Historic
Renovation           SSU                                     replace aging systems, reconfigure space for the Marine Biology Department,                          4,000,000     2,970,000     23,130
                                  Camilla-Hubert Hall
                                                             replace damaged or unsound materials and bring the building up to code.

                                                             This 18,000 GSF facility will facilitate interdisciplinary research by
                                  Marine Bioscience          collaborative & Instructional Center institutions (UGA, GIT, GA Southern).
New               Skidaway
                                  Research & Instructional   This project will include laboratories, instructional classrooms, offices, as well                   5,000,000     3,670,000     18,000
Construction       Institute
                                  Center                     as significant campus-wide infrastructure improvements to support the new
                                                             facility and existing campus.
                                                             Renovation of existing facility and 20,000+/- GSF addition will provide
                                                             classrooms, computer labs, dry labs, seminar & conference rooms in a
                                                             technology rich learning environment to support the Geosciences program.
Addition /                        Renovation and Addition
                     UWG                                     SUWG’s Geosciences program performs research, monitoring, and                                        5,000,000     3,800,000     30,000
Renovation                        to Calloway Building
                                                             identification of critical water resources in Georgia. Outreach programs such
                                                             as Center for Water Resources and Upper Tallapoosa River Keepers Institute
                                                             will also be supported by this facility.
                                  Campus Infrastructure
                                                             Replacement of outdated steam header in order to increase steam generating
Infrastructure       UGA          Upgrades-Steam Hdr,                                                                                                             4,800,000
                                                             capacity and reliability in support of current and future campus facilities.
                                  Boiler, E. Camp St.

                                                             This project provides for the renovation of the remaining un-renovated 49,500
                                                             gsf in Nevins Hall. This final Phase II project will complete the renovation
                                  Renovation of Nevins       work on this approximately 104,000 gsf facility. This project will complete the
Renovation           VSU                                                                                                                                          4,600,000     3,419,938     49,500
                                  Hall, Ph. II               retrofit of the remaining HVAC systems, complete electrical upgrades for
                                                             energy efficient lighting, complete plumbing upgrades, complete installation of
                                                             the sprinkler system and new fire alarm system.
                                  Additions to               Addition includes 14,000 GSF, including library expansion, classrooms, offices
Addition          Waycross                                                                                                                                        2,289,000                   14,000
                                  Administrative Bldg.       and support space.
                                                    TOTAL                                                                                                     116,687,261

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Outyear Major Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                Other      Total Project     Constr.
 Project Type      Inst.       Project Name                          Project Description
                                                                                                                               Cost         Cost (SCL)

                  Albany    James Pendergrast
Addition                                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                           14,000,000    10,725,000    80,000
                   State    Library-Addition
                                                                                        Total Albany State                     14,000,000
                                                 Due to limited facilities in the existing Fine Arts
                                                 Building and Ashmore Hall which houses the College
New             Armstrong Health Professions     of Health Professions, enrollment growth in these
                                                                                                                               39,214,243    31,230,000   185,500
Construction     Atlantic and Fine Arts Building majors will be limited. The new building will house both
                                                 departments and provide them with a new more
                                                 functional facility.
                                                                                          Total Armstrong                      39,214,243
New              Augusta    Wrightsboro            Land acquisition plus new classroom building for
                                                                                                                               34,615,000    22,320,000   132,000
Construction      State     Classroom Building     College of Education and the Depatment of Nursing.

New                         Health Sciences,     New spaces will include a multi-use arena, locker
                 Clayton    Fitness & Recreation rooms, P.E. classrooms and admin offices,                                     35,200,000    27,870,005   163,000
New                                                New building will include classrooms, labs and offices
                 Clayton    Science Building                                                                                   19,624,000    13,133,000    63,750
Construction                                       for Dept. of Natural Sciences.
                                                   New facility will provide theater and art studios and
New                         Theater & Fine Arts
                 Clayton                           classrooms. Included are main stage, second stage,                          20,713,000    15,535,000    73,000
Construction                Center
                                                   scene shop, dressing rooms, acting and dance
                                                                                               Total Clayton                   40,337,000
New                         Health Sciences        New facility will house wet and dry labs, classrooms
                   DSC                                                                                                         18,800,000    15,050,000   100,000
Construction                Building               and office space for all health related programs.
                                                                                               Total DSC                       18,800,000
                                                This building will replace a 1970s facility and will
                  Darton    Academic Building   include state-of-the-art classrooms, dry labs and                              23,300,000    19,600,500   150,000
                                                                                             Total Darton                      23,300,000
                            Bartow Center Phase Phase II expands and enhances the facilities begun in
Addition            FC                          Phase I. The proposed additions will include a Science                         28,595,864    18,432,000   122,880
                                                and Technology Building, Physical Plant facilities, and
                                                                                                 Total FC                      28,595,864
New                         Student Services
                  FVSU                             Programming for this project is not yet complete.                           13,575,000
Construction                Center
                                                                                                 Total FVSU                    13,575,000
                   GVC      Fine Arts Complex      Programming for this project is not yet complete.                           36,510,000
                                                   Proposed project is a 116,600 sf classroom building to
New                         New Classroom
                   GVC                             house the Humanities Division, Business Division,                           22,105,520    17,031,260   116,602
Construction                Building
                                                   Music Division, and a proposed Regional Economic
                            Addition &
Addition/                                          Proposed project includes a addition of 24,700 sf and
                   GVC      Renovation - John                                                                                   7,903,000     6,337,250    75,115
Renovation                                         renovation of 30,415 sf of the existing library.
                            Harrison Hosch
                                                                                                  Total GVC                    66,518,520
                                                   Renovation will accommodate 50 faculty and support
                            Terrell Hall
Renovation        GCSU                             offices. The renovation will rehabilitate the interior of                    9,541,000     6,709,625    32,697
                                                   the building and address any structural issues.

                                                   Renovation of this Historic Building. The renovation
Renovation        GCSU                             will include the demolition of two additions that were      3,700,000        7,854,000     5,052,714    29,672
                                                   added in 1965. All building systems will be upgraded.
                                                     The renovation will consist of rehabilitating and
Renovation        GCSU      Ennis Hall Renovation reconfiguring the interior of this former dormitory to                        8,799,000     6,402,249    39,000
                                                     house the Art Department.
                                                                                                  Total GCSU                   26,194,000
                            Historic District Bldgs. Renovation of D.M. Smith Building, Chapin Building,
Renovation         GIT                               Engineering Science and Mechanics Building and                            19,500,000    14,625,000   117,100
                            Renewal Program
                                                     French Building.
                                                     This proposal will convert the Boggs Building to an
                            Boggs Building
Renovation         GIT                               undergraduate class laboratory center. The center will                    20,300,000    17,100,000   153,530
                                                     bring together laboratory instruction in Biology,
                            Graduate Student
                   GIT      Housing & Parking - Programming for this project is not yet complete.                              70,000,000
                            Phase II
New                         Centennial Research
                   GIT                               Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         60,000,000
Construction                Building, Phase 2
New                                                The project will include offices, interactive classrooms,
                   GIT      Phase 2 Capital                                                                                    25,000,000    18,937,000   100,000
Construction                                       labs, and support spaces.
                                                   Renovation of existing 162,000 SF. Will abate
                                                   hazardous materials, update HVAC, electrical and IT
Addition/                   Van Leer Building
                   GIT                             systems. Addition of 120,000 SF. Will allow                                 48,000,000    34,140,000   282,000
Renovation                  Expansion/Renov.
                                                   consolidation of the ECE program and free up space
                                                   in other building s for other programs.
                            Molecular/Material     This proposed building will house approximately 85
                   GIT      Science and            faculty from the colleges of Engineering, Sciences and                      75,000,000    57,700,000   285,000
                            Eng.Bldg. - Ph. 2      Computing.

7/22/2010                                                                          6                                       27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Major Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                            Other     Total Project     Constr.
 Project Type     Inst.      Project Name                        Project Description
                                                                                                                          Cost         Cost (SCL)
                          Price Gilbert         Renovations of these two buildings will include
Renovation        GIT     Memorial Library/                                                                               35,000,000    25,875,000   225,000
                                                upgrade of HVAC, Electrical and IT systems.
                          Crosland Tower
                          Bunger-Henry          This renovation will include code upgrades, systems
Renovation        GIT                                                                                                     18,450,000        13,930   139,300
                          Building Renovation   upgrades and reconfiguration of the space.

New                       Parking Deck - North Additional parking to accommodate the MMSE and
                  GIT                                                                                                     12,500,000
Construction              Campus #2            NCRB buildings.

New                       Information           The goal of this project is to relocate and consolidate
                  GIT                                                                                                     41,000,000    30,250,000   136,500
Construction              Technology Building   all IT related support servers and mainframes.
                  GIT     NEETRAC               Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         25,000,000
New                       Industrial and
                  GIT                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         45,000,000
Construction              Systems Eng. Bldg.
                          Howey Physics
Renovation        GIT                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         25,000,000    18,500,000
                          Building Renovation
                                                This renovation will create specialized performance
                          Performing Arts
Renovation        GIT                           and rehearsal space, as well as faculty offices,                          20,000,000    13,250,000    50,000
                          Center Expansion
                                                classrooms, for student drama and music activities.
New                       Parking Deck -
                  GIT                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         14,000,000
Construction              O'Keefe
New                       Ivan Allen College
                  GIT                           40,000 sf expansion space for the Ivan Allen College.                      9,000,000     6,750,000    40,000
Construction              Building
                  GIT     Phase 3 Capital       Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         30,000,000
                          Cherry Emerson -
Renovation        GIT                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         16,000,000
                          West Campus Chilled   New central chiller plant to facilitate campus expansion
Infrastructure    GIT                                                                                                      7,500,000
                          Water Plant           toward Marietta Street.
                          Historical District
Renovation        GIT     Building Renewal      Programming for this project is not yet complete.                          7,500,000
                          Program, Phase 2
                  GIT     Research Center       Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         50,000,000
                          Building, Phase 2
                                                                                              Total GIT                  673,750,000
                                                Funds are requested to construct a classroom building
                          Health Sciences
New                                             for the Health Sciences department. Inadequate
                  GPC     Building - Dunwoody                                                                             17,895,000    13,712,975    83,261
Construction                                    space, workforce needs of the community and the
                                                mission of the College are all reasons for the project.
                          Replacement of
                                                Replacement of CD and renovation of CF will help the
                          Building CD and
New                                             International Program and the Fine Arts programs to
                  GPC     Renovation of                                                                                   13,902,000        10,718    92,000
Construction                                    continue to grow and serve the surrounding
                          Building CF -
                          Clarkston Campus
                                                                                           Total GPC                      31,797,000
                                                Modern classroom space and office space for
New                       Multi-Discipline
                 GSOU                           programs of Broadcasting, History, Languages Grad                         33,440,875    25,374,780   138,400
Construction              Academic Bldg.
                                                and International Studies.
New                       Support Services      Academic support space for Physical Plant, materials
                 GSOU                                                                                                     39,350,000    29,364,500   174,230
Construction              Complex               management and IT Services
                          Historic Renovations
                                               Renovation of 2 of original c. 1907 campus buildings
Renovation       GSOU     of Anderson and Deal                                                                            14,464,000     9,318,250    37,270
                                               for admin, student services and financial aid offices.
                                               Modern classroom and office building for engineering,
New                       Academic Classroom interior design, Building Construction and Contracts
                 GSOU                                                                                                     39,933,000    28,651,200   132,256
Construction              Bldg.                program, family and Consumer Science. Will
                                               eliminate several modular Bldgs.
New                                            Classroom, lab building and office building for biology
                 GSOU     New Biology Facility                                                                            48,683,000    36,864,000   145,406
Construction                                   program
                                                                                           Total GSOU                    175,870,875
                                               This project provides much needed academic office,
                                               teaching laboratory and student services space. The
                  GSU     Humanities Building facility will be assigned primarily to the Humanities    20,000,000         56,025,000                 330,000
                                               programs currently located in the General Classroom
                                               Building and at One Park Place.
                  GSU     Academic Building     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         31,070,000
                                                                                              Total GSU                   87,095,000
                                                This new facility will provide classrooms, lecture/
New                       Nursing and Allied
                 Gordon                         assembly spaces, labs, and offices to support the                          7,400,000                  44,000
Construction              Health Building
                                                growing allied health programs.
                 Gordon   Classroom Building    Programming for this project is not yet complete.                         17,752,000
                                                                                          Total Gordon                    25,152,000
                                                This new facility will provide 21 classrooms, 8 lecture/
New                       Health Sciences
                  KSU                           assembly spaces, 5 dry labs, 18 wet labs, and 219        10,000,000       39,000,000    36,860,600   236,576
Construction              Building

7/22/2010                                                                     7                                       27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Major Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                Other    Total Project     Constr.
 Project Type    Inst.      Project Name                            Project Description
                                                                                                                             Cost         Cost (SCL)
                                            This project will provide hi tech classrooms, with
New                                         computer labs and provide a centralized home for the
                         Academic Classroom
Construction      KSU                       campus wide computer systems. $3M has also been                                  45,000,000    32,891,000   158,808
and Renovation                              included in the budget to renovate vacated space in
                                            the library.
                                                                                          Total KSU                          84,000,000
                                            Renovation of approximately 62,000 GSF in building
                         Classroom Bldg.
Addition/        Macon                      B,D & H and an addition of 40,000 Gsf to building H
                         Renovations &                                                                                       18,751,350       15,346    110,000
Renovation       State                      will include, 50 classrooms, collaborative areas, lecture
                                            halls, offices and computer labs.
                         Health & Wellness        Renovation of 31,130 gsf and addition of 22,000 gsf to
Addition/        Macon
                         Renovation and           bring the facility up to the standards of the University                   15,079,000    12,968,112    53,130
Renovation       State
                         Addition                 System and meet the goals of the Master Plan.

                                                  New two story facility to provide classrooms, Student
                         Student Services         Services, Counseling/ Testing, Career Development /
New              Macon
                         Building-Warner          Placement, Student Support Services, Financial Aid/                        15,592,000    11,894,064    80,000
Construction     State
                         Robins                   Veterans Affairs, Enrollment management,
                                                  Admissions, Registrar, Bookstore and dining.
                                                                                    Total Macon State                        49,422,350
New                                               300,000 GSF School of Dentistry . New building will
                 MCG     School of Dentistry                                                                                113,000,000    73,686,000   300,000
Construction                                      replace the existing 204,000 GSF building.
                                                                                 Total Medical College                      113,000,000
                                                  This project has two components: a 33,000 ASF
                         Library/ Student
                                                  Library and Student Center and Infrastructure
New                      Center and Central
                 MGC                              upgrades. The infrastructure upgrades include a                            22,240,000     8,300,000    55,500
Construction             Plant / Infrastructure
                                                  central chilled water, site utilities, road infrastructure
                                                  and site improvements for the entire campus.
                                               This new facility will provide needed classroom space
New                      Classroom/Lab
                 MGC                           and labs as well as support spaces such as vending                            19,310,000        15,156    88,600
Construction             Building
                                               areas, student study areas and lounges.
                                               This 45,000 S.F. renovation will reconfigure and
                                               organize more efficiently the functions of this building.
                         Renovations of
Renovation       MGC                           The functions housed in this facility are dining, Student                      7,335,000     5,531,920    45,266
                         Georgia Hall
                                               Development offices, Residence Life Offices, the
                                               bookstore, and Campus Post Office.
                                                                                               Total MGC                     48,885,000
                                               Proposed facility will unify each of the different entities
New                      Active Learning and
                 NGCSU                         on campus, at any given time , by providing larger,                           29,581,950    23,585,800
Construction             Leadership Center
                                               more flexible spaces.
                                                                                            Total NGCSU                      29,581,950
                                               New addition that will house the Biology, Chemistry,
                         Science Wing
                                               and Physics Programs. This addition will allow two
Addition         SPSU    Addition to Math and                                                                                23,673,000    16,827,700    91,040
                                               buildings, which are slated fro demolition to be
                         Engineering Building
                                               The Student Success Center will combine student
                                               gathering and meeting spaces with study space,
New                      Student Success       computer clusters, learning resource and testing
                 SPSU                                                                                                        12,979,000    10,099,400    79,178
Construction             Center                center. The facility will also house the counseling
                                               services, career services, admissions, financial aid
                                               and other related services.
                                                                                              Total SPSU                     36,652,000
                                               This new building will provide 43 classrooms, 1 large
New                      Classroom Center for lecture/ assembly hall, 2 dry labs and 143 offices. This
                 UWG                                                                                                         25,870,628    19,888,920   131,300
Construction             Enhanced Learning     building will be fully integrated with interactive
                                               This is the final phase of the new Campus Center.
                         Campus Center         Phase 3 will include offices for academic support
Addition         UWG                                                                                                         22,424,000    17,089,273   117,831
                         Phase III             services, bookstore, central foodservice outlet, and
                                               campus post office.
                                                                                               Total UWG                     48,294,628
                                               Project will provide a new Horticulture Facility
                  UGA    Horticulture Facility composed of offices, labs, classrooms, and                                    33,300,000    26,145,000   118,400
                 UGA     Chemistry Building       Programming for this project is not yet complete.                          86,250,000
                         Computer Science/
New                      Statistics/Mathematic
                 UGA                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                             64,000,000
Construction             s/ Bioinformatics
New                      School of Public and
                 UGA                           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                             39,000,000
Construction             International Affairs
                 UGA     Public Health Building Programming for this project is not yet complete.                            40,250,000
                                                                                                  Total UGA                 262,800,000

7/22/2010                                                                          8                                     27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Minor Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                                              Other      Total Project   Constr. Cost
  Project Type          Inst.               Project Name                                      Project Description                                                                        GSF
                                                                                                                                             Funding         Cost           (SCL)
                                                                        The Aquatics and Recreation Center is a 32,700 sf field house
                                                                        constructed in 1965. Modernization of the ARC is required to
                                                                        upgrade the facility to a useful condition and to correct code and
                    Armstrong      Aquatic & Recreation Center
Renovation                                                              access deficiencies. All of the functions programmed for the ARC                    3,714,000                     32,700
                     Atlantic      (ARC) Renovation
                                                                        will be academic in nature and all recreation activities will be
                                                                        programmed into the design of the proposed Student Recreation
                                                                                                                          Total Armstrong                   3,714,000
                                                                        Infrastructure upgrades for roads, utility service, parking,
Infrastructure         AMC         Campus Infrastructure upgrades                                                                                           4,408,120        3,351,487       N/A
                                                                        drainage, Central Energy plant, Sewer lines and landscaping.
                                   Renovation of Labs in Science        Renovation and upgrade of 5,400 S.F. of space, including 3 wet
Renovation             AMC                                                                                                                                  2,178,000        1,261,000     5,400
                                   Building                             labs and support space in the Science/ Lecture Building.
                                                                        This project includes approximately 29,850 S.F. of new space as
                                   Continuing Education/                well as road work and parking. The addition of this new space will
New Construction       AMC                                                                                                                   1,656,877      5,000,000        5,166,850    29,850
                                   Performing Arts Building             free up space in the Academic Building for classroom, computer
                                                                        labs and an Academic Advisement Center.

                                                                  A new facility that will house Plant Operations, Public Safety and
                                   Plant Operations/Campus Safety
New Construction       AMC                                        Facilities Planning. The facility will contain office and admin space,                    2,560,000        1,828,360    27,362
                                                                  central storage, and maintenance and repair shops.
                                                               Renovation of the interior of the library to reconfigure the space to
Renovation             AMC         Interior Renovation of the Library                                                                                       2,975,000        1,395,000    28,200
                                                               meet the needs of the Libraries functions.
                                                                                                                         Total AMC                         17,121,120
                                                               The project will eliminate localized flooding on the South Side of
                                                               campus and convey storm water to the county storm sewer
                                 Storm Sewer Improvement South
Infrastructure     Augusta State                               system. Project will include replacement of undersized lines and                             4,400,000        3,971,904
                                                               construction of underground detention facilities as well as other
                                                               minor infrastructure projects.
                                                                        Historic Renovation. This project includes interior and exterior
                                   Historic Renovation of Benet         asbestos and lead abatement accessibility , structural and utility
Renovation         Augusta State                                                                                                                            3,238,000        2,378,000    12,784
                                   House                                improvements. Interior improvements include, floor and wall
                                                                        finishes, hardware, electrical and life safety systems upgrades.
                                                                                                                       Total Augusta                        7,638,000
                                                                    The proposed Student Center will proved space for student
New Construction    Bainbridge     New Student Center                                                                                                       4,890,748        3,864,300    28,000
                                                                    government and student activities groups.
                                                                    The proposed project will add a classroom annex to the Technical
Renovation and
                    Bainbridge     Classroom Annex / Road Mod.      Studies Building as well as improve the safety and efficiency of                        1,196,000          923,595     5,320
                                                                    the main vehicular entrance to campus.
                                                                    This project includes the renovation of the South Wing of the
Renovation          Bainbridge     Classroom Remodel                Technical Studies building. The renovation will provide for more                        1,476,000        1,144,650    10,954
                                                                    efficient use of space.
                                                                                                                     Total Bainbridge                       7,562,748
                                   Renovation of Science Lab at     Renovation of 2 labs and prep rooms in the Business and Health
Renovation            Clayton                                                                                                                               1,500,000        1,200,000     4,000
                                   BHS Building                     Science Building for Biology and Chemistry.
                                                                    The renovation will provide for new HVAC systems, new work and
Renovation            Clayton      Renovation of Library Building   study areas, and will reorient the main entry to maximize the new                       4,200,000        3,435,000    30,000
                                                                    connection with the University Learning Center.
                                                                    After the construction of the proposed Health Sciences, Fitness
                                   Renovation of Athletic & Fitness
Renovation            Clayton                                       and Rec Center (major request number 1) the existing fitness                            4,500,000        3,412,000    43,200
                                                                    center will need to be renovated.
                                                                                                                        Total Clayton                      10,200,000
                                                                    Upgrading and increasing the plant operations spaces including
                      Coastal      Renovation and Addition to Plant offices, central receiving and warehouse, mechanical and
Renov/Addition                                                                                                                                              1,775,000        1,307,000    21,000
                      Georgia      Operations Building              carpentry shops, grounds keeping equipment areas, and vehicle
                                                                                                                        Total Coastal                      22,175,000
                                                                    Modernization of buildings to improve operating efficiencies
Renovation and                     Modernization of Several         (HVAC) and reroofing work.. Buildings include Davidson, Howard
                        CSU                                                                                                                                 1,780,000        1,335,000     varies
Infrastructure                     Buildings on Campus              Ilges, Jordon Arnold Tucker, Stanley, Schwob Library and
                                                                                                                            Total CSU                       1,780,000
                        DSC        Land Acquisition                 Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                       4,250,000
                                                                                                                            Total DSC                       4,250,000
                                                                        This new classroom and office facility will include 8 standard
                                   East Georgia College Center at
New Construction        EGC                                             classrooms, 3 advanced classrooms, a lecture hall, 3 computer                       4,970,000        3,698,647    27,443
                                                                        labs, student lounge, bookstore and approximately 20 offices.

                                                                        New campus entrance roadway that will run from Lambs Bridge
Infrastructure          EGC        New Campus Entrance Road                                                                                                 1,102,448          960,000       NA
                                                                        Road and Meadowlake Parkway to the existing College Circle.
                                                                                                                           Total EGC                        4,970,000
                                                                        32,180 GSF renovation including electrical, HVAC and sprinkler
Renovation               FC        Heritage Hall Renovation                                                                                                 3,950,000        2,702,104    32,180
                                                                        system upgrades.
                                                                                                                            Total FC                        3,950,000
                                   Central Campus Improvements
Infrastructure         FVSU                                             Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   3,671,000
                                   to Student Services Facilities
                                                                                                                            Total FVSU                      3,671,000
                                   Plant Operations/ Warehouse/         The new building will house the Plant Operations Department and
New Construction        GVC                                                                                                                                 4,123,000        3,123,620    30,914
                                   Storage/Public Safety Bldg.          Public Safety as well as warehouse space.
                                                                        The existing Art and Music Building has been recommended for
Addition                GVC        Music Building Addition              demolition. To replace the space, an addition of 24,219 gsf to the                  4,204,000        3,274,408    24,219
                                                                        Continuing Education and Performing Arts building is proposed.
                                                                        The continuing Education and Performing Arts Building will be
                                                                        extended West toward Mundy Mill Road. The new theatre wing
                                   Addition to Theatre Wing,
Addition                GVC                                             will add a costume shop, theatre design studio, acting classroom/                   2,824,000        2,121,600    17,680
                                   Performing Arts Building
                                                                        rehearsal hall, smart classroom, 2 offices and extension to the
                                                                        scene shop.
                                                                                                                               Total GVC                   11,151,000
                                                                        Purchase and renovate this former textile mill. The renovated
Acquisition and                    Purchase & Renovation of
                       GCSU                                             facility could house the Physical Plant Department, Central                         4,941,000        1,503,584   463,274
Renovation                         Forstman Building
                                                                        Receiving, Public Safety and the print shop.

7/22/2010                                                                                          9                                                     27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Minor Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                                            Other      Total Project   Constr. Cost
  Project Type          Inst.             Project Name                                    Project Description                                                                          GSF
                                                                                                                                           Funding         Cost           (SCL)
                                Electrical Distribution System -   This project will replace the existing underground electrical
Infrastructure         GCSU                                                                                                                               2,277,000        1,415,000       N/A
                                Ph. I                              distribution across the main campus.
                                Centennial Center Basement         This project will revitalize an unexcavated area of the building and
Renovation             GCSU                                                                                                                               2,007,000        1,348,000     9,000
                                Expansion                          create classroom and office space
                                                                                                                             Total GCSU                   9,225,000
                                                                   Full interior renovation. Rebuild the interior to support the current
Renovation              GIT     Hinman Building - Renovation       academic needs of the Institute and update the building to current                     5,000,000        3,750,000    18,725
                                Holland Plant - Boiler             Infrastructure project to replace existing boilers and add chilled
Infrastructure          GIT                                                                                                                               5,000,000        4,065,000       N/A
                                Replacement                        water lines for future buildings.
                                                                   Project will create a system to reuse the storm water runoff from
                                Storm Water/Sewer
Infrastructure          GIT                                        the campus fro irrigation and reducer the amount of storm water                        5,000,000        3,950,000       N/A
                                Management Phase I
                                                                   entering the City of Atlanta's combined sewer system.
                                                                   Separate storm and sanitary sewer in the vicinity of the Van Leer
                                Storm Water/Sewer                  Building. In addition, the buildings in that area produce
Infrastructure          GIT                                                                                                                               5,000,000        3,750,000       N/A
                                Management - Phase 2               approximately 20,000 gallons of condensate, per day, which can
                                                                   be collected and reused for irrigation.
                                Storm Water/Sewer                  Creation of a basin to collect and reuse runoff in the central
Infrastructure          GIT                                                                                                                               5,000,000        3,750,000       N/A
                                Management - Phase 3               campus area.
                                                                                                                               Total GIT                 25,000,000
                                                                   Renovated building will house Foreign Language department,
Renovation              GPC     Renovate Building CA               International Program, Study Abroad Department, ESL                                    2,240,000        1,660,000    14,000
                                                                                                                           Total GPC                      2,240,000
                                                                 Renovation of vacated residence hall for student support services
Renovation             GSOU     Historic Renovation of Cone Hall including physical plant managers, environmental safety and                              5,000,000        3,400,000    30,485
                                                                 marketing/communications offices.
                                Upgrade Fiber Optic              New fiber optics plan provides all new facilities with multi mode
Infrastructure         GSOU                                                                                                                               5,000,000        3,900,000       N/A
                                Infrastructure                   and single mode fiber optic cable.
                                                                 This project will create 5 new classrooms, 12 additional practice
Renovation             GSOU     Fine Arts Phase IV                                                                                                        5,000,000        3,950,000    65,194
                                                                 rooms, 2 ensemble practice rooms and 24 offices.
                                                                 Addition of an annex and renovation of existing space will create
                       GSOU     Fine Arts Phase V                rehearsal space fro large ensembles. Large and medium                                    5,000,000        3,925,602    24,819
                                                                 rehearsal spaces will also be provided.
                                                                                                                         Total GSOU                      20,000,000
                                Replace HVAC Systems:            This project will provide replacement of HVAC systems in 4
Infrastructure         GSSU     Science, Roney, Nursing-Media, academic facilities. The average age of these buildings is 36.7                            3,519,000
                                Fine Arts, and Health Clinic     years old.
                                                                                                                           Total GSSU                     3,519,000
                                West Campus Chilled Water
Infrastructure          GSU                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      3,810,000
                        GSU     Aquatics Building Conversion       Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      4,620,000
Infrastructure          GSU     Plaza Courtyard Redevelopment Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                           4,590,000
                                Renovation for High Technology
Renovation              GSU                                    Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                          4,610,000
Renovation              GSU     Administrative Support Center  Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                          4,990,000
Renovation              GSU     Pullen Library Compact Shelving Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                         4,240,000
                                                                                                                             Total GSU                   26,860,000
                                Add Locker Rooms to Alumni
Addition               Gordon                                      Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                        396,000
                                Memorial Hall
Infrastructure         Gordon   Reroute Gordon Road                Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                        488,000
                                                                                                                        Total Gordon                        884,000
                                                                   This project will provide 10 teaching labs and 8 student project
Addition                KSU     Lab Addition to Science Bldg.      labs for the Biology, Chemistry, and Health Sciences. There will        2,000,000      7,000,000        5,150,000    38,876
                                                                   also be 19 offices for faculty members.
                                Utility/Infrastructure Upgrade     Upgrade of gas, electrical, water, sewer, storm sewer, and Data
Infrastructure          KSU                                                                                                                               4,750,000        4,200,000       N/A
                                Project                            and Voice networks.
Addition/                       PE Building Renovation &           Project consists of renovation of 30,000 SF. And a new addition of
                        KSU                                                                                                                               4,900,000        4,170,000    54,000
Renovation                      Addition                           24,000 SF.

                                                                   Build out of basement of existing Campus Services Building to
                                Campus Services Renovation
Addition/ Renovation    KSU                                        accommodate Business Services, Physical Plant, Facilities and                          2,450,000        2,000,000    30,000
                                and Addition
                                                                   Personnel and Procurement. A building addition is also included.
                                                                                                                             Total KSU                   19,100,000
                               Academic Services and
                                                                   New construction to provide space for Student Services, support
New Construction   Macon State Classroom Building, Phase II                                                                                               5,000,000        3,828,320    26,271
                                                                   and faculty offices.
                               Warner Robins Campus
                                                                   Purchase 8.43 Acres of located on Romeiser Road adjacent to
Land               Macon State Land Purchase - MSC Campus                                                                                                 4,058,000              N/A       N/A
                                                                                                                  Total Macon State                       9,058,000
                                                                   Renovation will include 2 large classrooms, 2 multi-purpose
                                Renovation of Building #32
Renovation              MGC                                        rooms, 2 meeting rooms, offices, workroom, 2 seminar rooms,                            3,270,000        2,511,767    19,582
                                (Phase 2)
                                                                   gallery space, and support space.
                                                                   This historic building will require complete replacement of interior
                                                                   wall, ceiling and floor finishes, hazardous material abatement,
Renovation              MGC     Renovation of Wiggs Hall                                                                                                  1,478,000        1,111,560     9,263
                                                                   exterior masonry repair, new doors and windows, addition of an
                                                                   elevator, and new Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.
                                                                   This historic Administrative building will require complete
                                                                   replacement of interior wall, ceiling and floor finishes, hazardous
Renovation              MGC     Renovation of Peacock Hall         material abatement, exterior masonry repair, new doors and                             1,537,000        1,155,600     9,360
                                                                   windows, addition of an elevator, and new Mechanical, Electrical
                                                                   and Plumbing systems.
                                                                   This new building will provide 100 new classrooms, wet and dry
New Construction        MGC     Health Sciences Building                                                                                                  4,956,000        4,029,480    30,996
                                                                   labs offices, workrooms, conference room and an auditorium.
                                                                   New 1000 GSF pool House will include Men's and Women's
New Construction        MGC     Pool House                                                                                                                  102,000           90,000     1,000
                                                                   accessible restrooms, and changing rooms.
                                                                   This facility houses offices, classrooms, and labs for Biology,
                                                                   Chemistry, Geology and Mathematics and Physics. Scope
Renovation              MGC     Renovation of Dillard Hall                                                                                                2,337,000        2,337,022    29,286
                                                                   includes replacement of all interior finishes, upgrades to
                                                                   restrooms, new doors and windows, and upgrade of the labs.

7/22/2010                                                                                      10                                                      27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Minor Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                                    Other    Total Project   Constr. Cost
  Project Type   Inst.            Project Name                                      Project Description                                                                      GSF
                                                                                                                                   Funding       Cost           (SCL)
                                                            Historic Museum space. Renovations scope includes painting and
Renovation       MGC     Renovation of Ebenezer Hall        repair of exterior, refurbishment of doors, roof replacement,                         143,000          142,680     2,900
                                                            upgrade to electrical and HVAC systems.
                                                                                                                       Total MGC               13,823,000
                                                            Hill Hall has been partially renovated to its condition prior to the
Renovation       SSU     Hill Hall Renovation               2000 fire. This phase will complete the project with all interior                   2,819,000        1,841,250    24,060
                                                            finishes, MEP systems and landscaping.
                                                            Renovation of this Historic building to provide computer based
Renovation       SSU     Camilla-Hubert Hall Renovation     instructional space, complete renovation of the 5 residential                       3,288,400        2,488,000    23,130
                                                            apartments, and create an office for Public Safety.
                                                         The project includes an addition to the existing Marine Sciences
                         Marine Biology and
Addition         SSU                                     building. Additional space is needed for the recently approved                         1,520,000          918,739     5,927
                         Environmental Sciences Addition
                                                         Graduate Programs in Biotechnology and Marine Science.
                                                                                                                       Total SSU                7,627,400
                                                            Upgrade of electrical distribution, water and sewer systems. Some
                         Campus Wide Infrastructure
Infrastructure   SGC                                        of these systems are up to 50 years old and in some cases are                       3,500,000        2,740,000       N/A
                                                            undersized for the needs of the campus Master Plan.
                                                                                                                     Total SGC                  3,500,000
                                                         This 29,687 S.F. annex will include studio spaces, classrooms,
Addition         SPSU    Architecture Building Annex                                                                                            4,958,785        3,938,800    29,587
                                                         offices, lab and presentation "jury" space.
                                                                                                                    Total SPSU                  4,958,785
                                                         This project will be the first step in developing the approximately
                                                         250 acres that have been designated by the Master Plan as the
                                                         long term location for sports and outdoor activities. This project
Infrastructure   UWG     Northwest Campus Expansion                                                                                             4,998,000        4,358,000       N/A
                                                         will begin the development with access roads and some
                                                         infrastructure to allow the university to systematically develop the
                                                                                                                    Total UWG                   4,998,000
                                                         This is a three part project that will upgrade the fire protection
                         Campus Infrastructure Upgrades- water mains throughout campus, upgrade the sanitary and storm
Infrastructure   UGA                                                                                                                            5,000,000        4,160,000       N/A
                         Fire Sfty, Sewer, NE/NW Stm.    sewer system, and extend utilities to serve current and future
                         Biological Science Bldg.-HVAC
                 UGA                                     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      5,000,000
                         Retrofit Phase I (West Wing)
                 UGA     Fine Arts Theater Renovation    Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      5,000,000
                         Land Acquisition & Animal
                 UGA                                     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      5,000,000
                         Sciences Facilities
                         Journalism Complex (Matched by
                 UGA                                     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      5,000,000
                         Private Funds)
                         International Programs Facility
                 UGA                                     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      3,500,000
                         (Matched by Private Funds)
                 UGA     Hardman Hall Renovation         Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      4,900,000
                         Biological Sciences HVAC
                 UGA                                     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                      4,800,000
                         Retrofit-Phase II
                 UGA     Memorial Hall Renovation           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,500,000
                         Poultry Science Building
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,900,000
                         Campus Infrastructure
                 UGA     Improvements, Phase IV             Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   3,000,000
                         (College Station Corridor)
                         Chappelle Matthews Complex,
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,500,000
                         Phase III
                         Environmental Health Sciences
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   3,000,000
                         Renovation (Creamery)
                         Campus Infrastructure
                 UGA     Improvements, Phase V (Hull        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   2,500,000
                         Street Corridor)
                 UGA     Denmark Hall Renovation            Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,000,000
                         Pharmacy Building HVAC
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,900,000
                 UGA     Fine Arts Library                  Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   2,000,000
                 UGA     New Electrical Substation          Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   2,000,000
                 UGA     Animal Science Facility-Tifton     Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   3,000,000
                 UGA     Physics Building HVAC Upgrade Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                        3,000,000
                         Stuckey Building Renovation-
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   4,700,000
                         Animal Health Research Center
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   1,800,000
                         Geography Geology Building
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   5,000,000
                         HVAC Upgrade
                 UGA     Horse Unit Establishment           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   1,400,000
                 UGA     Holmes-Hunter Renovation           Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   5,000,000
                         Fulton 4-H Center Cabin
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   1,250,000
                         Residential Learning Center-
                 UGA                                        Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   2,000,000
                 UGA     Cowart Building Addition-Griffin   Programming for this project is not yet complete.                                   1,600,000
                                                                                                                       Total UGA              102,250,000
                                                            The development of this facility for use by Information Technology
                                                            will provide consolidated facilities sufficient in size to move all
                         Renovation of Pine Hall for        operations to this single location. The renovated building will
Renovation       VSU                                                                                                                            4,271,000        3,154,000    22,950
                         Information Technology             contain a server room with additional capacity, adequate electrical
                                                            power, emergency power generation, and sufficient cooling for
                                                            new and expanded hub facilities.

                                                            This project involves the comprehensive renovation of Ashley
                                                            Hall, a historical facility located on the main campus. This
                                                            renovation will restore the facility to a first class condition. The
Renovation       VSU     Ashley Hall Renovation                                                                                                 4,990,000        3,857,313    25,913
                                                            completed project will provide a modern, energy efficient facility
                                                            with state of the art communications and instructional delivery
                                                                                                                       Total VSU                9,261,000

7/22/2010                                                                               11                                                   27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls
Outyear Minor Capital Projects Requested 2007 - 2010
                                                                                                                                  Other    Total Project   Constr. Cost
  Project Type     Inst.            Project Name                                Project Description                                                                        GSF
                                                                                                                                 Funding       Cost           (SCL)
                           Continuing Education/Public   This facility will include three special purpose classrooms, offices,
New Construction   WC                                                                                                                         2,717,039        2,038,790    15,683
                           Services Bldg.                workrooms, conference center, and storage.
                                                                                                                    Total WC                  2,717,039

7/22/2010                                                                           12                                                     27a5ab90-f7e8-4a73-a235-bd7c68206c1f.xls

Description: Home Renovation Budget Excel Spreadsheet document sample