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					As you probably already know, Blizzard can easily track the movement of gold between accounts – and you may have heard that if you try to buy WoW gold from a scam seller, you could have your account banned. Even paying someone to grind for you can come at a cost, because Blizzard may recognize the player as a bot and shut you down regardless. What can you do to make yourself some cheap WoW gold without putting your account at risk? There is a way to do it, but it takes some creative and careful maneuvering. So, here’s a quick WoW gold guide to laundering money. First, create an alternate account. Yes, this might require you to shell out another twenty bucks for the base game, but it’ll be worth the protection just in case something goes wrong. You always want to have a safety net to fall back on. With your new account, create a new character and make your way to the closest city. It should have an auction house and a mailbox, so that the gold you buy can be sent to this account. Then, from your regular account, create another new character and do the same thing: get to an auction house, but then make up an auction for some basic item. Set the cost of the item at the amount of gold that you purchased elsewhere. See where this is going? Get back into your other account and have that character buy the auctioned item with your WoW gold. The next step is very important: delete this character. Do the same thing in your main account, but first, mail the money to your primary character. Delete the new one! This way there is technically no character left to track where the money came from, but use common sense: if you have a lot of gold to move, break the auction up into smaller chunks. Making WoW gold doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and this method allows you to still take advantage of those sites that claim to have the cheapest WoW gold. Just remember, when you buy from a WoW gold sale, you are always taking a risk. The method described here doesn’t guarantee you can move money safely 100% of the time, but it’s definitely a lot wiser than just buying gold and having a stranger transfer it into your main account.

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