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                      Proposal form for

                 Financial Planners and
                   Securities Dealers

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd t/as
APR Insurance Brokers ABN 22 115 759405 AFSL 295250
PO Box 10506
Adelaide Street Brisbane QLD 4000
Ph: 07 3031 1670
Fax: 07 3031 1678
Web site:

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application   Page 1
                            PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE
                                   LICENSED SECURITIES DEALERS


1.     Name – Full legal name of each entity to be insured.
       Please include all trading names and unincorporated              (a) Date of Commencement
       business names.

       (b) Are you registered for GST purposes?

           Yes        No         If “yes” what is your ABN? (must be 11 digits) (      )

2.     Address

        City:                      State                          Postcode:

3.     Prior Corporate Entity
       Has the name of the person, firm or company detailed in question 1 been changed, or has any
       other business been purchased or has any acquisition, merger or consolidation of your
       business with any other business taken place?

           Yes        No         If “yes, please detail in chronological order

4.     Particulars of all Principals
        Name of Directors / principals              Qualifications Date               Previous Practices /
                                                                   Qualified          firms as a principal

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                             Page 2
5.     Please supply total number of:-

        Principals / Directors:
        Other professional qualified staff:
        Authorised representatives for whom cover is required:
        Authorised representatives for whom cover is NOT required
        Non qualified staff (eg receptionists):
        Total all Principals / Directors / Authorised Representatives /


6.     Nature of your Business
       Please provide detail of the precise nature of your business. Please provide
       copies of any brochures which may assist the insurer to better understand your

7.     (a) Please detail the approximate percentage of your income in the following
        Activity                                                               Percentage
        Aggressive tax planning and/or mass marketed "tax minimisation"                     %
        Dealing in listed Securities                                                        %
        Dealing in unlisted Securities                                                      %
        Dealing in foreign Securities                                                       %
        Investment in Australian Unit Trust                                                 %
         (i) Cash Management Trusts                                                         %
         (ii) Equity Trusts                                                                 %
         (iii) Property Trusts – listed or unlisted                                         %
        Investment in Foreign Unit Trusts                                                   %
        Investment in Government Bonds                                                      %
        Investment in Insurance Bonds                                                       %
        Investments in other bonds                                                          %
        Dealing in Commodities (Futures or Physicals)                                       %
        Institutional fund management                                                       %
        Corporate finance                                                                   %
        Life insurance broking                                                              %
        General insurance broking                                                           %
        Life insurance agent                                                                %
        General insurance agent                                                             %
        Finance broking – residential                                                       %

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                Page 3
        Finance broking – commercial                                                                %
        Mortgage broking                                                                            %
        Mortgage origination                                                                        %
        Solicitor mortgage funds                                                                    %
        Margin lending or gearing                                                                   %
        Total must equal 100%                                                                       %

7.     (b) Breakdown of fee income

       Please provide a reconciliation of your staff numbers and income for the last
       financial period, as follows:
                Entity         Financial Planning              Number of           % of Income
                                  Association                   People
                               Membership Level
        Financial Planner      Certified
        Principal Members      Associate
        Proper Authority       Certified
        Holders                Associate

7.     (c) Please click “Yes” or “No” as applicable:
                                  Question                                    Please click “Yes”
                                                                                   or “No”
          i. Are you a Member of the Australian Financial Planning              Yes            No
          ii. Has any director or officer or Financial Planner ever been        Yes            No
              bankrupt, deregistered by the FPA or disqualified from being
              a company director? If "Yes", please provide details.
         iii. Is more than 50% of your client base derived from a single        Yes            No
              Company, or group of clients? If "Yes" please provide
         iv. Are you a registered life or general insurance broker? If          Yes            No
             "Yes" please provide a list of insurance products that are
          v. Do you deal in overseas securities or investments, not subject     Yes            No
             to Australian regulations? If "Yes" please provide details.
         vi. Do you deal with customers that reside overseas or have their      Yes            No
             principal offices overseas? If "Yes" please provide details.
        vii. Is advice given in relation to mergers and/or acquisitions? If     Yes            No
             "Yes" please provide details.
        viii. Are private portfolio management services provided on a           Yes            No
              discretionary basis? If "Yes" please provide details and a
              copy of the contract used.

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                        Page 4
7      (d) Please provide the following Client Profile details

                 Account bands                   Number of        Total Amount    Total Fee or
          (based on amount invested or        client Accounts      Invested or    commission
          managed on behalf of clients)                             Managed         income
        Up to $100K
        More than $100K, Up to $500K
        More than $500K, Up to $1Mil
        More than $1Mil

If you are unable to provide the above client profile, please provide any other details
of your client base that will assist us to understand your business.


8.     Please answer the following questions after enquiry within your organisation.
       (a) Has any Claim been made, or has negligence been alleged, against you or
           any of the present or former Principals, or have any circumstances been
           notified to insurers which may result in a Claims being made?

           Yes        No      If “yes”, please provide details.

       (b) Are there any circumstances not already notified to insurers which may
           give rise to a Claim against you or any prior corporate practice or any of
           the present or former Principals?

           Yes        No      If “yes”, please provide details.

       (c) Are there any Claims against previous practices which have been
           identified in Question 3 of this Proposal, which may give rise to a Claim
           against either a Principal or you?

           Yes        No      If “yes”, please provide details.

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                   Page 5

9.     Have you performed work, or do you intend to, perform work overseas?

             Yes       No       If “yes”, please provide details.


10.    Please give a brief description of the project, contract value, type of structure
       and fees derived from your five largest contracts undertaken in the last 5 years.

        Brief                Location          Consulting role      Amount            Total fees
        description                            (ie life broking,    invested / life   earned /
                                               investment           insured           estimate

11.    Are you or have you or any parent, subsidiary or other related entity either: (i)
       engaged in, or, (ii) have or had a controlling share of any entity engaged in:-
        (a) actual construction, fabrication, erection or any form or        Yes       No
            works contracting?

        (b) real estate development?                                         Yes       No

        (c) the manufacture, sale or distribution of any product or          Yes       No
            process or patented production process?

        If “Yes” to any of these questions, please detail below
             (i) names of the other entities involved, outlining their relationship to you.

             (ii) full details, including a description of the nature of the involvement in
             the relevant activity.

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                        Page 6
12.    Does the firm detailed in answer to Question 1:
       (a) own, control or have a professional or commercial association with any
           other firm, corporation or company: or
       (b) own or control any other entity?

          Yes        No         If “yes”, please provide details.


13.    Please provide the amount of gross income / professional fees for the following:-

                                                     Australia                       Overseas
        Actual income last 12 months:                $0                              $0
        Estimate for next 12 months:                 $0                              $0

14.    Please provide the approximate percentage of your activities (based on fee income)
       applicable to each State, Territory and Overseas.
        NSW        VIC        QLD         SA          WA            TAS         NT        ACT       O/S
              %           %          %           %            %           %          %          %         %
       Must total 100%

15.    Does the Practice presently carry or has the Practice ever carried, Professional
       Indemnity Insurance?
          Yes        No         If “yes”, please provide details.

        Expiry date:                                                (dd/mm/yy)
        Limit of indemnity:        $
        Excess:                    $

16.    Have you ever had a liability insurer:-
                   a) decline a proposal?                                 Yes              No
                   b) impose special terms?                               Yes              No
                   c) decline to renew your insurance?                    Yes              No
                   d) Cancel your insurance?                              Yes              No

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                             Page 7
17.    What limit of indemnity do you want? Please indicate:
          Limit of indemnity required         Please mark one or more limits
          Other please specify                $

18.    What is your preferred excess? (NB Your policy will be subject to minimum excess):
          Excess requested                    Please mark one or more options
          Other please specify                $

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                    Page 8
I/We hereby declare that:
My/Our attention has been drawn to the Important Notice accompanying this Proposal form and further
I/we have read these notices carefully and acknowledge my/our understanding of their content by
my/our signature/s below.
The above statements are true, and I/we have not suppressed or mis-states any facts and should any
information given by me/us alter between the date of this proposal form and the inception date of the
insurance to which this Proposal relates I/we shall give underwriters immediate notice thereof.
I/We also confirm that the undersigned is/are authorised to act for and on behalf of all persons who
may be entitled to indemnity under any policy which may be issued pursuant to this Proposal form and
I/we complete this Proposal form on their behalf.
I/We hereby agree that this Declaration shall be the basis of the contract between me/us and Insurers.

Signature:                                                      Date:

                                            NOTICE TO INSURED
                            (Pursuant to the provisions of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984)
Your Duty of Disclosure
Before you enter into a contract of general insurance with an insurer, you have a duty, under the Insurance
Contracts Act 1984, to disclose to the insurer every matter which you know, or could reasonably be expected to
know, is relevant to the insurer’s decision whether to accept the risk of the insurance and, if so, on what terms
You have the same duty to disclose those matters to us before you renew, extend, vary or reinstate a contract of
Your duty however does not require disclosure of a matter:-
        that diminishes the risk to be undertaken by the insurer
        that is common knowledge
        that the insurer knows or, in the ordinary course of business as an insurer, ought to know
        as to which compliance with your duty is waived by the insurer.

If you fail to comply with your duty of disclosure, the insurer may be entitled to reduce its liability under the
contract in respect of a claim or may cancel the contract. If your non-disclosure is fraudulent, the insurer may also
have the option of avoiding the contract from it beginning.
Claims Made Policy
This policy is a claims made policy of insurance. This means that the policy covers you for claims made against
you and notified to the Insurer during the period of insurance. The Policy does not provide cover in relation to:
-         events that occurred prior to the retroactive date, if any, specified in the Policy;
-         claims notified or arising out of circumstances notified under any previous policy (whether made or
          issued by the Insurer or any other insurer);
-         claims made against you prior to commencement of the period of insurance;
-         claims arising out of claims and circumstances noted on the proposal form for the current period of
          insurance or on any previous proposal form;
-         subject to what is said in the next paragraph, claims made after expiry of the period of insurance even
          though the event giving rise to the claim may have occurred during the period of insurance.
However, where you give notice in writing to the Insurer of facts that might give rise to a claim against you as
soon as reasonable practicable after you become aware of those facts but before expiry of the period of insurance,
the policy will, subject to its terms and conditions, cover you notwithstanding that a claim is only made after
expiry of the period of insurance.
Average Provision
The Insurer provides that if a payment in excess of the limit of indemnity available under the policy has to be made
to dispose of the claim, the liability of the Insurer for costs and expenses incurred with its consent shall be such
proportion thereof as the amount of indemnity available under this policy bears to the amount paid to dispose of
the claim.
Retroactive Liability
The proposed insurance may be limited by a retroactive date either states in the schedule or endorsed onto the
Policy Where the retroactive cover provided by the proposed policy is subject to such a date, then the policy does
not cover any claim arising from actual or alleged act, error or omission or conduct occurring prior to such
retroactive date.

Australian Professional Risks Brokers Pty Ltd – PI Application                                             Page 9

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