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									The Best Vegan Protein Powder

Looking for the best vegan protein powder can be a bit of a challenge. Protein
powder is essential for vegans and is important in building muscle and getting
energy. First off, you want to make sure that you are getting the best all natural
protein powder available. Brown rice is the most beneficial, and the one I would
recommend overall. Soy protein has been popular, but many studies have found
interesting results that might make you want to stay away from soy. A large
percentage of soy is genetically modified thus not allowing one to get the most pure
all natural form of protein that is best. It also has one of the highest percentages
contamination by pesticides of any of our foods. Lastly, soybeans are high in phytic
acid. This substance can block the certain minerals from being absorbed in your
body. Need I say anymore?

Thus, the best type of protein powder for vegans is made from brown rice. This type
of protein powder is not very popular which is amazing due to the great nutritional
benefits that it offers. Rice protein powder is hypoallergenic and is very vegan
friendly. The flavor of rice protein powder is very mild allowing it to easily blend
with water, juice, or other mixers to create a smooth great tasting drink. Brown rice
protein is also one of the most easily digestible protein powders meaning you get
the nutrients right away into your system.

So when your looking into purchasing protein powder make sure to do your
research so you truly know what you are putting into your body. Always look for the
best all natural protein powder and you will get nothing but the best.

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