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					Performance Portal

Oil and Gas Industry Applications
                What is Performance Portal?
 Performance Portal is web-based
  environment for managing the
performance of your business and
          your people

                                                PORTAL MAKES
                                              STRATEGY HAPPEN!
          With Performance Portal,
          you can:

• Build a scorecard network to      • Analyze Performance trends
  focus your business on targets,     using a range of graphical
  and monitor performance             analysis tools:
            Build an Integrated Scorecard Network

                                      Scorecards enable detailed
                                       analysis of performance

 You can locate
scorecards using
    the tree

                                       Colour coded
                                      arrows indicate
    Actuals can be compared against
       budget and stretch targets
          With Performance Portal, you can:
          Compare Facility Performance

 Compare the
performance of
 facilities and
operating units
               You can:
               Develop a Facilities Health Check Report

  Generate a
rapid facilities
 health check
          You can also:
          Develop an Asset Integrity Management System

  Compare facilities
integrity management
 across key technical
    integrity areas
You can Analyze performance using:
Graphical Analysis - View historical trends

                          Click on any measure to view a
                          range of charts

                            All charts and scorecards can be
                            downloaded into MS Excel
            With Performance Portal
            You can also:

•   Map strategy and continuously monitor   •   Develop Business Performance plans
    achievement of goals                        which track strategy execution across each
                                                business unit and team, and enhance
                You can:
                Plan Business Performance

  Click on a link to view
performance plans across
       your business                         Goal Manager enables you to locate
                                            and view the Strategic / Performance
                                             Plans of each of the teams in your
                                            business, and their linked scorecards
                                                  and improvement projects

                                                         View improvement
                   Track Strategy Execution on-line

Build your Strategic / Business Plan as
       a dynamic document – a
 PERFORMANCE PLAN which enables
you to track execution of projects and                Selected measures and results are
              key metrics                               displayed through the Results
                                                                Manager links

                                                                Business Improvement
                                                                 projects are tracked
  Goals and objectives for
                                                                  using the Project
 the Business are mapped
    across perspectives
       With Performance Portal, you can: –
       Report Performance in MSWord
                                 Schedule reports for
Generate MS Word                 daily, weekly, monthly
  Reports using a                updates
range of Templates
       You can also:
       Report Performance in MS Excel
Generate MS Excel               Auto email reports
  Reports using a               to process owners
range of Templates
           Administering the System
  POWER-USERS - Power-Users are               SYSTEM MAINTENANCE - AFFINITY
  responsible for administration of your      is responsible for the technical
  system. Power-Users have full editing       maintenance of your system,
  rights to your PORTAL, with the ability     TRAINING - Training is provided for all
  to edit and develop content;                system users and supported by the
  USER ACCOUNTS - User Access is              on-screen help function;
  limited to nominated individuals in your    TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Continuous
  organization and managed by the             technical support is provided by email
  Power-Users;                                and phone;
  DATA MANAGEMENT - Data is                   UPGRADES – periodic upgrades are
  collated by measure owners, who             provided to all clients free of charge;
  receive auto data parcels and email
  reminders (see over for data capture        DATA SECURITY – Affinity provides
  methods), or by automated data              data security using a range of tools
  capture;                                    (see over)
  REPORTING - Reports are generated
  by the Power-Users and stored and
  communicated locally.
                                                           DATA MANAGEMENT - cost
               Data Management                               savings and improved data
                                                           integrity accrue from the data
               Collaborative data management environment        management tools in


    the coordination of data compilation by multiple
    data owners across the organisation with auto
    email reminders - using:
      – EXCEL Upload - Users can upload data
         directly from any Excel spreadsheet using our
         Excel Upload feature;
      – DATA PARCELS - a collaborative
         management tool which enables scheduling of
         data uploads across a range of data owners –
         each having a ‘Parcel’ of EXCEL uploads to
•   DATA MANAGER – automated data capture
    module enabling retrieval of data from MS Excel,
    XML,DBF,TXT,CSV,MS Access, ODBC systems.

      DATA INTEGRITY – clear ownership
     and ease of updating ensure improved
                 data integrity
           Projected $ Value of Benefits

Cost Savings                               Productivity Gains
•   Reporting                              •   Enhance Information Control:
    – single source of reporting across         – power to respond more rapidly to
      key performance areas – savings in          potential costly problems (asset
      analysts time                               integrity / cost blowouts);
•   Data Management                        •   Rationalize Improvement Projects:
    – Analyst’s time - Single data              – invest in key strategic value adding
      management environment                      projects – and get a regular ‘heads-
    – Immediate report generation                 up’ on progress – or delays;
    – Automate where visible ROI           •   Enhance Accountability:
•   Performance Review                          – Ensure Managers and teams are
                                                  continually aware of their roles, their
    – On screen at any time – analyze             contribution, and their
      trends, generate alerts, diagnose           accountabilities;
                                           •   Recognize achievement:
•   System Maintenance                          – Recognize and reward achievement
    – Robust and easy to use – data               promptly – keep the motivation
      integrity maintained – minimize             momentum going and fact based
      rework by analysts
             The Benefits – The Difference

THE BENEFITS                                 THE DIFFERENCE
•   Create a customized performance          •   PORTAL Offers a low risk solution with
    management environment which                 minimal intrusion;
    captures your core business              •   Provides a value investment at a
•   Unify performance reporting and review       fraction of our competitors costs;
    around the strategic agenda;             •   Will be in place and working in weeks,
•   Communicate Corporate strategy to all        not months;
    key stakeholders;                        •   We are experts in business
•   Enact the business plan with a               performance management;
    consistent monthly view of the
•   Monitor performance from any location;
•   Build a solid foundation for
    performance-based remuneration;
           Further Information

Download:                         Contact:
                                  Sales at:
•   Performance Portal Brochure   Affinity Performance Systems Pty Ltd.

•   Oil and Gas Industry Flyer    Tel: 61 8 6389 2655,
•   Sample Performance Report     or your nearest PORTAL PARTNER

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