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									Mercury/Fish Connection Sushi fan? Love fish in general. This article is for you.

Mercury is a very toxic substance that enters (primarily water ways) via electrical plants that use coal, waste from incinerators and by products of certain manufactured goods. Unfortunately, where it accumulates is often in large fish such as tuna, shark and swordfish (especially the latter). In humans, mercury accumulates in the brain and central nervous system, liver and kidneys. It is particularly toxic to children and women who are pregnant. It has been correlated with neurological abnormalities, damage to the portion of the brain that controlls movement, seizures and developmental disabilities such as mental retartation. In addition, it is also a testicular toxicant and impairs the reproductive system in men by decreasing blood testosterone and sperm count. In short, mercury toxicity is a major problem, particularly in those areas such as Northern Canada which consume high amounts of fish, according to the Food Chemical Toxicology Journal. What can be done? Aside from identifying safe fish sources, the nutritional protocol that works best for most people is as follows: * Selenium * Zinc picolinate * Methionine If the toxicity is significant, add Sonne’s #7 to the mix. A Hair Analysis will identify or rule out any problems. This information was present by the Orman Institute for Active Wellness, home of Hgh Plus.

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