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									                    Staffing Overview – Lesson Plan
Module Overview

Introduction    This module provides an introduction to the staffing function and an overview
                of the Basic Staffing course.

Module Length   Approximately 45 minutes

Materials/      Slides—transparencies or computer project
Equipment       Easel with butcher paper

Slides          Slides which accompany this module are indicated by v-xx and are to be
                shown to the class at that point in the lesson.

Module          Introduce students to the staffing function and provide overview of Basic
Objective       Staffing course.

Date Prepared   This module was revised by Marian Bellis 02/2004
               Module Outline

Introduction   Human Resources professionals have two major responsibilities:
v-1 and v-2
               1. Assist managers in recruiting a well-qualified and diverse work force.

               2. Assist managers in sustaining the work force through compensation and
               performance management, employee and labor relations, training, and
               strategic planning.

               The staffing function is concerned primarily with the first role, assisting
               managers in hiring employees to accomplish the mission.

                  Staffing includes both recruitment and placement, many staffing actions
                   involve placing employees already on the rolls into different positions.

                  Managers need well-qualified employees to accomplish the mission—and
                   they want their vacant positions filled quickly.

                  Within the CPOC, most resources are dedicated to the staffing function.
                   CPAC generalists also spend a lot of their time advising on and
                   coordinating staffing actions with managers.

                  The time it takes to fill positions is closely monitored at all levels of
                   Department of Army and is a major area of emphasis within the CPOCs—
                   fill jobs fast.

                  The Federal personnel system is based on merit—selection and
                   advancement based upon the employee or applicant’s qualifications—his
                   or her possession of the knowledges, skills and abilities needed to perform
                   the duties of the position. Job related criteria (KSA’s) must be used to
                   evaluate candidates for positions.

                  The staffing process within the federal system is very complex. There are
                   many legal and regulatory requirements which must be observed; union
                   agreements also impact many staffing processes. However, managers and
                   supervisors have many flexibilities in filling positions as well—and the
                   right to select from any source. This course will cover both the regulatory
                   requirements and the flexibilities.

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Module Overview, Continued

Introduction,      Because staffing is a key service we provide to managers, that function
cont.               receives a lot of attention. We are continually looking for ways to
                    improve and expedite the recruitment process—while still meeting the
                    legal, regulatory and quality requirements which have not changed

                   The Internet has dramatically changed the way we recruit; we are
                    competing for the best candidates with non-federal employers who may
                    pay higher salaries and offer better working conditions.

                   RESUMIX is the commercial software system used to assist in candidate
                    evaluation and referral. It is now used in all Army regions, but there are a
                    few organizations in some regions remaining to be converted. RESUMIX
                    program updates occur at regular intervals.

                   To further assist the manager and HR specialist, the Army has developed
                    numerous automated programs to compliment RESUMIX:
                       o A centralized RESUMIX database
                       o RESUMIX DEU
                       o A vacancy announcement board
                       o ANSWER
                       o Resume Builder
                       o Web-based referral
                       o Interest and Availability
                       o Electronic case file

                   Managers and supervisors now have a more active role in HR processes
                    due to the automated systems that allow for direct access between the
                    manager and the HR specialist processing the action in the CPOC.
                    Managers must be involved in the staffing process including skills and job
                    analysis, candidate evaluation and screening, and the interview, selection
                    and placement processes.

Course       Students will be able to provide effective and accurate advice to managers,
Objectives   employees and applicants; and understand or apply the correctly processes for
             recruitment and placement actions based upon their knowledge of:
                Legal and regulatory requirements (OPM, DOD and Army)

                Management’s flexibilities in staffing positions

                The staffing process—CPOC and CPAC roles

                The impact of local regulations, policies and union agreements

                HR tools and staffing techniques—not knowing all the answers, but
                 knowing where to find the answers and information needed to provide
                 sound advice to customers and correctly explain or process actions.

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Module Overview, Continued

Major Staffing   The major functions are primarily performed by the CPOCs with advisory
Functions        and strategic planning responsibilities performed in the CPACs.. It helps to
                 have an understanding of the entire process even if you are responsible for
                 only a part of it. When you see how your part relates to the whole process—
                 and the finished product, you can understand the importance of what you do.
                 Managers and supervisors are also major participants in each of these

                    Filling positions – recruiting, evaluating, referring candidates.

                    Placing people – using competitive and non-competitive methods to place
                     candidates and employees—including RIF and PPP which are placement

                    Administering laws – ensuring legal and regulatory requirements are met.

                    Achieving merit – selection and advancement based on qualifications and
                     performance; a requirement for competition for appointment and

                    Promoting social goals – federal government should be a leader and a
                     model for other employers in affirmative employment and in the
                     employment of special groups such as veterans, students, military
                     spouses, disabled persons, etc.

                    Guiding employees – employment information and career counseling

                    Assisting managers – serving as consultants providing sound advice and
                     reasonable alternatives OR providing advice and assistance needed to
                     carry out staffing programs, processes and requirements.

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Module Overview, Continued

Roles and          Ask the class: Who is involved in a staffing action? (Write their responses
Responsibilities   on an easel and briefly discuss how that person/function would be involved)

v-5                       Examples:

                                     Manager/supervisor/selecting official
                                     CPAC advisor
                                     CPOC classifier
                                     CPOC staffer
                                     CPOC personnel assistants and clerks
                                     Employee
                                     Applicant
                                     EEO
                                     Unions
                                     Resource Management
                                     OPM
                                     Central Referral Offices
                                     DOD CARE Office (Civilian Assistance and Re-
                                     DFAS
                                     Community agencies
                                     Professional organizations

                   Ask the class: How many (raise hands) are familiar with the Integrated
                   Definition (IDEF) document? Show an excerpt from IDEF staffing section.
                   Point out the columns that show areas of responsibility for staffing processes.

Interface with    No action takes place in a vacuum. It is important for communication to take
other functions   place within and between CPOCs and CPACs, as well as with other
                  Customers: refer back to the previous list of all involved in the staffing
                  process, then begin discussion of interface between HR functional programs.

                     Classification – During the classification process, the title, series and
                      grade of the position is determined. This, in turn, determines the
                      qualifications for the position, the working conditions and the pay—all of
                      which impact on the recruitment or placement processes.

                      If an encumbered position is upgraded, classifiers provide input on
                      whether the subsequent promotion should be competitive or non-

                      Downgrade or abolishment may require placement through PPP or other
                      RIF procedures.

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Module Overview, Continued

Interface with      Management- Employee Relations (MER) – A placement action may result in
other functions,    a grievance—or might be used to resolve a grievance or deal with a conduct
cont.               or performance problem.

                    Labor Relations – Many staffing procedures and processes are governed, in
                    part, by union contracts or negotiated agreements, e.g., merit promotion and
                    reduction in force.

                    Human Resources Development (HRD) – Intern, trainee, and upward
                    mobility positions require training agreements and completion of required
                    training before employee can be promoted.

                    EEO – may be involved in the recruiting activities, review of referrals and

                    Resource Management – authorizes funding

                    Unions – may participate in some part of the process, e.g., panels or may
                    represent employees dissatisfied with a selection or placement action.

Communica-          Give example of action and communication required:
tion is essential
                           Fill of position through Merit Promotion and Placement
                              Manager initiates action; sends thru RM to CPOC -- CPAC may
                               advise on classification, staffing sources and methods, candidate
                               evaluation criteria (EEO may also be involved)
                              CPOC confirms classification; builds position in automated
                               system; action flows to staffing
                              CPOC staffer clears PPP and other mandatory placement and
                               consideration programs, announces position, rates applicants,
                               prepares/issues referral.
                              CPAC advises/assists in selection process; and, upon advisory
                               from the CPOC, notifies selected candidate.
                              CPOC processes selection action
                              Manager notifies non-selected candidates
                              CPAC in processes new employees

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Module Overview, Continued

Communicatio      Communication is critical
n is essential,
cont.             More of a challenge when communication is not face to face—rely on phone
                  and e-mail

                  CPAC serves as liaison between CPOC and customers—may explain
                  classification, qualifications, recruitment strategies, RIF placements, and
                  other matters related to the HR processes.

Course               Regulatory Base for Staffing
Contents             Merit Promotion and Placement
                     RESUMIX and Army automation tools
v-8                  Candidate Evaluation
                     External Recruitment
                     Pay Setting
                     Reduction in Force
                     Outplacement
                     Assistance to Managers

                  (Note: Basic Staffing for EEO will not include Pay Setting and
                  Outplacement—may include other modules)

                  This Course is designed to provide a basic knowledge of the technical areas
                  of staffing with an overview of the legal, regulatory and programmatic
                  requirements for staffing appropriated fund positions. Real learning occurs
                  on the job when the knowledge gained is applied and experience upon return
                  to your organization.

                  This course is a foundation, but you must be able to apply what you learned –
                  and soon – or you will lose it.

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Module Overview, Continued

Other sources   You can enhance your knowledge and skills in staffing from other sources
                when you have completed this course:
                   On the job training (including developmental assignments, job swaps. etc)
                   Research/Professional Reading
                   Correspondence Courses
                   Computer/Web Based Courses
                   DOD Pay Setting and PPP courses
                   Specialized courses offered by HQDA, CHRA, and other training
                   OPM and contractor training
                   Automation training (including DCPDS, RESUMIX, and related tools)

Summary            The staffing function provides a key service to managers and is essential
                    for mission accomplishment
                   Many stakeholders are involved, often geographically dispersed.

                   First step in providing high quality service is good communication
                    between stakeholders.

                   This course is only the beginning…


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