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Louise C. Jennings

Real Estate Southeast, LLC is a southeast based real estate company offering
professional real estate services which include property management, leasing,
development, construction management services and financial analysis. Our team
consists of a small group of talented and dedicated professionals, who handle all
aspects of day to day property management, marketing and leasing and commercial                     The business brings
development, providing investors and tenants a hands-on personal attention approach.                a new look and energy to
                                                                                                    struggling shopping areas
Real Estate Southeast, LLC was founded in 2000 by Louise C. Jennings. Ms. Jennings
                                                                                                          By Barbara Knight
has over 20 years of experience in retail leasing, property management, marketing and                     Montgomery Advertiser
development of commercial real estate. As a property owner, she understands the
important aspects of creating value in commercial property, along with its day to day                 Louise      C.    Jennings,
management and operations. As president of a commercial real estate company for                     president of JP Properties,
almost fourteen years, she also understands the responsibilities of providing a service to          Inc. is making her mark in the
investors, clients and customers. Utilizing strong communication and negotiation skills,            business world by renovating
she works with a variety of national and regional retail businesses, legal professionals,           vintage strip shopping malls
governmental agencies, and lending institutions.                                                    and bringing in new clienteles.
                                                                                                    JP Properties, Inc. has
Ms. Jennings was President and co-founder of JP Properties, Inc. (founded 1991). The                redeveloped          Roebuck
company focused on the development of commercial real estate with a primary interest                Marketplace in Birmingham,
in the redevelopment and re-tenanting of retail properties in the southeast. As President           AL, South Slappey Village in
of the company, Ms. Jennings guided the management, leasing and development of the                  Albany,      GA,     Parkway
                                                                                                                                          Louise Jennings renovates, leases and
company's portfolio, which included market analysis, marketing of the project, working              Shopping Center in Opelika,
                                                                                                                                          manages retail commercial properties.
with national and local retailers, contract negotiations, and construction coordination.            AL and currently Midtown
These redevelopment projects included Roebuck Marketplace (Birmingham, AL), South                   Shopping Center in Prattville,
Slappey Village (Albany, GA), and Midtown Shopping Center (Prattville, AL).                         AL.

Ms. Jennings has performed third party leasing and management for individual and               Q  How did you get into the            You have compared              You initiated a
institutional investors. She was responsible for leasing and management for Kranzco              shopping              center         your renovations to            recycling program
Realty Trust (now Centro) southeastern portfolio, which included nineteen retail               & renovation business?                 recycling . What do you        at          Midtown
properties located throughout the southeast, from Mississippi to South Carolina.                 I began working for The              mean?                          Shopping Center.
                                                                                               A Newton Company (in                    The phrase was used           What prompts your
Ms. Jennings worked with The Newton Company, Prattville, AL (1986-91). She was                   Prattville) in 1986. At that         several years ago in an        interest in your
responsible for marketing and leasing the company's portfolio. In 1987, Ms. Jennings             time, I also coordinated the         article, . . . the phrase      hometown?
directed the renovation of Heritage Place Shopping Center (originally developed in               renovation of Crestview              appropriately describes          With the growth our
1962). This project included redesign, construction coordination, marketing, re-tenanting        Shopping Center (Now                 what we try to do: re-         market                is
and refinancing of the property.                                                                 Heritage        Place),     a        develop and re-create          experiencing (people
                                                                                                 neighborhood center my               value      in       existing   moving here from all
Notable Projects:                                                                                grandfather (Dr. George E.           commercial property.           parts of the country),
                                                                                                 Newton)            originally          Your business has            it is a shame not to
Roebuck Marketplace (Birmingham, AL) – Redevelopment of a retail community                       developed in 1962. This              historically been a            offer some form of
shopping center, originally developed in 1958 and re-developed in 1995.                          was a tremendous learning            male-dominated one.            recycling. Being a
Responsibilities included the re-tenanting and renovation of a 264,000 sf retail center.         experience.                          What are some of the           part of the business
This included; solicitation of national and regional retailers, lease negotiations,                What inspired you to do            problems                  or   community,           we
construction coordination, working with municipal and governmental authorities.                  renovations              and         advantages you have            decided to organize
Retailers included; Goody’s, Winn Dixie Marketplace, Shoe Carnival, Fashion Bug, Rite            redevelopment?                       encountered?                   the recycling program
Aid, Dollar Tree. This project generated an increased value of 242%.                             Growing up in a large                 This is a popular             with          Alabama
                                                                                                 family, you learn to                 question.      I've never      Recycling           and
Midtown Shopping Center (Prattville, AL) - Redevelopment of a grocery-anchored                   "appreciate             your         considered        this     a   Midtown       retailers.
retail shopping center, which was redeveloped in 2000. Responsibilities included the re-         environment." With all the           problem or advantage. I        Many local volunteers
tenanting and renovation of a 100,000 sf retail center, which included; solicitation of          vacated buildings, it only           don't feel that being a        have also helped. It
retailers, lease negotiations, preparation of lender information, construction coordination,     seems more practical to              woman or a man in any          has been one of the
working with municipal and governmental authorities. Retailers included; Winn Dixie              utilize what we have.                industry gives you an          most         satisfying
Marketplace, Fashion Bug, Burke’s Outlet.                                                        "Recycling real estate" is           advantage                 or   community        events
                                                                                                 not always feasible . . . it         disadvantage . . . we all      we've sponsored.
South Slappey Village (Albany, GA) - Redevelopment of a neighborhood grocery-                    can be very challenging,             have                "special
anchored retail center, originally developed in 1965. Responsibilities in this project           but I've found it to be quite        challenges" that we must
included the re-tenanting and renovation of a 100,000 square foot retail center, which           satisfying.                          overcome.
included; solicitation of retailers, lease negotiations, preparation of lender information,
construction coordination, working with municipal and governmental authorities.
Retailers included; Harvey’s, CVS, Simply Fashion’s, Family Dollar.

Demopolis Towne Center (Demopolis, AL) - Redevelopment of a former Wal-mart                                                                                 Louise C. Jennings
(58,000 sf), obtaining 97% occupancy within eight months, creating over $210,000 in                                                          REAL ESTATE SOUTHEAST, LLC
annual income. Retailers included; Fred’s, Peebles, Citi Trends and Hibbett.                                                                                 P. O. Box 681955
                                                                                                                                                          Prattville, AL 36068
Ms. Jennings has developed extensive relationships with many retailers and investors.                                                                   Direct: 334-365-6876
As a result of these relationships, Ms. Jennings is often contracted to do market                                                                         Fax: 334-365-5921
analysis, site selection, lease negotiation and property management services. In 2006,                                                                    Cell: 404-606-3285
Ms. Jennings completed three redevelopment projects and leased over 140,000 sf in                                                                 Toll Free: 1-866-283-5516
retail properties throughout the southeast (AL, GA, TN, MS, SC).

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