Skin Care Management System by hua83081


									Skin Care Management System


                                   AM                                                           PM

                            Step 1 C LE AN S E                                          Step 1 CLEAN SE
                    Bioglycolic® Facial Cleanser                                   Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser

                          Step 2 R E J U VE N AT E                                   Step 2 REJ U V EN ATE
                             C-ESTA®    Serum                                             C-ESTA Serum

                          Step 3 R E S U R FAC E                                      Step 3 RESU RFACE
                Bioclear® Lotion or Bioclear Cream*                                      Bioclear Lotion*
                     *Use Bioclear PM only week one.                                *Use Bioclear PM only week one.
                           Use AM & PM thereafter.                                      Use AM & PM thereafter.

                            Step 4 H YD R AT E                                          Step 4 H Y D RATE
                   Age Intervention® Face Serum                                   Age Intervention Face Serum
                     or Transformation Cream                                        or Transformation Cream

                            Step 5 P R O T E C T
                  Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant
                    SPF 30 (Regular or Tinted)

      Please consult your skin care professional to select the products best for your skin type.
                               Based on Normal to Combination Skin.

                                   Intensify Your Program for Optimum Results:
                                    Age Intervention                       C-ESTA Mask
                                    Regeneration Booster                   Factor-A® Cream or Lotion
                                    Age Intervention                       Factor-A Plus® Cream or Lotion
                                    Peptide Extreme
                                                                           Factor-A Plus Mask
                                    Clean Zyme & Skin Zyme

                               Complement Your Program with Supplemental Products:

            C-ESTAMINS® Nutritional Skin             Bioglycolic Sunless Tanner            Eye Treatments
            Care Supplement
                                                     Bioglycolic Hand & Body               Transformation Eye Cream
            Marini Lash
                                                     C-ESTA Hand & Body Cream              Age Intervention Eye Cream
            Marini Hair
                                                     C-ESTA Lips                           C-ESTA Eye Countour Cream
            Bioglycolic Body Scrub
                                                     C-ESTA Perfection Foundation          C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate

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