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									 Stakeholder Engagement Plan SE-#20
 2007-2009 Business Plan

    I. Introduction
This stakeholder plan has been developed to define the opportunity for stakeholder involvement and
awareness in respect of the IESO’s 2007-2009 Business Plan.


Prior to Bill 100, stakeholder involvement in the business plan process consisted of input from the
stakeholder-represented IESO Board of Directors as well as discussion at the Regulatory Affairs Standing
Committee. As a result of Bill100, a non-stakeholder Board of Directors was appointed. Subsequently a
revised approach to stakeholder engagement was developed, including the establishment of a
Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The revised stakeholder engagement process contemplates that the
Stakeholder Advisory Committee would be the venue for stakeholder advice to the Board of Directors in
relation to the IESO Business Plan.

Subsequent to IESO Board approval and pursuant to s.19.1(1) of the Electricity Act the 2007-2009
Business Plan will be submitted to the Minister at least 90 days before the beginning of 2007 for
approval. The Business Plan will then be submitted to the OEB for approval.

    II. Stakeholders
The IESO Business Plan is of interest to all stakeholder sectors, and is one of the matters identified for
review through the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. Stakeholder Advisory Committee members will
seek input from their constituent groups

    III. Stakeholder Engagement Goals and Objectives
The goal of the stakeholder engagement plan is to seek feedback from stakeholders in the preparation of
the IESO Business Plan for 2007-2009 and to gain support for that Plan.


    1. To communicate to stakeholders: the objectives and priorities of the IESO, the opportunities and
       challenges to the business over the planning horizon, and to provide stakeholders with a view of
       the estimated resource requirements of the IESO over the coming three years;
    2. To provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input to IESO Management
       and the IESO Board of Directors on the priorities and initiatives underpinning the IESO’s 2007-
       2009 Business Plan; and
    3. To gain stakeholder support of that plan.

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    IV. Stakeholder Engagement Approach and Methods
The stakeholder engagement approach proposed will be through Advisory Committee feedback with the
request for written feedback, particularly for advice to IESO Management and the IESO Board of
Directors. The implementation of the stakeholder engagement process will be in accordance with the
IESO’s approved stakeholder principles, which for convenience have been set out at the end of this plan.

The stakeholder engagement method will be face-to-face meetings with the Stakeholder Advisory
Committee – with opportunity for stakeholder written feedback via e-mail
( or via their Stakeholder Advisory Committee member. All
stakeholder views will be posted.

Approval of the Business Plan is required by the IESO Board. Subsequent to IESO Board approval and
pursuant to the Electricity Act the Business Plan is submitted to the Minister at least 90 days before the
beginning of 2007 for approval. Once approved by the Minister, the Business plan is submitted to the
OEB for approval.

All stakeholder input will be considered prior to the IESO Management recommendations to the Board.
All stakeholders will have the opportunity to communicate their view and positions directly to the IESO
Executive/Board of Directors through the Stakeholder Advisory Committee in advance of any final
decisions. IESO decisions, and the rationale for those decisions, will be posted along with an explanation
of how stakeholder input was taken into account in the decision.

This is a public consultation process. Information supplied by stakeholders will be posted on the IESO
website including identification of the participant.

    V. Decision Making Steps and Schedule of Activities

                                   Stakeholder Engagement Schedule

                                      Activity                                        Target Date
    1.      Provide the Stakeholder Advisory Committee with copy of the                   Week of
    2007-2009 Business Plan Stakeholder Plan for review and input prior to              February 20,
    finalization.                                                                          2006

    2.       Post Stakeholder Engagement Plan                                          March 3, 2006

    3.      Meeting with Stakeholder Advisory Committee to outline
    IESO’s strategic direction and invite input on priorities and initiatives         March 22, 2006
    over planning period.
    4.     Closing date for Stakeholder Advisory Committee feedback on
                                                                                       April 21, 2006
    IESO priorities/initiatives.

    5.     Posting to web of Stakeholder Advisory Committee feedback
                                                                                       April 25, 2006
    on IESO priorities/initiatives.

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                                   Stakeholder Engagement Schedule

                                      Activity                                        Target Date
    6.     Presentation to Stakeholder Advisory Committee of proposed
    IESO priorities and initiatives for the planning period with feedback              May 22, 2006
    on input received.

    7.       Business Plan update                                                      August, 2006

    8.     IESO Board of Directors review of draft Business Plan and
                                                                                        Sept 7, 2006
    feedback from Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

    9.    IESO Audit Committee/Board of Directors review and                             Sept 21/22,
    approval of 2007-2009 Business Plan                                                     2006

                                                                                        on or before
    10.      Filing of Business Plan with Minister for approval.
                                                                                         Oct 2, 2006

                                                                                        on or before
    11.      Submission of Business Plan to OEB for approval.
                                                                                        Nov 1, 2006

Process Evaluation
Stakeholders will be provided the opportunity to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the process in
achieving stated objectives following each key stakeholder engagement event.

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                                                      Stakeholder Engagement Principles
                                                                                                                                       Information Exchange,
                        Decision Making                                          Participation and Process                        Implementation, and Continuous
1. Stakeholder engagement is an essential element of IESO decision        8. The IESO’s stakeholder engagement processes         13. The IESO will strive to ensure stakeholders
   making.                                                                    will be inclusive, providing the opportunity for       have timely, accessible, and accurate
                                                                              all stakeholders with an interest in an issue to       information sufficient to understand the
                                                                              participate.                                           implications of alternative courses of action.
2. The IESO will provide meaningful and timely opportunities for          9. The IESO will actively encourage all                14. The IESO and participants will strive to
   stakeholders to provide input into decision making.                        stakeholder sectors with an interest in a              become as well informed as possible about
                                                                              decision to participate in the process and no          all the facts relevant to the process, to
                                                                              stakeholder constituency will have undue               communicate their views fully and openly,
                                                                              influence on the process.                              and to support others in doing the same.
3. The IESO will provide varying levels of stakeholder engagement for     10. Participants in IESO stakeholder engagement        15. The IESO will use independent facilitation
   its decisions (feedback, consultation, or consensus processes) based       processes will have a commitment to keep               and advanced stakeholder engagement
   on the nature of the decision and the significance of the issue to         their host organizations informed about the            techniques as appropriate to achieve
   stakeholders:                                                              process and the authority and willingness to           stakeholder engagement objectives.
  • Feedback Process—seeking input on draft proposals (usually a one          represent their organization’s views on an
     step process involving little or no face to face dialogue)               issue.
  • Consultation Process—seeking input from the formative stages of
     decision making and throughout the decision making process
     normally involving continuous two-way face to face dialogue.
  • Consensus Process—seeking agreement among stakeholders and
     attempting to remove all stakeholder objections (stakeholders may
     not agree with all aspects of the proposal but all are willing to
     accept the total package).
4. IESO decision making processes will be transparent and decision        11. Within the context of providing effective          16. The IESO will regularly measure and assess
   making stages will be clearly defined at the outset.                       stakeholder engagement processes, care will            the effectiveness of its stakeholder
                                                                              be taken to make these processes as simple as          engagement processes and make the results
                                                                              possible and to minimize their costs.                  of its assessments public.
5. Stakeholder views, including dissenting views, will be fully           12. The IESO will use stakeholder input to
   communicated to decision makers prior to decisions being taken.            develop options that attempt to facilitate
                                                                              resolution of differing points of view.
6. IESO decisions, and the rationale for decisions, will be
   communicated to stakeholders along with an explanation of how
   their input was taken into account in the decision.
7. The IESO fully endorses its stakeholder engagement processes and
   will communicate the outcomes from the processes in regulatory

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