Unusual Foreign Body in Vagina

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					          Unusual Foreign Body
                in Vagina
Presented by

Dr. Narayan M. Patel, M.D.,D.G.O. FICS
Emeritus Professor Muni. Medical College
Mahalaxmi Institute of medical teaching,
3, Shantiniketan park, Naranpura,Nr.Sardar patel
Colony, AHMEDABAD- 380 014 (Gujarat) INDIA
T.N.(079) 27682572, Mobile;- 98252 95530
Email:- nmpatel1932@wilnetonline.net
          F.B. in Vagina

Pt.,an un-married girl, aged 28
years, came with pain in lower
abdomen and foul smelling
discharge from vagina.
 She wanted to marry with a
particular boy,for which her
parents did not agreed.
    F.B. in Vagina

This patient was a
weak patient.
       F.B. in Vagina

She got angry at this
incidence and her self
introduced a small tin of
Jalda in own vagina,
before 3 years.
X-ray taken in the
hospital, which
   shows a
Jalda tin in pelvis.
X-ray of pelvis showing

jalda radio opaque

tin in the pelvis.

It is shown by an arrow.

X-ray was taken on

15 september 1997 on

admission day
     F.B. in Vagina

You will now see this
foreign body being
removed vaginally
under anesthesia.
There was pouring

out of collected pus

on attempting to

separate the tin from

all adhesions around

Pus is shown by arrow
      F.B. in Vagina

Foul smelling infected
material came out on
releasing these
fibrous bands.
Cervix is held by

Volselum forceps.

There were lot of

fibrosis around cervix.

This fibrosis had to be

incised to free the tin.
        F.B. in Vagina

Episiotomy had to be
given and all fibrous
bands around the tin
had to be cut, to release
this tin.
Episiotomy had to

be given to increase

the working place

and to facilitate

cutting of adhesions

around cervix.

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