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					Articles of Incorporation
Note: This is a very basic, plain-English set of articles for an Internal Revenue
Code Section 501(c)(6)-type business or professional association. These
articles are intended to conform to District of Columbia nonprofit
corporate law; other states may have differing requirements. Although quite
simple, these articles address the main issues specified in the law. They
would certainly have to be modified to fit individual organization needs;
however, most nonprofit organizations of this type, large or small, will need
little else but these articles.

Articles of Incorporation of _____ Association
A District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation
We, the undersigned natural persons of the age of twenty-one years or more, acting as
incorporators of a corporation under the District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act,
adopt the following Articles of Incorporation:
     1. Name. The name of the Corporation is the ______ Association.
     2. Duration. The duration of the Corporation is perpetual.
     3. Purpose. The purposes of the Corporation are to ______ and to exercise any and all
powers permitted by law within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(6) of the Internal Revenue
     4. Membership. The Corporation has one class of members with voting rights, with the
rights, privileges, and qualifications of members set forth in the Bylaws of the Corporation.
     5. Directors. The election of directors and their terms of office are as stated in the Bylaws
of the Corporation.
     6. Initial Directors. Three directors serve as the initial Board of Directors of the
Corporation until successors are elected; their names and addresses are as follows: [Insert
Names and Street Addresses].
     7. Incorporators. The names and addresses of the three incorporators of the Corporation are:
[Insert Names and Street Addresses].
     8. Registered Office and Agent. The initial registered office of the Corporation is
______. The initial registered agent of the Corporation at that address is ______.
     9. Dissolution. Upon dissolution, the balance of any assets or property of the Corporation
which remains after all debts or obligations are paid will be distributed to another organization
with similar purposes and activities that is exempt from federal income taxation under
Section 501(c)(6) as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

As witnesses to our statements, we have signed these Articles on the
dates indicated below.
     City of Washington, District of Columbia
     Signed and sworn to in my presence on ____________ ___, 20__.
     Notary Public
     My Commission expires on ___________.

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