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									                                               The NJCU Advantage
Certificates in
    Investment                                 NJCU graduate programs offer the ultimate in
                                               excellence, flexibility, convenience and affordability.

      Analysis                                 Located in one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas
                                               in the United States, NJCU provides its graduate stu-     Certificates in
                                               dents with a creative environment designed to sup-
    and Portfolio Management                   port scholarship, research and practice.

                                                • Classes are offered in the evening and online
                                                  for the busy professional.                               Analysis
                                                • Currently the only University in NJ to offer            and Portfolio Management
                                                  Graduate Level Certification in Investment
                                                  Analysis and Portfolio Management.
                                                • May qualify for tuition reimbursement
                                                  with many employers.                                    Success in Scholarship,
                                                • May qualify for government loans regardless                 Success in the World.
                                                  of financial need.
                                                • Small class size and individual attention.

                                                • Courses taught by accomplished educators
                                                  who are distinguished practitioners in
                                                  their fields.

                                               Come join our diverse, highly motivated group of
                                               learners who have discovered the value of a New
– Prepare for a career in investment           Jersey City University graduate education.

  management and research
                                                Attention Employers:
– Prepare to sit for the Level 1 and Level 2
                                                NJCU is committed to serving our community
  CFA® examinations                             constituencies, including corporations. If you have
                                                10 or more participants, the Certificates in
– Earn credits toward a Master of               Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  Science in Finance degree                     or the Master of Science in Finance program
                                                can be offered at your site.

– Earn professional continuing
  education credits if you are a CPA                                       Department of
                                                                           Business Administration
  or CFP® professional
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                                                                           Jersey City, NJ 07305
Call New Jersey City University today!                                     Phone: 201-200-2266
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  Earn Graduate Certificates In
  Investment Analysis or Portfolio
                                                                                       Level 1
                                                                                       Certificate in
  Management at NJCU.
                                                                                       Investment Analysis
  New Jersey City University can prepare you for
  a career in investment analysis and portfolio                                        Five required graduate courses in
  management, and help you acquire a thorough                                          finance include the curriculum
  grounding in the Body of Knowledge™ required                                         recommended to prepare for Level I
  for the Chartered Financial Analyst® examinations.*                                  of the Chartered Financial Analyst®
  The CFA® designation, awarded by CFA Institute,                                      examinations. Each course also counts
  is one of the most trusted credentials in the                                        as 3 graduate credits in finance.
  investment world and is internationally recognized.                                  The courses are:
  The mission of CFA Institute is:
                                                                                       – Financial Statement Analysis
       To lead the investment profession globally
      by setting the highest standards of education,                                   – Managerial Economics
           integrity and professional excellence.                                      – Corporate Financial Management                    Admissions
  For more information on CFA Institute or its                                         – Investment Planning and                           To inquire about one of our Certificate
  programs, go to                                                   Portfolio Analysis                                programs, c a l l 2 0 1 - 2 0 0 - 2 2 6 6 o r e m a i l
                                                                                       – Ethical and Professional Standards      
Chart a promising                                                                                                                          To apply, you must:
future in the financial
services industry                                                                      Level 2                                              • Complete a Graduate Studies application
                                                                                                                                              and application for matriculation
with a Graduate                                                                        Certificate in
Certificate in                                                                                                                              • Have your previous university(ies) send a
Investment Analysis                                                                    Portfolio Management                                   copy(ies) of your transcript(s)
or Portfolio                                                                           Five required graduate courses in                    • Write a 250-500 word essay
Management from
                                                                                       finance, combined with the topics                    • Provide two letters of recommendation
New Jersey
                                                                                       integrated in studies for Level I,
City University.
                                                                                       cover the curriculum recommended                    NJCU requires a minimum 2.75 GPA to pursue
                                                                                       for Level II of the Chartered Financial             graduate studies in business. Career achievement
  Your NJCU Advantage                                                                  Analyst® examinations. Each course                  will be considered in evaluating your application.
                                                                                       counts for 3 graduate credits in finance.
  There are two graduate certificates in investment
  analysis and portfolio management, each requiring                                    The courses are:
  15 graduate credits to complete. The courses in
                                                                                       –   Ethical and Professional Standards*
  these certificates are considered as professional
  continuing education if you are a Certified Public                                   –   Debt Investments
  Accountant or a Certified Financial Planner. These                                   –   Equity Investments
  courses are also part of our Master of Science in                                    –   Derivatives and Alternative Assets              For further information, contact:
  Finance (MSF) program that requires 39 credits.                                      –   Advanced Portfolio Management                   Rosilyn Overton, Graduate Coordinator for Finance
  The courses in the two certificates, 30 credits, may                                                                                     Department of Business Administration
  be applied toward the MSF. You will then only                                        *For those who have successfully completed the
                                                                                                                                           Tel: 201-200-2266
                                                                                       NJCU Level 1 Certificate, another course from
  need three additional courses to receive a Master’s                                  the Master of Science in Finance curriculum will    email:
  degree!                                                                              be substituted upon consultation with an advisor.
  * NJCU does not grant the CFA® designation. The charter is granted by
  CFA Institute (formerly called the Association for Investment Management and
  Research®) after completion of three levels of self-study, each culminating in an
  examination. You must pass each level sequentially, and fulfill other requirements
  of the program, before earning the right to use the CFA® designation.
                                                                                           Success in Scholarship, Success in the World.

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