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                       Medical Pharmacy                                                                                        Holton Dental
                                                                   For 33 years, Medical Phar-
                                                                 macy has served the Holton and
                                                                 Jackson County area as its
                                                                 locally-owned         community
                                                                 pharmacy, offering the special
                                                                 care and service its customers
                                                                 can only get from a member of
                                                                 the community.
                                                                   That’s a statement that owner
                                                                 Joseph Gilliland is proud to
                                                                   “We recognize that everyone
                                                                 has unique health care needs
                                                                 and concerns,” Gilliland said.
 Pictured left to right: Ginger Prine, Lesley Harris, Johnathan “That’s why we take the time to
 Schlodder, Joe Gilliland, Shay West, Jodi Fox. Not Pictured: get to know you, not just as a
 Frank Gilliland, Dillon Klahr, Kisha Patterson and Tara Mick. customer but also as a patient
                                                                 and a person.”
                                                            Medical Pharmacy, which is located
                                                          next door to Holton Community Hos-
                                                          pital at 1100 Columbine Drive, takes
                                                          “a proactive approach to supporting
                                                          your health and wellness,” Gilliland
                                                          said. Furthermore, members of the          Left to Right: Elyse Hawthorne, Dr. Alex Gilliland, Taige Gilliland, Dena Phillips and Kelli Callison. Not
                                                          pharmacy’s staff “truly look forward       pictured: Nikki Robinson.
                                                          to serving you each and every time           Shortly after graduating from Indiana University in May 2007, Dr. Alex Gilliland and his wife, Taige,
                                                          you walk through our door. Trust us to     opened Holton Dental in July. The business, which is located at 1100 Columbine Drive, serves Jackson
                                                          answer your questions, counsel you on      County’s dental needs by using the latest technology available.
                                                                                                       Holton Dental offers whitening trays and refill bleach, Sonicare and Oral B electric toothbrushes along
                                                          products and offer you the latest infor-
                                                                                                     with replacement brush heads. The business also sells tongue scrapers, denture/partial cleaners and MI
                                                          mation on staying healthy.”                paste for cavity protection.
   Gilliland is the second generation of his family to own and operate the pharmacy, which was         Some of the procedures performed at Holton Dental range from crowns, dentures, root canals, fillings,
 started by his father, Frank Gilliland, 33 years ago in the old HCH building. The pharmacy          partials, extractions and flippers. Dr. Gilliland also performs head and neck exams along with oral cancer
 moved to its new location next door to HCH in 1999, shortly after the hospital relocated to its     screenings.
 present position north of Holton.                                                                     "We are a 100 percent digital dental office," says Dr. Gilliland. "All x-rays are done digitally, which
   Beyond filling prescriptions, the nine members of Medical Pharmacy’s staff assist patients        allows the doctor and patient to see their x-ray instantly."
 with durable medical equipment, diabetic testing, ostomy and urological supplies. Members of          Digital x-rays are a key tool of communication between Dr. Gilliland and a specialist in Topeka or
 the staff will take time to give each of the pharmacy’s customers the personal attention they       another physician if needed.
 deserve.                                                                                              "The goal of Holton Dental is to keep the patient from having to travel out of town for dental work.
   “We serve you quickly and efficiently, with no long waits to meet with a pharmacist,”             Almost all procedures can be done in office," he says.
 Gilliland said.                                                                                       Holton Dental’s patient base ranges from toddlers to the elderly with everyone in between. They also
   Medical Pharmacy offers custom compounding, as well as consultation for those in assisted         welcome handicap adults and children.
 living/nursing home care, hospice care, Home Health care and IV infusion, with consultation           Dr. Gilliland is a member of the Kansas Dental Association, American Dental Association and the
 services provided to several local care facilities. Most prescription plans are accepted at the     Holton/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                       The business also employs two licensed dental hygienists, Dena (Hahn) Phillips and Nikki (Askren)
 same co-pay level as national pharmacy chains, and the pharmacy provides free in-town
                                                                                                     Robinson. This provides appointment times for dental cleanings four out of the five days a week. The
 prescription delivery.                                                                              company also employs two assistants, Elyse Hawthorne and Kelli Callison.
   All pharmacists at Medical Pharmacy are members of the Kansas Pharmacist Association,               Holton Dental’s orthodontist, Dr. Mark Underwood, sees patients in the office the third Tuesday of
 and they assist in the training of new pharmacists by serving as a clerkship site for the Univer-   every month. All of his procedures are done in office eliminating a trip to Topeka.
 sity of Kansas Pharmacy School. Also, due to its close proximity to HCH, pharmacists serve            "We have the technology and equipment that allows him to keep patients in Holton," Gilliland says.
 as consultants, attend various committee and staff meetings and provide the hospital with             Holton Dental accepts all insurance plans with electronic filing so there is no paperwork for patients.
 24-hour access to pharmacy services for in-patient needs.                                           They have no interest payment plans for 12 months.
   The pharmacy is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to noon            Holton Dental is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The business phone number is
 on Saturday. Its local telephone number is 364-2114, and the pharmacy may also be reached           785-364-3038 and the fax is 785-364-3037.You can also visit the Web site or
 by fax at 364-4501.                                                                                 e-mail

                         Kirk’s Towing                                                                         Ron Kirk’s Body Shop

                          Left to Right: Ron Kirk, Matt Kirk, Derek Kirk
    Kirk’s Towing, headquartered at 501 Vermont Ave. in Holton, is a business that is
  there for you when you need them, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. You can
  depend on Kirk’s Towing! The phone number to call is 785-364-1964.
    Ron and Theresa Kirk started the business seven years ago, Their son Matt has                       Left to Right: Russell Klepees, Al Spiker, Derek Kirk, Greg Young, John Kerr, Ron Kirk
  been the chief operator and driver since the business was established. Like their
                                                                                                       Ron Kirk’s Body Shop has been a small hometown local business in Holton for 26
  other family business, Ron Kirk’s Body Shop was started in 1983, Kirk’s Towing
  started small with 1 wrecker and has expanded to 3 wreckers to meet all their                      years. Ron and Theresa Kirk, owners, started the business in 1983 and have been in
  towing needs.                                                                                      their current location at 501 Vermont Ave. since 1991. They are proud of how their
    Besides professional wrecker and towing services, the business also provides                     family owned business started out small and has expanded over the years. Their sons
  lockout assistance and general roadside service. Their tow lot is secured and fenced               Derek and Matt have been involved since high school.
  and is located in Holton which makes it easily accessible for customers and their                    Kirk’s Body Shop provides the community with professional auto collision repair
  insurance companies.                                                                               services, glass replacement services and vehicle painting services. They can also
    Today, Kirk’s Towing is ready with three fully-equipped trucks that have what it                 arrange for pick-up and delivery of your vehicle for repairs. Ron and Theresa also
  takes to provide top quality towing and roadside assistance. One of the trucks is a                own Kirk’s Towing and they can arrange for the towing of your vehicle for needed
  crew cab with a 22-foot rollback bed. Another is an extended cab with a 22-foot                    repairs from your home or even the accident scene.
  rollback bed. The third is a Ford F550 4x4 with a 12-ton recovery bed.                               From the frame machine to the paint booth at Kirk’s Body Shop, the business
    Kirk’s Towing is the only AAA wrecker and towing provider in the city of Holton                  provides current and up to date repair and painting services. They also have comput-
  and in Jackson County. They are well experienced in providing service to the local                 erized estimating services which are provided at no charge. The shop has five
  police and sheriff’s departments as well as the Highway Patrol at all accident scenes.             employees: Derek is a 10 year veteran, Al, John and Greg all 20 plus year veterans
    Kirk’s Towing takes pride in providing fast, courteous and dependable services,                  with the shop and their newest employee Russell has worked in the collision repair
  making sure that if and when your vehicle may become disabled or otherwise                         industry for 6 years.
  inoperable, that you receive the assistance you need. Making a difficult situation                   Kirk’s Body Shop works with the insurance companies and adjusters to help make
  less stressful for you, the customer, is also what Kirk’s Towing takes pride in.                   sure the vehicle repair process is completed to the satisfaction of their customers.
    Kirk’s Towing accepts credit card and insurance payments and will do the billing                 They also participate in insurance companies direct repair programs.
  to local insurance companies for you.                                                                Kirk’s Body Shop is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Most evenings
    When you need a tow, the name to know, is Kirk’s Towing. You call and we’ll                      they are available late for customer convenience. You may reach Kirk’s Body Shop
  haul!!! The number to call is 785-364-1964.                                                        by calling 785-364-2931. Kirk’s Body Shop takes the “Dents” out of accidents.

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