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					Science and Technology Park                     on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) / World Trade         Licensing and License Agreements
                                                Organization (WTO). It is important for           License Negotiations
The Science and Technology Park is an           innovators to understand issues involved in       Intellectual Property Policy.
autonomous institute promoted by National       technology management. The training               Case Studies – Various intellectual
Science and Technology Entrepreneurship         programme we have planned addresses these          property management issues, which
Development Board of Department of              needs.                                             involves universities, industries and
Science and Technology, Government of                                                              foreign government laboratories.
India and hosted by University of Pune. It is   Program Sponsorship:                              GATT/WTO - Direct effects on the
an industry-academia bridge that promotes                                                          patenting process worldwide
management of IPR, technology transfer,         The programme is supported by University          IP Protection Issues in the
business incubation, contract research and      Grants Commission, New Delhi under                 Biotechnology Arena
S&T based consultancy services. It also         Innovative Programmes and co-sponsored by         Plant Variety Protection
functions like a floating academy to provide    American Center, Embassy of United States         IP Protection Issues in the
high-end need-based training to academia,       of America and Michigan State University           Information Technology Arena
R&D institutions and industries. In general     College of Law Intellectual Property &            Setting up an Intellectual Property
the Park works in the area of knowledge         Communication, USA.                                Management Office
management.                                                                                       Converting Inventions and
                                                                                                   Creations into a Business
                                                Program Content:
                                                                                                  Technology Business Incubation
Training in IP Management:
                                                                                                  Internet Resources on Intellectual
                                                  Fundamentals of Intellectual
                                                                                                   Property Management
In the new global economy protection and           Property
management of knowledge is vital for               Intellectual property, copyrights;
national growth. We need to gear up very             trademarks; trade secrets; patents;      Target Participants:
aggressively for documenting, protecting and         geographical indications; etc.
                                                                                              This Program is planned to enhance and
gainful transfer or trading of knowledge. The      Marketing of intellectual properties.
                                                                                              augment the skills of scientific community,
process and policies need to be in place. We      Patents – Role of the patent
need to evolve a well-set roadmap for                                                         teachers,     legal    experts,      industries,
                                                   attorney, Indian patent law, overview
innovation management. Our academic and                                                       administrators, entrepreneurs and policy
                                                   of US patent law, PCT, international
R&D institutions, industries need to gear up                                                  makers. The Program will be of value to all
                                                   patent issues, patent search and filing
                                                                                              areas of research in particular in the areas of
in this direction. There is also a need to        Agreements used in Intellectual
adjust policies in regard to IPR and comply                                                   Information Technology and Biotechnology.
                                                    Property Management
with the adoption of the General Agreement        Technology Transfer
Faculty:                                          The cost of accommodation shall be extra
Dr. Frederic Erbisch, a well-known                and shall depend on the type of
intellectual property management instructor       accommodation requested. Kindly get in
and consultant from Michigan State                touch with the course co-coordinator for        IIIrd International Training Programme in
University, USA and Dr.Rajendra Jagdale,          details                                           Intellectual Property Management and
Director General, Science and Technology          Kindly make the payment by International                    Technology Transfer
Park would be key trainers. Senior experts        pay order/Demand Draft in favour of                        (February 5 –11, 2006)
from R&D laboratories, Department of              Director, Science & Technology Park.
Science and Technology, Govt. of India,
universities, law firms and business              Course Site:
incubators will form the rest of the training     The Program will be conducted at the
faculty.                                          Science and Technology Park, University of
                                                  Pune                                                             Organized by
Application Deadline:                                                                                   Science and Technology Park
The nominations along with course fees must       Course Dates: Sunday 5 Feb 2006 to                         University of Pune
be received by 25th of January, 2006.             Friday 11th Feb 2006.                           (Promoted by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt.
                                                                                                                        of India)
Number of Seats:                                  Course Hours:
For effective training the number of seats will   5th February evening till 11th February
be restricted to twenty and they shall be         evening. The normal working hours from
admitted on first come first admitted basis.      Monday to Friday would be 09.00 hrs to
Participation is only by deputation               18.00 hrs                                            Co-sponsored by University Grants
/nomination.                                                                                               Commission, New Delhi,
                                                  For more Information Contact:
                                                  Director General
Course Fee per Participant:
                                                  Science and Technology Park
Indian Participants:                                                                                        Michigan State University
                                                  University of Pune
Academic and R&D institutions: Rs.15, 000/-
                                                  Pune – 411007                                                East Lansing, USA
Industry participants: Rs.20, 000/-
                                                  Maharashtra State, India
Foreign participants: $ 1000/-
                                                  Telefax: 91-20-25699206 / 25693449
The training fees include cost of training,
working lunch and snacks during training.         URL:

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