Refinance Companies for Automobiles with Bad Credit

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					                                                               t h e        J U L Y           2 0 0 8            e d i t i o n

state of the Credit Union
In today’s tough economic climate members might be feeling some additional financial pressures associated with
higher food and gas prices, declining home values, and the overall state of the economy. The ongoing prominence
of these topics in the news have generated concern amongst many members, who should rest-assured that SF Fire
Credit Union is in a very strong position to weather this current economic downturn.

no “CRediT CRUnCh” & Ready To meeT yoUR boRRowing needs                Union having one of the lowest delinquency and loan loss rates of
While some mortgage companies have restricted or stopped               all financial institutions. We do expect some losses given the state
lending, SF Fire Credit Union is ready and able to assist if you’re    of the economy, but are in a strong position – with over 12% in
looking to purchase or refinance a home.                               capital reserves – to see us through such occurrences.

no “sUb-pRime” lending pRaCTiCes                                       deposiTs ThaT aRe safe & seCURe
SF Fire Credit Union never entered into the sub-prime market,          SF Fire Credit Union’s deposits are privately insured by American
and has always operated using exceptional loan underwriting            Share Insurance, which protects each member’s individual deposit
practices.                                                             accounts (checking, savings, money markets, term certificates,
                                                                       etc) up to $500,000. American Share Insurance is an exception-
limiTed loan losses & delinqUenCies                                    ally managed company with strong financial standing, taking
Sound underwriting practices, a financially strong field-of-mem-       great care in the auditing of their insured credit union to safe-
bership, and high concentration of real estate loans in San Fran-      guard members’ deposits and the insurance fund. More informa-
cisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties (which have seen little or         tion can be found at our website or by visiting American Share
no decline in property value) all play a part in SF Fire Credit        Insurance at

PersoNAl FiNANCe

get back on track
experts disagree on the outlook for the American economy, but even the most optimistic acknowledge some possibility of a
recession this year. in times like these, it’s important to keep your finances in order. here are some resources that can help
you do that — offered free of charge from sF Fire Credit Union.

Free & Confidential                           Free Quarterly                                     We understand that there are cir-
Financial Counseling                          FICO Credit Scores                                 cumstances that may cause mem-
                                                                                                 bers to fall behind on their monthly
the bAlANCe Financial Fitness Program         by signing up to receive your FiCo Credit          payments. if you have found your-
offers no-cost money management coun-         score each quarter, you’ll stay on top of          self in this situation, or are con-
seling and debt management to mem-            your credit situation. regularly monitor-          cerned that you may be headed in
bers of sF Fire Credit Union. meet with       ing your credit score allows you to esti-          that direction, contact us. We may
a certified counselor to create a work-       mate your borrowing capabilities as well           be able to offer solutions to help
able spending and savings plan or to          as helps identify possible identity theft.         you through a difficult time.
discover options for repaying debt by
calling (888) 456-2227.
  l o W - r At e h o m e l o A N s

  First mortgage options
   Whether you’re in the market to purchase a new property, it’s always a good to understand the choices that
   may present themselves.

       3/1 A d j U S TA B L e                                5 /1 A d j U S TA B L e                                15 - Y e A R F I x e d                                 30-YeAR FIxed
        ConForming                                            ConForming                                            ConForming                                             ConForming
        Zero PointS                                            Zero PointS                                           Zero PointS                                            Zero PointS

    5. 25% 5.625% 6. 25% 6.375%
     125 5.625 125 6.375
     (5.337% AnnuAl PercentAge rAte)

                                                           (5.720% AnnuAl PercentAge rAte)

                                                                                                                 (6.189% AnnuAl PercentAge rAte)

                                                                                                                                                                        (6.411% AnnuAl PercentAge rAte)

                                                 Fee inClUdeS
       O N e F L AT F e e                        › Appraisal                  › Processing
                                                                                                                  Coming soon — enhanced First-time
                                                 › Credit report              › tax Service                       home buying

                                           1     › Underwriting               › Wire transfer
                                                                                                                  We’re looking for ways to help members become
                                                 › document                   › Flood Zone
                                                   Preparation                  Certification                     homeowners. First-mortgage products that require lower
                                                 › Appraisal**                › Courier /                         down payments and offer attractive rates are coming
                                                   review                       Fed ex                            soon!

                                  Get Answers to All Your Mortgage Questions
                         Contact a Real Estate expert by calling (888) 499-FIRE (3473)
1. California Properties only. Appraisal applies to single family residences. 2. Rates are effective as on 06/16/2008 and are based on credit worthiness. All rates, terms and conditions subject to change
without notice. Conforming loan limits are determined by property location and property loan-to-value of 80% or less. Other restrictions may apply.

 s F F i r e C r e D i t U N i o N P l At i N U m V i s A ™

  A better Platinum Card                                                                                                                                        RATeS              AS       L Ow          A S

  Better Rewards                      2
                                                                          Fewer Fees
  » Unrestricted travel                                                    » No Annual Fee
  » Cash back                                                              » No balance transfer Fees                                                         A n n U A l P e r C e n tA g e r At e
  » gift Cards for Popoular                                                » No Cash Advance Fees
       retailers                                                           » No Foreign Currency
                                                                               exchange Fees
  link your Visa card to your sF Fire Credit Union checking account
  as a Free source of overdraft protection.3
  For more informaton or to apply, call us at (888) 499-Fire(3473),
  stop by one of our branches or visit us online
  1.Annual Percentage Rate based on credit worthiness. All rates, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. 2. Not all SF Fire Credit Union Visa credit cards are enrolled in a
  rewards program. 3. To add your Visa as an Overdraft Protection source, call (888) 499-FIRE (3473) or access your account online and click “enroll” in the Visa credit cards banner.
 CertiFieD Pre-oWNeD VersUs NeW

 sensible Car buying in a
 Down economy
 When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, many people prefer to buy used as opposed to new.
 the greatest depreciation occurs in a car’s first two years, when its value can drop up to 60
 percent of its original sticker price. by buying a used car, you’re allowing the original owner to
 incur the largest depreciation hit.

 before a vehicle can receive the “Certified” distinc-
 tion, the manufacturer conducts what is known as a
 “100 point” inspection to determine if the vehicle
 is worthy of the title. because of this, many certi-
 fied pre-owned vehicles feature the same or
 similar dealership and manufacturer benefits
 that new autos receive — in addition to a
 lower annual expense.

 let’s take a look at the overall benefits and
 total cost involved in purchasing a “Certified Pre-
 owned” vehicle as opposed to a new one.

     vehicle                                 Price       Warranty                      loan aPr monthly Payment annual loan expense annual Savings
     NEW: 2008 Honda Civic EX                $19,510     Bumper to Bumper 3/36,000 4.99%             $368.09                $4,417.08
                                                         & Powertrain 5/60,000
     Certified Pre-Owned: 2006 Honda Civic EX $16,991    Bumper to Bumper 4/48,000 4.99%             $320.56                $3,846.72                 $570.36
                                                         & Powertrain 7/100,000
        g r e At t i m e t o b U y !

 buying an Auto has                                                                                                                LOAN RATeS AS LOw AS

 Never been easier!
 research, locate and even purchase your vehicle online by visiting
 the Auto buying Center at
                                                                                                                                4. 9%                               *

                                                                                                                                A n n U A L P e r C e n tA g e r At e

                                                                                                                                   FOR UP TO 72 MONTHS!
 » Compare Models             » Check the Value of
   Head-to-Head                 Your Trade-In
 » Negotiate the Best Deals
   with Online Tools
 » Locate Dealers Commit-
   ted to Giving You the Best

* Rate reflects a 0.25% discount on loans that have authorized an automated electronic payment method. Terms and rates are based on approved credit
 and amount financed. All rats and offers subject to change without notice.
S F       F i r e            C r e d i t                   U n i o n

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                                         posit investment and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may
                                                                                                                                                 (415) 674-4800 or (888) 499-FIRE (3473).
   lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CBSI is under contract with the financial institution,
   through the financial services program, make securities available to members.                                           FR050823-CEE9         SF Fire Credit Union’s
                                                                                                                                                 Service Guarantee
                                                                                                                                                 SF Fire Credit Union upholds a tradition of
F i r e F i g h t e r o ly m P i C s                                                                                                             excellence and strives to provide exceptional service.
                                                                                                                                                 We guarantee courtesy, accuracy and promptness at
 sF Fire Credit Union is a proud sponsor of the 2008 California Firefighter                                                                      all times. If we do not meet these standards in any
 Summer Olympics hosted by Palo Alto Fire Department. the games will                                                                             way, let us know. We will apologize, correct the issue
 begin sunday, July 13th and continue through the end of that week, coming                                                                       and credit your account $10, no questions asked.
 to a close Friday, July 18th. events include everything from dodgeball and
 bowling to surfing and soccer! For more information or to register, visit the
 California Firemen’s Athletic Association online at
 summer/index2.htm or call them at (714) 775-1990.

 San Francisco Fire Department Softball Playoffs                          On June 16th, a group of San Francisco
                                                                          Firefighters began the climb to Mt.
 10 teams vied for 1st place at this year’s SFFD
                                                                          Kilimanjaro in Africa to raise funds and
 Softball Playoffs on June 17th at Jackson Park in San                    awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disor-
 Francisco. The Credit Union was there for each game                      der (PTSD) in 1st Responders that suffer
 delivering snacks and water for the participants.                        from this disorder. Make a donation at <http://www.
 Congratulations to the winning team!                           >.

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