Lake County Il Recorder of Deeds

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					                       Lake County, IL
                    now offers eRecording
  The Lake County, IL Recorder’s Office     These document types are eligible for
    invites you to electronically submit    eRecording…
         documents for recording.
                                            - Assignment
   eRecording enables Lake County to        - Assignment of Rents
rapidly record your documents, and allows   - Certificate of Release
                 you to…                    - Court Order
                                            - Judgment
  (1) accelerate transactions               - Judgment for Foreclosure
  (2) streamline operations                 - Lien
  (3) decrease costly and time              - Lis Pendens
      consuming errors                      - Mechanics/Subcontractor Lien
  (4) eliminate check writing costs         - Mortgage
  (5) reduce paper handling costs           - Mortgage-Amendment/Modification
  (6) reduce risk                           - Mortgage-Subordination Agreement
  (7) improve document security             - Notice of Foreclosure
                                            - Partial Release
         and — most importantly…            - Power of Attorney
                                            - Release Deed/Satisfaction of Mortgage
  (8) better serve your customers           - Release of City/Village/County Lien
                                            - Release of Federal Tax Lien
  For more information or to get started,   - Release of Judgment
                contact…                    - Release of Lien
                                            - Release of Lis Pendens
       Mark Moats at Simplifile             - Release of Mechanics/Subcontractor Lien
            920.203.7746                    - Secretary of State Filing             - Trust Deed/Deed of Trust (MTG)
        Jim DeGaetano at Ingeo
     Marc Brogan at Lake County
18 N County St – 2nd Floor
Waukegan, IL 60085-4358                    Lake County Recorder Use Only

Phone: 847.377.2575                      Account Code
Fax:     847.984.5860
email:         Date Processed
                                         Processed By

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