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									                                                                                                                   For Office Use Only:
                            102 Prefontaine Place South                                                            Work Order #
                            Seattle, WA 98104
                            206.223.9426 main
                            206.223.9475 fax

   Investigations           Firm Name                                                      Phone                  Ext#        Requestor Name
     Last Day
       Date                 Address                                                                    City                   Requestor Email

                            Case Name                                                                                         Attorney

                            Cause Number                                                               Client Matter#         Date

  Background Report                  Super Serve                Asset Search             Locate Persons Report           Bank Account Locate/Report
  Collection of Judgment             Tenant Screening           Other: Please Specify

Full name of Subject or Business Entity to Investigate:

 Social Sec Number:              -   -                                          Date Of Birth:

 Vehicle License(s)         1:                      2:                          Drivers License #:

Last Known Address / Phone #                                                    Former Address / Phone #:

Last Known Employment:                                                          Former Employment:

Email Address:                                                                  * You must have a permissible purpose in order to perform an
                                                                                investigation. Please select one of the below options, or if “other” then
                                                                                write your purpose below in the additional information section.
                                                                                   Tenant                                   Debt
                  Process Service        Employment         Child Care                             Impeachment                                  Other
                                                                                  Screening                              Collection
Additional Information that will help us perform a successful investigation:

                                 Everett              Tacoma                  Olympia         Port Orchard             Bellingham                Vancouver
              V             425-258-9338         253-627-1727             800-985-5929        800-985-8421           800-985-9918              800-986-0406
              F             425-258-3737         253-627-1728             800-697-7741        800-697-8038           800-697-8052              800-697-8364
                                Spokane           Moses Lake                Wenatchee              Yakima             Walla Walla                 Tri Cities
              V             509-342-6482         800-986-3981             800-986-4055        800-659-1719           800-659-1780              800-986-3029
              F             800-916-9465         800-700-9502             800-728-2120        800-729-8070           800-730-9666              800-697-8616

                        All Investigations are fully compliant with The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Driver
                             Privacy Act and the principals of The Individual Reference Services Group (IRGS).
                                                             License # 602-557-714
                                             All investigations must have a “permissible purpose”.

                                         NW LEGAL SUPPORT INVESTIGATIONS
                                                                                                                                        FORM I0105

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