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Careers in Finance and Investment


Careers in Finance and Investment document sample

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Financial Companies
  Ref          Position           Industry                                         Job description/Requirement                                            Salary                            Location
                                             A global investment manager is seeking a Japanese Equities Trader. You will be in charge of
                                             executing sell/buy orders of Japanese equities and must have a solid working experience of trading
         Japanese Equities Global Investment                                                                                                                        Native-level Japanese
ST/34717                                     Japanese equities and derivatives products. Programming experience is also welcome and                        Neg                               Tokyo
              Trader           Manager                                                                                                                              and business English
                                             excellent communication skills required are essential.

                                                A global commercial finance company is seeking business development leader. You will be in
                                                charge of leading business development and M&A initiatives for all verticals of the firm as well as
               Business                         developing the network of Investment bankers, CPAs, Lawyers, and Private Equity firms in Japan to
                              Global Commercial                                                                                                          JPY15M -   Native-level Japanese
ST/34695     Development/                       help source platforms / add-on acquisition opportunities for the firm. Candidates must have a                                                Tokyo
                                   Finance                                                                                                                 23M      and business English
                 M&A                            detailed knowledge of risks & opportunities by major markets, key players, trends and extensive
                                                network/relationships in the investment community.

                                                  A global conglomerate's financial services arm is seeking a Manager of Finance. You will be in
                                                  charge of providing pricing support including developing pricing models and have full responsibility
              Manager of           Global         to provide financial support and analysis / reports to each business unit as required. Candidates                 Native-level Japanese
ST/34718                                                                                                                                                 JPY12mi+                            Tokyo
               Finance          Conglomerate      must have a CPA or equivalent and a bachelors degree in finance or accounting, as well as solid                   and business English
                                                  financial experience.

  Ref          Position           Industry                                         Job description/Requirement                                            Salary                            Location

                                                  A leading European electronics company is seeking a Payroll Expense Controller to be in charge of
            Payroll Expense                       establishing a comprehensive analysis and forecast of expenses, benchmarking and also managing                    Native-level Japanese
YM/34648                         Electronics                                                                                                               Neg                               Tokyo
              Controller                          setup of cost related system parameters to support management. The successful candidate will                      with business English
                                                  have excellent analytical and presentation skills and business English is required.

                                                  A global pharmaceutical company is looking for a candidate with strong business planning
                                                  credentials to be in charge of their business planning. MBA holders are welcome and excellent                     Native-level Japanese
YM/34548 Business Planning     Pharmaceutical                                                                                                              Neg                               Tokyo
                                                  presentation skills are required.                                                                                 and business English

                                                  A global chemicals manufacturer seeks a Technical Manager to lead its adhesive product business
            Asia Technical                        in Asia. The role involves overseeing a laboratory in China and frequent international travel.                    Native-level Japanese
IK/34642                          Chemical                                                                                                                 Neg                               Tokyo
               Manager                            Candidates are required to have a minimum of 10 years experience in chemicals or adhesives-                       and business English
                                                  related field.
                                                  A global electronics company is looking for an HR Staffing Manager to be in charge of the recruiting
              HR Staffing                         and re-relocation programme and brand management. The successful candidate must have                              Native level Japanese
AS/34436                         Electronics      experience in HR or management of a business function.                                                   Neg                               Tokyo
               Manager                                                                                                                                              with business English

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                                                   An international mechanical engineering company seeks a Group Accountant to oversee their
                                                                                                                                                                      Native-level Japanese
YM/34572 Group Accountant          Electronics     financial analysis function. Successful candidates will have relevant experience in this field with US    Neg                               Tokyo
                                                                                                                                                                      and business English
                                                   GAAP knowledge.

IT Related
  Ref         Position              Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                             Salary                            Location

                                                 A luxury cosmetics brand is seeking an IT manager to oversee internal network administration and
                                                 project management. Successful candidates will be expected to have over 6 years of IT experience                     Native-level Japanese
IK/34445      IT Manager       Consumer Products                                                                                                             Neg                               Tokyo
                                                 with either a corporate or consulting firm. Familiarity with point-of-sales system functionality and                 and business English
                                                 general back office operations would be an advantage.

                                                   A global IT software company is seeking a Support Operation Manager to be in charge of managing
           Support Operation                                                                                                                                          Native-level Japanese
IK/34597                               IT          its support centre for consumer end users. The successful candidate must have experience in               Neg                               Tokyo
               Manager                                                                                                                                                and business English
                                                   managing a support centre and staff training.

  Ref         Position              Industry                                        Job description/Requirement                                             Salary                            Location
                                                   A global HR consulting firm is seeking a Consultant/Senior Consultant to help investors improve the
             Consultant at                         effectiveness of their investments. You will determine performance and analyze the specific quality      JPY7M -   Native-level Japanese
AS/34665      Investment        HR Consultancy     of the portfolio and candidates with knowledge in asset management or investment duties are                                                 Tokyo
                                                                                                                                                              12M     and business English
              Consulting                           preferred.

                                                   A leading entertainment and leisure industry company seeks a Strategic Analyst to be responsible
                                                   for data analysis to improve strategic market planning. The successful candidate will be expected to               Native-level Japanese
AS/34653   Strategic Analyst     Entertainment                                                                                                               Neg                               Osaka
                                                   have experience in market and demand analysis as well as statistical knowledge. Business level                     and business English
                                                   English is essential.

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