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									                                         Information Technology Solutions

Valueleaf is a mobile services
and IT Value Add company
providing cross carrier SMS
services to business and
Services across the Globe. We
help retailers, Organizations,
brands, and services to integrate
SMS as vital part of their
Communication and marketing

Web Based Messaging
Web Based Messaging Solution
enables users to send messages
via the Internet in there
personalized header. Web Based
Messaging Solution comes with
a rich user interface, accelerating
                                                                 Stock Broking Industry
user navigation thus reduces the
learning curve to understand the
                                       In recent times, the role of Stock broking firms has changed from a simple execution of
flow within the software.
                                       trades to providing an expert advice along with execution. In this case, a broker has to
Enterprise Messaging Solution
                                       understand the need of the client, his risk assessment, period of holding and returns
VL SMS is desktop software for
sending SMS and managing contacts      expectation to provide him a research-based advice
details like name, mobile no,
Groups, Birth day, Anniversary date
etc from computer. Fast SMS
allows businesses to push bulk         Mobile messaging has distinct advantages over the phone, as it is instant, can be
messages (SMS’s) through SMS
                                       automated and one need not wait for the phone line to be free.
server’s that are connected to Short
Messaging service centers
(SMSC’s), SMSC’s are dedicated to
push messages and are hosted by
various operator like Airtel, BSNL
etc... Businesses can send messages
to their prospects, clientele, and
workforce etc. facilitating swift
communication at ease.
                                                        Service Features and Benefits
                                                                                                  Why Mobile Messaging becomes crucial in Stock
                                                                                                  Broking Industry?

API (Application Program                                                                          Due to the time critical nature of the stock research, there is a
Interface) Codes
                                                                                                  felt need of tools which can communicate information in real-
A language and message format
                                                                                                  time to the customer, so that he can execute the trade,
used by an application program
to communicate with the
operating system or some other
                                                                                                  Mobile messaging enables the stock broking firms to have 2-
system or control program such
                                                                                                  way communication with the customers.
as a database management
system (DBMS) or
communications protocol. APIs
are implemented by writing
function calls in the program,
which provide the linkage to the
                                     Benefits from SMS services in Stock Broking
required subroutine for              Industry
                                               Trading
Short Code Services
A SMS short code is a 5 digit                  End of the day trading positions and portfolio.                          Reduced overheads on voice
number like 56767, 58888,                      Alerts when position of the investor reaches                              calls: As most of the routine
provided by mobile network                      the margin limit.                                                         communication would be done
operators, on which data (SMS)                 Confirmation of trade requests.                                           through text messaging
can be sent by subscribers of the              Every day highs and lows.
mobile operators. All incoming                 Alerts on an upcoming IPO issue.                                         Increased staff productivity: As
SMS, to the short code are made                                                                                           staff would be spending less time
                                               Research Tips
available with full details to the                                                                                        on voice calls answering routine
customer. A short code service is              Clients can enquire relevant information of                               queries.
                                                the stock.
specific to a particular country.
                                               Intra-day buy/sell tips to the clients.
                                                                                                                         Increase in brokerage revenue: As
Long Code Services                             Pre-market trading tips.
                                                                                                                          the customers receiving relevant
A Long code aka virtual number
                                               DP Information                                                            information will place more orders.
service lets two-way global
communications through SMS.                    Send confirmation on DEMAT requests.
With long-code services,                       Query last few transactions based on
enterprises are empowered with                  account.
two-way messaging/SMS                          Send alerts on DEMAT/repurchase requests
capabilities using the familiar 10              by the clients
digit mobile number. All incoming
                                               Increased customer loyalty: As the relay of
SMS, to the short code are made
                                                time critical information would help clients
available with full details to the
                                                create more wealth
customer. Long Code Service                                                                                                          99, 1st floor, Surya Complex,
                                                                                                                                     RV Road, Basvangudi,
can be used for querying
                                               Automation: As message delivery can be                                               Bangalore 560004
business information from                                                                                                            Ph: 080 2657 6425
                                                automated and messages can be sent
around the globe.                                                                                                                    Email:
                                                depending on the client profile.

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