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					                             BCT 2123 – EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS
                              WESTERN TECHNOLOGY CENTER
                                  BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY
                                  CORE BUSINESS SKILLS

                                  TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT!
                                     JOB READINESS UNIT

This project is adapted from the project of the same name developed by IBM Corporation.

Summary:      This project will prepare you for job readiness through researching careers and learning how to
              market yourself. You will research career fields you are interested in working in; prepare a
              resume, cover letter, application, and thank-you letter; and participate in a mock job interview.

Duty Task List Alignment:
Duty M: Complete an Employment Process
             M.01 Set occupational objectives
             M.02 Compose a letter of application
             M.03 Create a resume
             M.04 Review potential interview questions
             M.05 Formulate responses to simulated situations
             M.06 Participate in job interview
             M.07 Complete post-interview activities
             M.08 Create a portfolio
             M.09 Demonstrate knowledge of resignation, termination, and exit interview practices
             M.10 Demonstrate knowledge of available employment services
             M.11 Complete benefits forms
             M.12 Discuss legal issues
             M.13 Compare and evaluate career and training opportunities

Resources:    www.Monster.com
              Other Internet Sites
              Career Decisions by Albert Richard
              Microsoft Office 2000 by Meredith Flynn

             Step 1: Forecasts for the Future
             Use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections website at
             http://stats.bls.gov/emphome.htm (HINT: Use the Economic and Employment Projections,
             1998-2008 link) to answer the following questions:
             1) What are the top three fastest growing occupations from 1998-2008?



             2) What industry will have the fastest wage and salary employment growth from 1998-2008?


Business Technology                                                                           Page      2
             Step 2: Career Paths
             Research a career you are interested in pursuing.

             1)       The website http://www.tcm.org/html/resources/cmp-careers/cnc-topdrawer.html is very
                      helpful for finding computer-related career information. The Occupational Outlook
                      Handbook website at http://stats.bls.gov/ocohome.htm is also very helpful.
             2)       Select a career you are interested in pursing and then create a bulleted list using
                      Microsoft Word to list the specifics of this career including:
                           Education/training required
                           Average salary
                           Job titles
                           Working conditions
                           Job outlook
                      Use 1” margins on all sides and include an appropriate title for your paper. Your name
                      should be right justified as a header.

             Step 3: Know Yourself
             Now that you have a better idea of the type of job you are interested in, the question is – is this
             the job for you? Taking a closer look at yourself, your personality, and your skills can better
             enable you to find the perfect job. Go to the following websites that offer self-assessment

             1)       Take the Keirsey Character Sorter personality test at
                      http://www.advisorteam.net/AT/User/kcs.asp. There will be three screens of information
                      for you to fill in (total of 36 questions). Once you have completed the last set of
                      questions, click on the “Finish” button to see your results.
                      a)      What is your temperament?

                      b)     What is your character style?

                      c)     Print out your Keirsey Character Sorter results to turn in.

             2)       Find out if you are a team player at
                      a)      How did you do?
                      b)      Print out your results to turn in.

______       Step 4: Finding the Right Job
             Knowing what kinds of jobs or careers suit your personality and skills is a good starting point.
             Now take a look at some tips for getting the job at http://www.wetfeet.com/advice/job-

             1)       What are two job-hunting strategies listed on this web page?



Business Technology                                                                                     Page       3
             2)       Go to the Quintessential Careers website at http://www.quintcareers.com/job_quiz.html
                      and take the Job Skills quiz. This quiz will give you some insight into job hunting. What
                      did you score?

__           Step 5: Pick the Employer
             Wouldn’t it be nice if you, as the job candidate, could interview, review, and select the employer
             of your choice instead of the opposite? Now is your chance to do just that!

             1)       Research three companies for whom you think you would like to work. The following
                      websites may be helpful:

                      Wetfeet.com at http://wetfeet.com/asp/companyresource_home.asp
                      CareerMosaic at http://www.careermosaic.com/cm/cm12.html
                      Lycos Business Guide at http://www.companiesonline.com
                      JobWeb at http://www.jobweb.org/search/Profiles
                      Monster.com at http://company.monster.com

             2)       Using Microsoft Word, create a table comparing the three companies’ offerings (such as
                      vacation time provided, benefits, promotion possibilities, education opportunities, etc.).
                      Using 1” margins on all sides and include an appropriate title for your paper. Your
                      name should be right justified as a header. Center your table horizontally on the page.

             Step 6: Resume Rapture
             One of the most important components of your job search is your resume. A resume provides a
             snapshot of you – your skills and potential as a candidate to employers. You have probably
             heard the saying, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression.” Since you have
             one shot at getting the attention of potential employers, make the most of it by offering an
             accurate, concise, and professional resume.

             1)       To help you prepare this all-important document, visit the Jobsmart Resumes and Cover
                      Letters website at http://jobsmart.org/tools/resume/index.htm.

             2)       Find additional points for a successful resume at the Excite Careers website at

             3)       Select a format and prepare your own resume. If you would like, you can also submit
                      your resume on-line.

             4)       Swap your completed resume with another student for critiquing

Business Technology                                                                                     Page       4
______       Step 7: Cover Letter Confidence
             As you introduce yourself to potential employers, your resume is a vital part of your first
             impression. A successful job campaign not only includes a powerful resume, but also a cover
             letter that introduces you and your intentions. The cover letter should speak loud and clear while
             presenting a polished and professional image.

             1)       To learn more about cover letters, visit the Career City website at

             2)       Also, explore the Monster.com Career Center at
                      http://content.monster.com/resume/samples/coverletters. Print a copy of this web page to
                      turn in – it will be a helpful guide to refer to as you write your own cover letter.

             3)       The Quintessential Careers website also has a lot of information on cover letters. The site
                      map for the cover letter tutorial can be found at

             4)       Write your own cover letter to accompany your resume.

______       Step 8: The Application
             Almost every company will require you to fill out an application for the position you are
             pursuing. The way you fill out the application says a lot about you. Be sure to fill out the
             application completely with ALL information requested (do not simply write in “See Resume”).
             In addition, your penmanship is critical. If your application is sloppy, it may not get a second

             1)       There are several applications in a purple folder in the file cabinet behind my desk.
                      Select one, make a copy, and fill it out. Turn it in with your project.

______       Step 9: Inside the Interview
             After sending out resumes to prospective employers, the best possible scenario is for you to be
             called for an interview. Companies typically require a series of interviews from prospective
             candidates. Each interview is a screening or narrowing down of the candidates. As with the
             resume, the first impression is crucial. But how can you get through this phase of the job process
             with flying colors?

             1)       Prepare for questions you may be asked during the interview. Go to the Career City
                      website at http://www.careercity.com/content/interview. This site has valuable sections
                      on what to ask and expect to be asked. Go to the following sections under the Interview
                      category: “Ten questions you must be prepared for” and “Five stress questions and hot
                      to keep your cool”. Print out a copy of each page to turn in.

             2)       Go to the Monster.com CareerCenter website at
                      http://content.monster.com/jobinfo/interview. Review the information presented here
                      regarding interviews.

Business Technology                                                                                     Page    5
             3)       Dress and Body Language. How important is proper dress for a job interview? Well, the
                      final selection of a job candidate may not be determined by dress. However, first-round
                      candidates for an opening are often quickly eliminated by inappropriate dress.

                      a)     Read the article entitled Dressing for Success at
                               i)     What are three tips that apply to both men and women?

                               ii)    Follow the link to Dress for Success for Women or Dress for Success for
                                      Men (whichever is appropriate for you) to see examples of acceptable
                                      interview attire. Print out this web page and turn it in with your project.

                      b)     Go to the CareerCity website at
                             http://www.careercity.com/content/interview/prep/dress4.asp to learn some tips
                             about body language.
                               i)     What does it indicate if you sit with our arms across your chest?

                               ii)    What does it indicate if you rub your hands together?

             4)      Mock Interviews will be arranged through the instructor during the Spring Semester.
                     These interviews will be held in conjunction with the job readiness workshops presented
                     by Student Services.
_            Step 10: Typing it Together
             Sending a thank-you letter can set you apart from other applicants. It shows that you recognize
             the interviewer’s use of time with you and gives you an opportunity to remind him/her of your
             interest in the position.

             1)       Refer to the Monster.com Career Center at
                      http://content.monster.com/resume/samples/coverletters/letter4 for a sample thank-you

             2)       Write your own thank-you letter to your interviewer. Turn a copy in with your project.

             3)       Read Chapter 7 in Career Decisions.

__           Step 11: Final Quiz

Business Technology                                                                                    Page     6
Final Project Guide

This is what should be turned in with your final project:

                       1.     This completed project handout.
                       2.     Microsoft Word bulleted list of chosen career (from Step 2).
                       3.     Keirsey Character Sorter printout (from Step 3).
                       4.     Teamwork printout (from Step 3).
                       5.     Microsoft Word table comparing employers (from Step 5).
                       6.     Your resume (from Step 6).
                       7.     Monster.com cover letter printout (from Step 7).
                       8.     Your cover letter (from Step 7).
                       9.     Your application (from Step 8).
                       10.    “Ten Questions You Must be Prepared For” printout (from Step 9).
                       11.    “Five Stress Questions” printout (from Step 9).
                       12.    Dress for success printout (from Step 9).
                       13.    Your thank-you letter (from step 10).
                       14.    Final Quiz.            (must score 85%)

Business Technology                                                                              Page   7
                                    Take This Job and Love It

                             OVERALL PROJECT EVALUATION


Completed Project Handout                         30
Career Bulleted List                              45
Keirsey Character Sorter Printout                 10
Teamwork Printout                                 10
Employer Table                                    45
Resume                                            50
Cover Letter Printout                             10
Cover Letter                                      40
Application                                       20
“Ten Questions” Printout                          10
“Five Stress Questions” Printout                  10
“Dress for Success” Printout                      10
Thank-You Letter                                  40
Final Test                                       100
TOTAL POINTS FOR PROJECT                         430

Business Technology                                                             Page   8

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