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					                               2008 Subcontractor Prequalification Form

Thank you for your interest in developing a working relationship with Cobalt Construction. Please complete this
form in its entirety to be considered for future bidding opportunities. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact us at (401) 352 – 0222.

I.        General Information

      Company Name/ DBA:
      City, State, Zip Code:
      Website / E- mail:
      Main Contact / Title:
      Additional Contact / Title:

II.       Capabilities

Please check the categories of work that you are qualified to perform with your own personnel:

 01000 Gen. Contractor     03010 Concrete Slabs      07270 Firestopping        09800 Special Coatings    12000 Furnishings
 01120 Rental Eqpt.        03050 Cnc Pumping         07400 Roofing/Siding      09900 Painting            12300 Casework
 01295 Waste Removal       03100 Cnc Foundations     07410 Wall Panels         09950 Wall Covering       12500 Window Treatments
 01410 Test/ Inspection    03110 Curbs/Formwork      07570 Traffic Coatings    10000 Misc Specialties    13000 Cleanroom Const
 01500 Temp. Facilities    03200 Reinforcing         07600 Flashing            10150 Cmprtmnts/Cbcls     13038 Cntrolled Temp Rm
 01520 Trailers/Contnrs    03300 CIP Concrete        07700 Roof Acs/Speclts    10200 Louvers/Vents       13120 Pre-Eng Structures
 01540 Scaffold/Pltfrms    03305 Cutting/ Drilling   07810 Skylights           10260 Wall/Crnr Guards    13125 Seating/Bleachers
 01560 Barriers            03400 Precast Concrete    07900 Caulk/Sealants      10270 Access Flooring     13800 Bldg Automtn Sys
 01740 Const. Cleaning     03430 Precast Erection    08800 Glass/Glazing       10350 Flagpoles           14200 Elevators
 02090 Asb/Ld Abtmnt       04200 Masonry             08100 DF&H                10415 Display Boards      14400 Lifts
 02200 Sitework            04400 Stone               08200 Wood Doors          10430 Signage             14500 Material Hndlg Sys
 02220 Demolition          04600 Hoisting/Rigging    08300 Overhead Doors      10500 Lockers             15000 Process Piping
 02240 Dewatering          05130 Steel Erection      08400 Strfrnt/Entrances   10522 Fire Ext/Cabinets   15240 Noise/ Vibtn Control
 02250 Shoring             05210 Structural Steel    08500 Windows             10536 Awnings             15250 Mech Insulation
 02300 Earthwork           05300 Metal Ducking       08700 Door Hardware       10600 Partitions          15300 Fire Protection
 02315 Excavation          05500 Misc Metals         08900 Curtainwall         10800 Toilet Access.      15400 Plumbing
 02350 Piles/Caissons      05580 Sheet Metal         09200 Lath/Plaster        11130 AV Equipment        15500 HVAC
 02354 Fntns/Wtr Featrs    05700 Ornamentl Metal     09250 Drywall             11132 Prjctn Screens      15850 Air Handling
 02400 Boring              06100 Rough Carpentry     09300 Ceramic Tile        11160 Ldng Dock Eqt       15890 Ductwork
 02500 Paving              06200 Finish Carpentry    09400 Terrazzo            11200 Water Trtmnt Eq     15970 Instrmntl/Controls
 02580 Pavement Mrkg       06220 Millwork            09500 Acstical Ceilings   11400 Food Srvc Equipt    15990 Mech Test/Balance
 02585 Bridges             06400 Arch Woodwork       09550 Wood Flooring       11450 Appliances          16000 Electrical
 02600 Site/TmpUtilities   07100 Water/Dampprfg      09600 Stone Flooring      11480 Athletic Equipt     16310 Sbstns/Swithgears
 02800 Site Concrete       07200 Bldg Insulation     09650 Resilient Flrng     11482 Scoreboards         16720 Alarm Systems
 02820 Fences/Gates        07240 EIFS                09680 Carpet              11600 Laboratory Eqt      16740 Tele/Data Systems
 02900 Landscaping         07250 Fireproofing        09700 Resinous Flrng      11860 Traffic Cntrl Eqt   Other:

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III.     Company and Work History

          Year your company was established:
          Have you ever held a contract with Cobalt in the past?
          If yes, please list project name/ year:

IV.      Geographical Work Area and Minority Certification

          List the states in which you perform work:
          Do these areas require licenses?
          If yes, please list:
          Does your company have a Minority Certification?
          If yes, which ones?

V.       Labor Relations

          Are you Union or Non- Union?
          If Union, list Collective Bargaining Agreements you are
          Signatory to:
          Please list your approximate number of employees:

VI.      Work References

         Please provide information on the last three projects worked:

1.     Project Name:                                         Location:
       Owner/ Contact:                                       Phone:
       GC or CM:                                             Phone:
       Approximate dollar

2.     Project Name:                                         Location:
       Owner/ Contact:                                       Phone:
       GC or CM:                                             Phone:
       Approximate dollar

3.     Project Name:                                         Location:
       Owner/ Contact:                                       Phone:
       GC or CM:                                             Phone:
       Approximate dollar

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VII.   Government Work and Security Clearances

        Have you ever performed any type of Government work?
        If yes, did this work involve any level of Security
        If so, please list:

VIII. Financial Information

        Please provide your approximate dollar value of work for:
        Please provide number of projects underway:
        Is your company publicly or privately owned?

IX.    Bonding Capacity

        Is your company bonded?
        If yes, please provide the following:
        Bonding Company:
        Max Bond Limit:
        Insurance Company/ Agent:
        City, State, Zip Code:
        Bank Name/ Contact:

X.     Project Billing Information

        Please provide your bidding limits:
        Do you subcontract any portion of your work?
        If yes, please list portions of work:

XI.    Safety Procedures

        Does your company have a Safety Program in place?
        Does your company have an OSHA certified supervisor?

        This form was completed on (date):
        By: Name/ Title:
        Direct Phone:

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