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Profit from Stock Market


Profit from Stock Market document sample

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									Stock Market Project Rubric

                                     Excellent                   Average/                        Incomplete
      Components                 Computer Skills                     Good                      Unacceptable
                                   9-10 Points                  6-8 Points                        1-5 Point
                           Related to stock market     Average-good quality              Lacks neatness
                           Uses color                  Portfolio title is not original   Does not utilize color
                           Computer generated                                            Not computer generated
       Cover Page          Stock portfolio cover shows                                   Unrelated or no name
                           creative, orignal name                                        Lacks creativtiy

                           Minimum of 8 stocks are       Minimum of 7 stocks are         Minimum of 5 stocks are
 Size of Stock Portfolio   being recorded                being recored                   being recorded
                           Sufficient daily funds        Sufficient daily funds          Insufficient funds
                           Complete and in-depth         Average description of          Incomplete or vague
                           description of stock          stock companies                 descriptions of stock
     Descriptions of       companies owned               Written in own words            companies
    Stock Purchased        Written in own words                                          Not in students own words

                           Neat, correct calucations,    Some inaccuracy in              Inaccurate calucations
      Stock Journal        bank balance maintained       calculations
                           Daily records are complete In chronological order             Incomplete records
      Daily Records        and neat in chronological  A few numbers in daily             Incorrect order
                           order                      records are missing
                           Graphs are in alphabetical    Basic graphs              Failure to include all
                           order                         Are in alphabetical order required information
      Stock Graphs         Graphs are in color and       Some requried information
                           neat                          missing
                           Deadline was met            A few problems with the           Deadline was not met
        Deadline           Well assembled into a final compiltaion of final book         Poorly assebled into a final
                           product                                                       booklet
                          Final profit/loss calucated    Final profit/loss calculated    Final profit/loss calculated
Final Financial Statement correctly                      correctly                       incorrectly
                           There are no                  1-2 spelling/grammar errors 3 or more spelling/grammar
   Spelling/Grammar        spelling/grammar errors                                   errors
                           throughout the portfolio

       Total Points

Order for Portfolio:       1) Title Page
                           2) Table of Contents
                           3) Stock Final Financial Statement
                           4) Stock Journal
                           5) Company Information
                               a) Company Research
                               b) Daily Record Sheet
                               c) Stock Graph
                           6) Stock Market Game Rubric

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