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   A quarterly newsletter building industry knowledge.                                                 Fall/Winter, 2006

           Decorating with the future
           in mind
              Planning and decorating a
           home to suit your lifestyle and
           budget doesn't have to be an all or
           nothing proposition. It doesn't
           have to be stressful or budget
           breaking. Decorating your home
           can be a fun creative project the
           entire family can become involved
           in. Your home will never be static.
           Lifestyles change, children grow,
           interests evolve and your home
           will reflect these changes.
              The first step toward achieving
           your vision would be to be realistic.
           If you live in a small ranch home
           with a beer budget, a grand piano
           and a twelve foot dining room table     room? Do the walls or ceiling need     advice I would give you, it would
           just won't fit into your plans no       painting? Is the flooring adequate?    be: Don't skimp on the major
           matter how you slice it. Yes, your      Does it need refinishing? What         items in your home. Buy the best
           lifestyle may change; you may move      furnishings are absolutely necessary   you can afford. These major pieces
           into a larger home, you may get a       to meet the function of this room?     will be with you for many years.
           promotion and a large raise. But for    A sofa for sitting? A bed for          Look for sturdy construction,
           now, be realistic and work within       sleeping? A table for eating? Set      great design lines and colors you
           the framework that is available at      your priorities according to your      can live with a long time.
           this time.                              needs and the needs of your family.       Take your time and design and
              The first step in realistic            If the wood flooring is soft wood    fill out your room in three phases.
           decorating would be to go through       and loaded with splinters and you
           and do a total assessment of the        have an infant crawling around,
                                                   carpeting would be a priority for                         “Decorating ...”
           room you want to decorate. What                                                                   continued on page 3
           is the main function of this room?      you. On the other hand, if only
           Set up your plan and priorities         adults use the home, a coat of paint
           according to this foundation. What      and some area rugs may be all you
                                                   need. You decide the priorities in
                                                                                                INSIDE THIS ISSUE
           do you absolutely need in this
                                                   your home. If there is one piece of
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                                                                                              Renovators Ltd. Showcase
If there is one piece of advice I would give you, it
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would be:   Don't skimp      on the major items in                                                    In the News
                                                                                                      Kudos to You
your home. Buy the best you can afford.
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                                                                                                   Holiday Greetings!
    Renovators Showcase
    Taking the gold in the Milwaukee
    Home Fine Living Awards
       Best House Remodel / Addition Under $100,000
        This client, who was referred to us by a
      previous client, wished to remodel their
      small existing kitchen, dinette, powder
      room, and front entryway. The small
      footprint of this house presented several
      challenges. The first challenge was to
      convert their small kitchen into a user
      friendly and aesthetically pleasing
      kitchen that included a dinette addition.
      The second request was to update the
      original powder room adjacent to the
      kitchen. The final challenge was to open
      up the front foyer to achieve direct
      access to the kitchen eliminating the
      inconvenience of walking through their
      formal living room and dining room to
      get to the kitchen.
        The kitchen’s size was increased by
      utilizing the existing dinette space and
      was given a complete remodel using
      Dura Supreme maple cabinetry with
      Marquis full overlay door style and five
      panel drawer fronts. The custom finish
      included a distressed butternut base stain
      with hand rubbed coffee glaze topcoat.
      Crown molding with matching finish
      was applied along the ceiling perimeter
      and along the tops of the staggered
      height wall cabinets. A diamond pattern
      wine rack with open display shelf above
      and a mullion glass door wall cabinet
      were added to give the kitchen
      distinctive focal points and architectural
      interest. An existing window between         flooring in adjoining rooms. A                French style patio door and tall casement
      the kitchen and the family room was          combination of under cabinet lighting         windows with blinds between the glass
      removed and an open archway was              and recessed lighting was used                to help tailor the abundant light from
      created to provide a pass through            throughout the kitchen to offer several       both the South and West exposure.
      between the kitchen and the family           lighting options.                               The existing powder room received a
      room. Cambria Park Gate quartz                  The new dinette addition was bumped        complete remodel using a Kohler
      countertops were used throughout the         out off of the back of the existing kitchen   Devonshire lavatory, Kohler Devonshire
      kitchen which provided color contrast to     and at the same time ran along the side       comfort height toilet, Robern mirrored
      the cabinetry and contributed to a very      of the family room which provided             recessed storage cabinet, and wainscot
      elegant look. New oak hardwood               direct access from the dinette. The           paneling on all four walls. The original
      flooring was added to match the existing     dinette incorporated a six-foot sliding       position of the toilet and lavatory were
  “Decorating ...”                                                                           In the News
  continued from cover                                                                       We are pleased to announce that Renovators
                                                                                             Ltd won several awards in our first year of
 PHASE ONE                                     comfortable place to relax on a balmy
   Do what needs to be done with               evening. Wooden side chairs and               competition in the Milwaukee Home Fine
 ceilings, walls, floors and windows. If       inexpensive end tables could be used in       Living Awards, including: a gold award in
 you really want textured wallpaper but        the bedroom and flea market cabinets
 can only afford paint, paint the walls        could be used to hold china in the            Best Bath over $75,000.00; a gold award in
 with your final color choice. This way        dining room. Again, all of these pieces       the Best House addition or remodel under
 when you upgrade to textured paper            could be put into use in other parts of
                                                                                             $100,000.00; and a bronze award in the Best
 everything will still be coordinated. If      the home as you upgrade your
 you have your heart set on a brick tile       furniture.                                    Kitchen under $100,000.00 category. We
 floor in the kitchen but it is not in your      Phase Two is a transitional phase that
                                                                                             couldn’t have done it without you!
 current budget, settle for vinyl in a         is continuously evolving. Because you
 brick pattern if you must. You are still      have a vision and made a plan before                                 ***
 achieving the look you want until you         you started your room, you know where         We are happy to welcome back long time field
 can move up to your first choice.             you are going and Phase Two is the
   Your main furniture concern in Phase        journey.                                      employee Gary Elkins, who is returning after
 One should be your major pieces. This                                                       a rotator cuff surgery. He was missed during
 is where you should spend the bulk of         PHASE THREE
                                                                                             his recovery, and we are glad to have him back
 your budget. Buy the best sofa, bed or          Phase Three is the destination. You
 dining room table you can afford.             have been filling in and replacing items      on the team!
 Always remember, you don't have to            over time. Eventually you reach your
 buy an entire set of anything. In fact,       final goal and are living in the home
 the most interesting rooms are made up        you envisioned years ago. You are still       Our field employee Greg Wimmer was given
 of individual pieces rather than sets.        adding accessories and refreshing items,      the title of safety specialist. He is in charge of
 This is an important fact. This is most       but you now are in a home that is
 obvious when shopping for dining              completed according to your plan.             Renovators Ltd monthly safety meetings and
 rooms. Chairs do not have to match              Don't feel everything has to be             any other safety-related situation. We are glad
 tables. It is possible to buy a great table   accomplished in a month or even a year
 without any chairs and use inexpensive        after you move into a new home or             to share that there have not been any safety-
 chairs for a while.                           apartment. Life is constant change and        related incidents.
                                               always in flux. Enjoy the journey. You
 PHASE TWO                                     may look back and see that the journey
   Once the foundation is laid, it is time     was actually more enjoyable than the
 to move on to Phase Two. Once you             destination.
 have bought the main pieces, fill out the     _______________________________
 room with inexpensive pieces until your
 budget catches up with your tastes. For       About the Author:
 example, in the living room director's          Gloria Daniels has worked in many
                                               areas of the home decorating field and
 chairs and wicker trunks could                                                               We take pride in the quality work and
                                               has been helping clients decorate their
 substitute for side chairs and end tables.
                                               homes creatively for over 20 years.            attention to detail we provide for you.
 As you replace them they could be
 moved to the back porch and form a                                                           Nothing shows us that you value this more
                                                                                              than when you share our name with your
                                                                                              family and friends. We want to take this
reversed to allow for easier access into the   but provided a significantly better view       opportunity to express our appreciation.
powder room. Tile flooring was installed       when entering the home or when seated in
in the bathroom and adjoining rear hall        the dinette.
which added aesthetic charm and                  Ultimately, the clients were very pleased    •   Richard Ripple referred Tim and Alberta
durability in a high traffic area.             with the project. The previous small               Baird.
  The existing front foyer was directly in     kitchen/dinette, outdated bathroom and         •   David and Betsy Wyatt referred Jason
line with, but separated from a hallway        inefficient front entry have all been
                                                                                                  and Robin Handal.
leading from the kitchen to the back entry     dramatically transformed to offer
door by a small pantry. The pantry was         function, aesthetic appeal, and a living       •   Walt Schneider referred Richard and
removed and direct access from the front       environment that is more tailored to the           Madeline Klug.
foyer to the kitchen was achieved. The         homeowner’s lifestyle.                         •   Gail Marquardt referred David and
direct access was not only very functional
                                                                                                  Deborah Lisko.
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